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Graphing Student Unenrolment Unit

Standards Met: NET Standards 1. D. Identify trends and forecast possibilities. NET Standards 3. D. Process data and report results. NET Standards 4. C. Collect and analyze data to identify solutions and/or make informed decisions.

Enduring Understanding:

Essential Questions:

Spreadsheets can be important in helping to analyze and present data.

Can we predict students enrolment numbers based on past statistics?

Students will know:

Students will be able to:

1. How to create a graph in a spreadsheet.

1. Input data into a spreadsheet.

2. How to research and apply formulas to spreadsheet cells.

2. Be able to create a graph of spreadsheet data. 3. Predict future trends based on past statistics. 4. Use formulas to develop strategies to help them process data in spreadsheets.

Performance Task (Assignments) 1. Pose the question: “How many students have been at ISSH since Grade 1? How many do you think there will be by the end of Grade 8?� 2. Ask the students if we can work out a way to predict enrolment. 3. Collect evidence to justify our hypothesis. Graph the results. 4. Based on statistics of past grades, have the students predict how many students will remain in their class that were in ISSH from Grade 1.

Other Evidence (Formative) Graphs of the results of the research with prediction of their grades unenrolment.

UNIT: Graphing Students Unenrolment  

A unit that allows students to define the problem, define the procedure they take in order to solve the problem then go ahead and follow the...

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