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TheTale of the Sun and the Moon Worksheet Name:_________________________________________________ Date:_________________

I. Match the picture with the sentence that corresponds.


1___ The Sun and the Moon are friends. 2___ The Sun wears a bathing suit. 3___The Moon was gone. The sun wasn’t happy. 4___The Moon dances with pajamas.

II. Order the events of the tale according to the listening. 1___ The Moon slept inside all day. 2___ The Sun and the Moon played all day long 3___ The Sun could not find his friend the Moon. 4___They are both in each other’s dreams. 5___ The Sun went to bed and dreamed of the Moon. 6___ The Moon decided not to go. Instead she stayed outside.

III. Read the fragment of the Tale.

…The Moon decided not to go. Instead she stayed outside. She danced and played and laughed and sang, till she was sleepy-eyed. When morning came, the Sun arose and went outside to play. But could not find his friend, the Moon, who slept inside all day. So now these two are best of friends apart by dark and light. The Sun turns in at even fall. The Moon comes out at night. The shining Moon sees no sunlight. The Sun sees no moonbeams. But when they both are fast asleep, they’re in each other’s dreams -

Answer true or false. 1___ The Moon didn’t want to dance and played outside. 2___ The Moon slept inside all day. 3___ The Sun comes out at night 4___ The Moon sees no sunlight. 5___ The sun sees no moonbeams.


Answer the following questions. 1 Why did the moon stay outside? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____ 2 When does the Moon comes out? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____ 3 Are the Sun and the Moon still friends? Explain why. ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____ 4 What would you do to make the Sun and the Moon meet again? ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ ____

IV. Create a daily routine for the Sun. Use the daily routines from the box. Example: The Sun gets up at 6:00 am.

Get up Have lunch Eat dinner Take a bath Have breakfast Go to sleep Go out and play 1________________________________________________________________________ 2________________________________________________________________________ 3________________________________________________________________________ 4________________________________________________________________________ 5________________________________________________________________________ 6________________________________________________________________________

V. Compare your daily routine with the one you created for the Sun.



VI. Put the words in the correct column:

Sleep Bag



Sweat pants



Day Clothes

Dress Jacket

Top Skirt

Night Clothes

T-Shirt Night Dress

the sun and the moon  

the sun and the moon

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