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THE JAGUAR JOURNAL Volume 3, issue 2

November, 2009

in this issue: in the shops . . . sports . . . activities . . . in the lunchroom . . . commentary . . . literary corner . . .


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in the shops . . . In Cosmetology by Celita Evans Cosmetology is one of the multiple trades in SCVTHS. Cosmetology is the study of Cosmetics. You learn styling, hair cutting, hair coloring, facials, manicures, pedicures and many other interesting things. I feel that this is a strong and influential program because the environment helps and prepares you for the real world. It also gives you a future to look toward if collage is not an option for you. One of the best parts of the cosmetology program is our teacher, Ms. Janet Coleman. Ms. Coleman is strong woman, and a wonderful teacher. She helps us out and doesnâ€&#x;t stop until she is sure that we understand. And aside


from that she teaches us life lessons. One of the many is that we should respect, love, and cherish ourselves. And carry ourselves in a way that is classy and attractive.

in the shops . . . Cosmetology by Danielle Gierloff Cosmetology at votech is an amazing thing to do and you get a lot of it. You may gravitate towards a career in the salon industry if you have a desire to express yourself creatively and thrive in a fast-paced work environment. Those who have a natural ability to care

for people tend to excel in the field of cosmetology. Other traits that is important to a salon professional to have a positive attitude, and the ability to be self motivated. When you come to high school for it, you start off young and once you graduate you can work in a salon and not have to worry about going threw it in college. You have many great experiences going into this field, for example many great field trips to New York once a year and the Emiliani show. You learn great things at them, and learn new things. They teach you everything you need and you always have fun. If you love doing hair, nails and even skin associated things you really should join and have a great experience


in the shops . . . 6th Annual National High School Dance Festival by Samantha Miller Every year the Dance School of dance department at the Arts, in Miami Vo-tech takes the Florida. dancers to a NaThe dancers have tional High School also been coming Dance festival. The up with different festival offers amazideas to raise ing opportunities for money for the trip the dancers such as, since it is pretty exploring different pricey this year. It dance styles, getting would be really Image source: the opportunity to amazing if at differwork with really well known dancers, and audition- ent fundraisers, or shows, the ing for scholarships to summer school came out to support us. The first fundraiser that we are programs, and colleges. Itâ€&#x;s going to do is standing outside also a place where dancers from all over can come to sup- different stores, and busiport each other, by bringing dif- nesses asking for donations. Showing your support means a ferent pieces that theyâ€&#x;ve lot, and the littlest bit helps. worked on to perform at a show case. Every year the fes- This is an amazing opportunity for all of the dancers, so with tival is held at a different arts school in the U. S, this year it any opportunity you get please show your support. will be held at New World


in the shops . . . by Dylan Page image source:

Wonder if we'll be allowed to attend the 2010 New York auto show at the Jacob Javits center. As of right now SCVTHS has cancelled all trips to New York, Why you ask; supposedly it's for the terrorist threats. But hereâ€&#x;s my question why this year? September 11th happened in 2001 and we were still allowed to go to this car show until now! In my personal opinion I believe that there was a little bit more of a reason than just the whole terrorist threats. Because if they were so concerned about that, all the NY trips would have been cancelled long ago. So what else is it? Was it to save money? Or is there another reason? Iâ€&#x;m sure all of the students would like to know the reason

image source:

behind the cancellation of all these trips because it's not just the car show. There's many trips in NY that will be cancelled and who will be suffering you may ask, all of the students that look forward to these trips every year.


in the shops . . . by Neal Doshi

All generation has its own rites and rituals, but they all share the desire to seperate themselves from their predecessors and create something distinctive. L.A. natives were never going to ghost-ride the whip, that‟s a Bay Area thing. The “Crank That” dance and “Stanky Leg” were cool, but that was the Dirty South‟s thing. And no one wanted to rock khakis and oversized white tees anymore. I mean, you‟re really going to gangbang?

fluorescent jeans and usually rocking some skate shoes. When Ben J and Legacy saw this dance and the music made for it they were inspired. They wondered why this dance hadn‟t hit the main stage yet, so they produced the song “You‟re a Jerk”.

As soon as this song dropped, jerkin‟ became a dancing fad. This influenced many other jerkin‟ artists to produce songs, like Cold Flamez‟s “Miss Me Kiss Me”. Jerkin‟ is a dance that is here to stay. It is the This is when the new dancing dance of the 90‟s babies; it‟s craze, Jerkin, hit the main the dance of our generation. stage. Jerkin, which was Jerkin‟ is more than just a started in L.A., was evolved craze, like the “Stanky Leg” or version of the break-dance the “Soulja Boy”. Jerkin‟ is a move the Roger Rabbit. This is whole different style of dancing done by kids wearing skinny and it‟s not going anywhere.


in the shops . . . ART by: Jess Johnson Art is something that I believe is very moving. I love art because it can say so much about the artist that created the piece. Whether it‟s a drawing, painting, sculpture or photography, art is incredible in every way. Like the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I find that to be very true because without having a word on the paper it can give off as many ideas and feelings as the artist or audience wants to see.

more into photography lately because I feel that there‟s so much you can do with a photo. Just a picture you take can give off a certain feel and by just tweaking a few things in Photoshop you can give it a whole new vibe. I‟m in commercial art and it gives me some of the techniques and knowledge that can take your art to the next level. I would recommend my shop to anyone whose very interested in art.

