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WHEN: Tuesday, 11 September WHERE: S108 TIME: 16:15 - 17:00 Snacks and refreshments included



A blog is a website with articles and updates that are published periodically. The articles are called ‘posts’ and can be commented on, linked to, etc. These posts are usually arrange chronologically.

Edublogs is a blogging platform specifically geared towards education. It runs on Wordpress but has added features which means that the school can control access, users, creation and privacy.

BENEFITS FOR TEACHERS - Develop a professional portfolio - Receive feedback from peers - Develop a Personal Learning Network - Highlight outstanding student work - Commend a peer

BENEFITS FOR STUDENT - Develop a digital portfolio - Great for reflections - Perfect for housing digital works - Give students meaningful and personal feedback - Students can receive peer feedback - Parents can review son/daughters work and give feedback - Other teachers can view students work

Edublogs Workshop  

A flyer advertising a workshop that will be running after school.