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964525 there things you have to say but sometimes you don't have time you can shorten a word by 2 or 3 just to say because life is short so think about it it not useless the word for this is to your left it says abbreviate. When you abbreviate you are lazy to finish whatever your saying. It also works when your texting about anything including chex mix. Abbreviation can typed or written even said and especially in Mr stewart's class. 901603 Sometimes you find someone you really like, and you become best friends with them. Usually when you have a best friend, they are amicable, friendly, and nice. Otherwise why would you be friends with them? 918202 There's always that certain person that you say you feel deeply about. But next thing you know you're just close friends and nothing more. And all that is left is a crushed heart trying to recover. And that person is so amicable even after they hurt you and you are the same. 910048 some people are good some bad. but just because people are good doesn't mean they are amicable they can be nice but hermits who don't like being around people. who are you? 907264

the word amicable is not dispicable its just dont go out and kick a bull

932331 When you think about it, life is arid and plain. But if you look closer, you discover that YOU can make it special. 934403 Your heart is like a dessert. So arid, careless and you deserve no love. No one likes you. 932301 when you come back home you find that it is another arid afternoon. the homework goes first and then it's dinner. and then some free time and off to bed ready for another arid day. 930006 my mama.

My mom is comely i wish i was as comely as her and had big eyes like

910022 I only eat food that looks comely. Who would want to eat ugly food. Always love comely food. yummy. 932309 when i was walking down the street i saw two cars converge together and hit a little young girl that got creamed 932368 the four year old girl was tiptoeing; silently,silently. With a knife in her hand she was quite demure indeed 910132

that girl is demure

932362 When I was eating at a very nice restaurant I had a lot of soda so my belly was felling very ebullient until I had burpted 932365 When you speak with eloquence you can write with fabulousness.Then if wont be frightening to lenghthen your writing. 932320 "Life is an epiphany, whether you choose to listen, and respect it, is completly up to you. " 934484 The most important epiphany you will ever have, is an one that most people only have once, the epiphany that your in love. 964950 Everyone should learn to do something dangerous and fun. After all, no one has a halcyon memory of the time they stayed home and watched TV. 932311 Everything is spiraling down, like a tornado of downfalls, what I would do to get back to the halcyon days 904185 The first four years of my life were the halcyon of my time, they were the years before my sister was born 901294 she come in the room with a sandwich,then gives it to me. i eat it and now i feel haughty i feel the excitement all through out my body and i feel haughty just telling you about it ^_^ *swagg* 984636

its a person who thinks is way better than everyone

90717 there was this girl, she had a small forocious dog. she was such a haughty, the end. 901467 cruel, disgusting, and usually very entertaining to observe. Drama defines this event. It causes separation, and occasionally death. 907203 The first day of school is fun, but there is always an imbroglio of 6th graders. It is nice to be in 8th grade 988874 "Incompatible, The one thing that stop most in life from completing anything that they what to do because of another person or something else, But that one thing can help you realize that it can make you achieve by working with the thing that less incompatible. " 964398 Many things are incompatible. One of these would be chocolate and ketchup. It just doesn't taste right.

1000195 she went to the grocery store with her mom to buy ice cream . she found different types of ice cream.she asked her mom which one she would pick. her mom said that it was inconsequential to choose the chocolate ice cream or the straw berry one. 932487 I thought it would be inconsequential, but it turned out incredible, and then there was a long way to fall 992640

the lunch at this school is very mundane


the lunch at this school is very mundane

school. one of the most mundane places you'll ever find. back from running .

im very mundane when i get

932299 mundane lots of places are mundane for me but one is very mundane and this place is school. 962671 mundane

mundane school is very mundane especially when it rain school is


i loathe that person he hates me too feeling is mutual, nemesis

998631 your face fell down the steps your face is your biggest nemesis when you look in the mirror your face dies 991565

oh yes this day, oh yes what a nemesis day this is... a Monday


i have a little nemesis. it is big and round. its my cheese balls

997123 dark penumbra of a man scares me, his hands droping a liquid it is juice all over him 932127 i have a scary penumbra. Ii is dark and very scary. It scares me when the light shines on me because then i can see it. 934487

There is a plethora of geese flying towards me!

932330 "I embark on a plethora of adventures, I slay monsters, next song. " 932357 Every day I see a plethora of people walking down the street. And I have nothing to eat. So ill go get a sandwich. 901407 There is a plethora of things I don't know. A plethora of places I wonder about. A plethora of questions I have that don't have answers.

992412 Spurious!

my 10 year old brother told me that he dunked a basketball at school.

932339 Surreptitiously he walked along the edge, as quieter than ever, slowly going towards nowhere. 934337 There once was a dog that was really tenacious but its owner didn't know that. Ever day he would mass with the dog and stick a bone in his face but didn't give it to him. The dog tenacious as he was finely decided to give his owner a peace of his mined, so the dog bit him on the leg and finely got his bone. 980729 Every day I walk by a door. A little dog barks at me. The tenacious dog bit my foot so I\] kicked him 907276 The air in the volcano was arid, and the smoke felt like it was cutting my throat. but after searching for ten minutes i found the ladder and climbed out the volcano. my family was waiting and so was she. 907231 The arid temperature lay a thick layer of grime on my face. I cried and the grime came sliding off onto the mud. And I walked away. 918198

the desert is arid.i hate the arid waste land. everything that is arid is dry

934560 The very comely young lady walked up him...He came out with a limb...She said No thanks, not interested 992280 A sexy comely man came up to a lady. She fainted from seeing him WOW that was crazy. He drew a mustash well she was still laying on the floor. Then she woke up and hit him with a door and watch him become ugly and demure 907246 the ugly lady was tired. she was no longer able to stand it. she decied to take a trip to the surgeon to become comely 934359

it was a crazy day i was in a room with all my nerve wrecking nemis

907171 I was walking in a dark alley. All of the sudden, my nemesis came out. He told me that he was my father.


Pick-A-Word Poems from Gunston Middle School

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