I‟ve been getting more and

Music is also a form of art and


I can‟t go on enough about how much I love music. I play guitar and enjoy just about every genre of music you can find. Creating music is just like drawing a picture. You give your song whatever feel you think fits your mood at the time and the listener can understand that. When I‟m feeling angry or upset I tend to listen to loud angry music like metal and hardcore music. I feel like it releases some tension and makes me feel better. Listening to a song you really like when you‟re feeling down makes you feel less alone in whatever situation you‟re in. So if you‟re ever feeling down, bored, or you just feel out of place; draw or paint something that matches your mood and just see what happens with it. Listening to a song where someone sings about something similar to how you feel will also make a difference. Art is my life and I‟ll continue to do what I love.




sports . . . Soccer season „09 by: Maria Corrales It‟s the second year that Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School has a girl‟s J.V soccer team. The first season was finished as 3 wins, 7 loses, and 2 ties. It was a very good season considering it was a new team. Yes, they lost 7 games but played very hard at every one of them. Everybody knows that to have a good team you have to be able to work together, and for a new team, not knowing anybody‟s skills, or ever working together to accomplished something it worked out pretty good. The team faced a couple of difficulty‟s losing their goalie during the season, and at the beginning of the season losing one of their players. Regardless the team made knew

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friends, learned to work together, and enjoyed every single minute of every game. Soccer season ‟09 was one win, five loses, and two ties; this season the team didn‟t have many games. The teams were divided, some games weren‟t so great others regardless of winning or losing, the team gave it their best. It was a very exciting season, the team lost a couple of players and but also gain a couple of new ones. Sometimes it‟s hard starting off new, I forming a team and then getting certain individuals to work together as a team was a task Coach O‟Neil phased. It was hard at first, getting people to sign up, having try outs, also getting very

sports . . . different people to work together. This goes to show that if you want something you can accomplish it. I remember freshman year Mr. O‟Neil was going around getting girls to sign up and talking to them about having a soccer team. And now junior year and we‟ve had two soccer seasons already; Coach O‟Neil wanted this and he accomplished it. Next year we‟ll have a varsity girls soccer team, the team will be losing four players that are seniors this year. But hopefully the team will gain new talented players. It‟s not just a soccer team at the end of the season you learn to love each other as a family; you earn respect for one another, make develop new friendships and experience the excitement of soccer.

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sports . . . SPORTS by: Justin Babich Well all the sports teams in votech are doing so badly this year. The boy‟s soccer team this year is not really showing their skills this year. They could be better but I think they really don‟t care or they really don‟t try. The head coach Mike Mcclain is doing the best he can; he is a really good coach. He is also the boy‟s baseball coach.

The girl‟s soccer team from what I know is doing ok. They always put up a good fight against their opposite team. The girl‟s softball team was not that good last year. Maybe this year the girls will have a better season. Hopefully they will have more girls try out this year. The basketball team last year was on the roll. They had a great season. They won most of their games. Maybe The boy‟s baseball team was this year they can go all the really good last year. Let‟s see way. if they can have two great seasons in a row. There are so many good people on the baseball. I really think vo-tech should get a football team. If we get a football team there would be so many people that would want t o play. Football is a great sport, it is really easy to learn and really fun to play.


sports . . . Sport Clubs by: David Villafane SCVTHS offers a variety of sport clubs, the most important ones are Soccer, Basketball and baseball. There are different seasons for every sport, Soccer is played at the end of the summer and beginning of fall, Basket ball is the fall and the winter and baseball is at the start of the summer. I myself have played soccer and baseball I‟m better at soccer and I also enjoy it more, This year I am trying out for basketball because I think I can do a good effort and maybe make the team. I‟m a starter forward, this position is usually for the leader of the team and the one that is supposed to score or set up people to score. In soccer the two things that matter the most is scoring and keeping the other team from scoring and also to play fair. Right now Soccer season is ending and basketball is about to begin so If you like staying fit, doing sports or

just having fun I would recommend singing up for some of the sports clubs, you will never now until you try it out. Aside from that there is also fitness club or weightlifting, here you do a lot of cardio and lift weights if you are thinking about joining it would be a good idea for getting fit. There is also golf club, bowling club and ski club, all these activities are afterschool and it‟s a perfect opportunities to hang out with friends and have fun. I think it‟s good for the school to have clubs because students need to exercise and stay fit and you do not do enough in gym class. For all these activities there is paper work to hand in so before you get to play you have to hand in all your paper work, so don‟t forget. You can get information sometimes from the morning announcements or go directly to the coaches.


sports . . . In Gym Class by: Brian Silverman This year has been exciting in gym class. To begin, we began our year hearing that we would have gym uniforms. Everyone complained at first, but once we received them no one complained anymore. They are white shirts, with “scvths gym class” logo on them. They also have blue on the sleeves and around the neck.

second marking period, we will start to break the classes apart and some students will go to health class. This should make for a fun year in gym class.

