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Now for the first time the special edition of the Rulers Guide, to help you out!


Hittites Manual

Getting the tips from idols to become the greatest empire!

The Ruler's Guide

The importance of laws. Learning great ways of military strategy. Getting the best of the allies! Getting your public works projects started!

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Introduction My Eldest Son,

My days as a ruler are coming to an end. I am old, my strength is failing , and your days are numbered. Before I pass on, I entrust the rule of my empire to you.

You are a young man, though, and need much guidance in the ways of building and maintaining an empire. Along with the help of my scribes, I have decided to create a guide to ensure that my empire remains strong and prosperous for generations to come. May the Gods be with You, Nebuchadrezzar



Allies are important to the creation/maintenance of an empire because they reinforced peace and helped you in times of war. If you ever went to war, allies would back you up and support you. They could also provide resources (Weapons, Fruits, Grain, etc) for your empire. They might help you defeat the opposing empire by sending armies to help you. For example, when the Assyrians were defeated by the Babylonians, Medes, and Scythians, the allies helped each other defeat them. During the simulation, the Hittites and Phoenicians allied and teamed up on the Medes. The Hittites gave them resources in exchange of armies. The Hittites also donated armies so they could conquer wheat.


Allies In times of drought or food shortage,

Clearly, allies were

they could give you food/water. However,

crucial in the maintenance

the most important things about allies

of empires, especially in the maintenance of peace.

was they were peaceful with you. They didn't attack you as long as you didn't attack them. If you had a lot of allies, other empires could be intimidated by you and wouldn't dare attack because of your allies. Without allies, you would be constantly at war and would eventually die.

The allies are "supporting" each other.

Armies Military strategies were ways that led most empires to succeed in battles and protection. An example of an empire that had great success for having theses strategies is the Akkadians. The Akkadians were ruled by the general, Sargon. He was an intelligent general for many years. He used different types of strategies to defeat enemies around him. One of the strategies he used was certain positions. He placed armies with spears in the back and men with shields in the front.The soldiers would seem stronger and were able to strike any opponents while protected by shields. This strategy led to winning the battles fought. Another strategy was his use of the government. He put people who were in his favor (loyal) in the government so it would be easier to manage. Finally, as a way of attacking the armies, he broke city walls to weaken the other empires. Often the armies would set siege outside the city-walls. Eventually the people inside would not be a able to survive without food and water. After that happened, the empires didn't have to worry about being attacked by that one empire anymore.

Armies Another king that demonstrated many protection examples was Nebuchadnezzar II, the king for the Neo-Babylonians. He built an inner and outer city wall for the double protection for his capital. The walls were as thick as two chariots stacked together. The king would have a moat that would be filled with water so it would be harder for intruders to attack. For the farmers to pass there would be a bridge that would help them get inside. While there was war going on he would take the bridge apart. King Nebuchadnezzar also had an idea of building some towers on top of the city so that they could attack the people who were not welcome in the city. Their armies would normally use bow and arrows to shoot the invaders. The use of military strategy was essential for the success of the armies in their battles against others. Nebuchadnezzar would capture the people from Israel that rebelled against him and would not allow them to return to their homeland. Without these strategies, Gabriela Rocha empires would not have protection from others.

Public ks WorPublic works contributed to the

Daniel Choe

creation and the maintaining of the empire City-Walls

because it made the citizen’s daily life easier. For example, city walls helped the citizens because they were protected .Before, tribes and villages did not have protection so they could be attacked easily,

but because city walls were invented, the empires would have extra protection. When other empires attacked, farmers outside the city walls would run inside the empire for protection. City walls made the life easier because it gave them protection. Next, another public work that made the life easier were the warehouse. The warehouse was used to store resources when floods would happen. Before, the citizens could not protect their food from floods because the water would carry the food away, but because the warehouse was invented, they could protect food from floods. The citizens could now eat food that wasn't soaked because the warehouse would protect the food. Finally, my last public work that made life easier was the irrigation systems. Before farmers had to farm with the floods of the rivers but now, the irrigation system made it better.


Irrigation System

Name: Daniel Choe Photo Links in page 14

Public Works 2

They made canals so that the water from the rivers could flow with no problems around the plants. Because they made canals, it made the empire a more efficient way to cultivate, but the farmers had to clean the canals every time so that the canals did not clog, making it also not efficient. Also they made dams to protect from the floods. Irrigation systems (dams, canals, etc.) were created to control the floods and to farm better. In conclusion I can conclude that public works were created because for protection, (city walls) storage of foods, (warehouse) and to control floods and to cultivate the plants better (irrigation systems).

Name: Kari

Laws Laws kept order and brought together empires. First, Hammurabi was best known for his code of laws. These helped bring together his empire more and keep people orderly. They were strict and everyone knew the punishments for not following them. You could even be put to death for not following them. They were very clear and he had them written out so no one had an excuse for not following them. Second, you were treated exactly how you treated other people this brought more order to how people treated each other. This made sure people were generally pretty good except for the occasional accident. For example, if you were to poke someone else's eye out you would get your eye removed.

Lastly, the code was the first set of laws that applied to everyone. Even people in higher classes had to follow them, and higher classes were usually not treated the same because they were more important. This made things more fair because everyone had to obey. The laws were harsh but they made people be careful and listen. During Hammurabi’s time laws were the most important thing because they kept good order.

y g e t a r t S y r a t i l Mi


Having armies that were skilled and differenced than others because of their experience on the field was really effective because they could conquer lands, win battles, etc. The Akkadian Empire had a successful army because of his General/King Sargon. Sargon was a extremely important figure to the city because he was the person that gave most things for the city, new empires, new homes, more slaves to work for the people, etc. It was effective the training of Sargon in the field because he used military strategies and skills, making his armies go to the field knowing what is the strategy already in their heads. Some of his strategies, was when he had some defense in the front, to protect the swordsmen, and they would all advance without being hurt if the strategy worked out. One more things, was when he only destroyed the city wall of the city that he wanted to attack. That would made the enemy get rebel, and want to kill Sargon, but they would have to stay a long time building the walls, instead of losing people to attack against Sargon's skilled army.

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Sixth grade humanities students created a manual for a future Mesopotamian emperor.

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