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Age 25 DOB 01-13-1986 Savannah Married- a closed marriage that is.. Normal sleep time 1AM

Assignment 16

Assignment 15

Assignment 16 (cont.)

Today I cried. I went to work and an employee asked to talk to me. I agreed. We went into the office and he/she proceeded to tell me that they felt I was being condasending. He felt I spoke down to him and had no regard for his workload. I cried; not because he was being rude or harsh but because I genuinely had no idea that I gave that perception. I simply felt he was a top performer, so he was my go-to guy. I cried today because I made someone feel bad, and he/ she’s actually great.

Assignment 9

Assignment 16 (cont.)

Day #2 Well as a short entry I am still super stoked to be doing these assignments. I am popping out these assignments because I don’t know what else to do… Don’t wanna disappoint! I stopped by Michael’s today and bought some 19x26 gray pastel paper for my drawing of myself. I can’t wait to jump on it! Day #3 I’m writing this on my way to Atlanta for my mother’s surprise 45th birthday. I thought she was turning 46. I also plan on meeting w/ my old friend Branden M Collins. I unfortunately won’t be having any time to complete many, If ANY assignments this weekend since I am doing all of the décor for this shindig… Anyway, here we go…

Assignment 16 (cont.)

Day #4- No real time to write but just know that I didn’t get to see Branden yesterday soooooo BOOOOO to that, maybe Sunday. End of day 4, my mother cried at her party- Job well done Day 5 fell on the 25th and several awesome things have transpired; I saw several family members whom I didn’t remember I finally saw Branden after far too long. And I met Amanda, another random participant. I also wrote a letter to Mark as an assignment. I need to send it off… I know I’m going to struggle with that. I hate mailing stuff.

Assignment 16 (cont.)

Day 6 Today will mean scrill scrbbling; I just sneezed when I was finishing that G so as I was saying, I’m scribbing on 10 sheets of paper today… Here I go. Day 7/8 Today &Tomorrow I need a break the husband and I have decided to resume our baby making efforts. I am slightly terrified about the possibility of another miscarriage. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a pain like that but I am ready to force my beliefs onto another person.

Sike… well at least a little bit.

Day #9 I decided I’m not going to kill myself drawing myself from life in large scale in 2 weeks in this scale w/ a job where I’m already working 50-60 hrs a week. So I’m drawing myself from a pretty random photo.

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Age 25DOB 01-13-1986SavannahMarried- a closed marriage that is..Normal sleep time 1AM