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these are our most favorite photographs.

Dear friends, the response to ROMKA #1 exceeded all of my expectations. She (yes, she) has been downloaded by quite a number of people from literally all around the world, the website has been featured in a lot of blogs and we‘ve also been mentioned in two print publications. Thank you all so much for your support. I hope you enjoy #2. Joscha

Sofia Rojas, France One of our last moments together before I decided to move to Paris alone.


Kaj Lehmann, Switzerland I quit my job and lived in Berlin for a short while, because I wanted to spend time with a girl that fascinated me more than anybody I had ever known. The image is part of a series called „Finding the center in Berlin“.


Jordan Marty, USA The first is my most recent work: my friend Kristen who lives in my hometown of Melbourne, Florida. The second and third are some of my older work, the first being of my friend Patrick taken minutes after he had woken up, and then of my friend Elliot in her living room - both were shot while I was living and attending college in Savannah, Georgia.


Jukka Reverberi, Italy I got a band called Giaridini Di Miro, but for the first summer in 10 years we weren‘t on tour. Lots of time. Little money. A nation to travel. These photographs are taken during the last summer.


Claire Sloan, USA He is skinny and I have uneven collarbones. We are in love.


Christopher Michael Little, USA The photos include a drag racing legend, a couple girls and a stripper.

Marlon Kowalski, Germany


Adriana M., USA/The Netherlands These photos are taken with my best friend at her various houses. The places we have been together are part of my childhood landscape. They are magical and glittering. I look back on these photos and feel warm nostalgia. She is leaving for boarding school far away and I feel like something is coming to an end.


Peter D. Evan, United Kingdom After receiving some of the worst news I‘ve had in years, I drove out to the seaside with a few friends in an attempt to escape from my life for a little while. Although the day was grey and unremarkable, and we ended up at a particularly grim stretch of marshy coastline, the memory of these few hours of relief would stick with me as I faced the consequences of that terrible news.


Zhu Jia, China


Rebecca Rijsdijk, The Netherlands These are my favorites because the people who are in them are my favorites.


Aleksander Kelpman, Estonia


Katrin Kirojood, Sweden When I moved from Vienna to Sweden I left not only a warm and loving home behind but also one of the most important persons in my life. The pictures were taken in connection with photo shootings- one is a location check, one a play-around with clothes we used for a series and one is Markus taking a break from posing for me for a school project. I miss having my creative, constantly smoking friend to share my ideas, dreams and work with.


Carlito Schilirò, Japan I‘ve been photographing Maria for exactly 10 years now trying to follow her through every mood, her ups and downs. There‘s a whole world inside of her and there‘s even more hidden behind her eyes. Because eyes, her eyes are everything to me. My lifetime project revolves around her.


Ryan James Spencer, France Winter light in Paris always scared the shit out of me. I couldn‘t figure if it was morning or afternoon half the time.


Ilinca Diaconescu, Romania These pictures keep alive pieces of a quiet magical past.


Ariel Rosenbloom, USA This is a photo of my best friend Matt‘s first tattoo. He didn‘t tell anyone he got it, I just happened to notice it and asked him if it was real. „Maybe,“ he said. He has over seven tattoos now, most of which he‘s done himself. This photo reminds me of the great nights we used to have in New Jersey, breaking into abandoned buildings and old schools, getting fucked up and staying up all night. I don‘t see him very often now because we live in different places. I miss him.


Thomas Macker, USA I want to capture “the full consequence of this Pollyanna greasepaint pinkpoodle paradise.” (Hart Crane)


Fabian Weber, Germany „What am I compared to the universe?“



Kimberly Sikyea, USA A broom not only clears a surface, but sweeps the dust back into the wind to be carried to another surface, landing with a crackle of static communication. Maybe it says „hello“ ...or maybe it says „I‘ve been here. I wonder how long before I am gone“.


Dwi Perkasa, Indonesia That‘s me and my little sister.

Stéphane Obadia, France


Gemma McCracken, United Kingdom The pictures I have chosen are especially close to my heart as they were all taken with and of my closest friends in my first year of living with them, and it was a great year.

Justin Visnesky, USA I took these photos in the fall of 2008. They are from a larger, ongoing body of work exploring light and it‘s power to evoke emotion.


Guy Batey, United Kingdom „The Melancholy of Objects“ Portraits of discarded objects I find on the streets of South East London.


Christina Maria Oswald, Austria It´s difficult for me to label a picture as my favourite picture as this is changing a lot I think. Anyway. 3 pics with which I feel connected emotionally in some way.


The first pic shows Martin Parr eating a banana. I like that pic cause by chance I´d read that Martin Parr would give a talk in Munich and I was working on a series that had quite some similarities with his work so I decided spontaniously to go there. I thought it would be fun to ask him if I could take some pics of him eating (as my project was approximately about people eating), so I sent him an email and asked for that. I hadn´t expected that he would answer but he responded that he would be busy but „bring a banana and you can photograph me taking a bite“...That´s what I did. (After he had that bite he gave the banana back to me...haha)

The second picture shows my granny´s legs (at 86! wow). I really like it because of the calm and somehow a bit mysterious atmosphere. Also the colors are very appealing to me, the spots of resembles a painting in my opinion and furthermore I´m so fascinated by my granny (who I love a lot) and so happy that I´m finally allowed to take pictures of her. But this photo is even more special cause it´s a very intimate moment to me.

The third picture is a picture of my mum. I took it quite some years ago at a time I didn´t know a lot about photography. But I´m returning to it very often as it shows a person I love in a well-known situation. It´s also funny cause my mum was polishing her nails in the room of my brother and there´s this stuffed bunny next to her having curlers in her hair (I love the picture of people having curlers in their hair). This picture is somehow just about mum and home and very familiar whilst a little strange.

Thanks to all the contributing artists for your support. Special thanks to Thomas Macker for the surreal cover shot. And thank you for watching.

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