Anyways, back to gym class we began playing soccer which is very popular amongst the student body. After the 2 weeks of soccer was up, we went on to football. We started playing two hand touches but then we switched to flag to make the game fairer. In the upcoming weeks, “we will switch things up”, says gym teacher Patricia Loughney. We will be playing more indoor games along with an 8 day fitness test. Starting the Source:


sports . . . Soccer in SCVTS by: The 2009 season for the soccer players at SCVTS was plain horrible. The boy‟s team went 0-17 this awful 09 season. They suffered so many losses only because of the lost of seniors last year. Coach Mike will have to step

up his game and improve the skill level of his soccer players for next year if he wishes to win a game next year. I strongly believe that the 2010 season will be better. The returning team will be better outfitted to win the games they will have to win. I‟m looking forward to a 10-7 season next year, I have no uncertainties in my mind that the team will do no less than that. The girl‟s soccer team went 1-5-2, the team was only able to play eight games due to the horrible weather during the season, but they at least got one win. O‟Neil will also have to work his girls a bit harder in order to start winning more games for next season.




activities . . .

sports . . .

Ski Club Soccer in SCVTS by: Tim Zoda

by: One of the many clubs offered The 2009 season for the socat SCVTHS Is the ski club. Ski cer players at SCVTS was Clubs are very popular in plain horrible. The boy‟s team many schools and are a good went 0-17 this awful 09 seaway for kids to get out and son. They suffered so many have fun with their friends. losses only because of the Many people think clubs or exlost of seniors last year. tracurricular activities at Coach Mike will have to step school are for nerds, and peoup his game and improve the ple that have no life, but peoskill level of his soccer players ple tend to think differently for next year if he wishes to about ski and win a game next year. I snowboard strongly believe that the 2010 clubs. season will be better. The returning team will be better outLast year fitted to win the games they SCVTHS‟ ski will have to win. I‟m looking club was a big forward to a 10-7 season next hit. We had the year, I have no uncertainties in bus filled on almy mind that the team will do most every no less than that. The girl‟s trip, and Alsoccer team went 1-5-2, the most everyteam was only able to play body that went eight games due to the horrilast year are ble weather during the seagoing to parson, but they at least got one ticipate again win. O‟Neil will also have to this year. We work his girls a bit harder in went on about order to start winning more games for next season.

eight trips and most people never missed one. Personally I Think it is a great thing to do, even if you are brand new at skiing or snowboarding. I myself will continue to do ski club until I graduate, and will recommend it to my friends or anybody interested in joining it.


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in the lunch room . . . Lunch-room by: Nick Forgetta

To say the least our lunches arenâ€&#x;t exactly the greatest and are defiantly not worth 2.75 because all we get is a carton of a drink and a piece of dried out bad food. There are probably countless write up in the office for students leaving and going to get l lunch this problem would not occur if we just had better food if you ask anyone of the kids at our school that get written up for leaving during lunch there honest answer would just be the want a real lunch instead of just a snack that isnâ€&#x;t even good.

I think we can solve this problem by ether getting better lunches or just let the students go to lunch where ever they want as long as there back by the time they have to be. Its really not that big of a deal to let the students go to lunch and if they donâ€&#x;t come back you can just write them up for a cut. But that is a decision that the administrators have to make and they really should make one or this problem might get worse and worse.

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Tired of plain pumpkin pie?…………try these!

commentary . . .

5 Pumpkin Foods You Need to Try! by: Chauna Green Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: After removing all that sticky pumpkin pulp from the seeds, throw them into a bowl and combine with olive oil and salt. For a spicy kick: add paprika and chili powder. For more flavors: add cinnamon and nutmeg (but keep the salt). Once seasoned, spread the seeds on a baking sheet and roast them at 350 °F for about 15 minutes. Pumpkin Whoopie Pies: These little dessert hamburgers are such a crowd pleaser. If you want to make friends: serve these. Originally an Amish treat, whoopie pies are now appearing in bakeries all over. This version involves two cakey pumpkin cookies made with three whole cups of pumpkin puree, cloves, ginger, and cinnamon, which get sandwiched with cream cheese frosting.

Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes: You start with a boxed cake mix then along comes multiple sticks of butter, powdered sugar, four eggs, and a brick of cream cheese. You really have to try this at least once. Pumpkin Olive Oil Bread: One of the best uses of pumpkin purée is this recipe for pumpkin bread. It uses delicately flavored olive oil and plenty of warm winter spices for a truly exceptional flavor and texture. Pumpkin Turkey Chili: Substantial and versatile, chili is a wonder-food. In this version, the pumpkin bulks up the mixture and adds a sweet, earthy undertone fairly uncommon in healthier chilies. We also added green chilies, red kidney beans, cumin, cayenne pepper, and a handful of cilantro at the end. A dash of cinnamon or a few teaspoons of cocoa powder wouldn't hurt either. 23 23

commentary . . . School by: Carlos Vela I don‟t hate school but it‟s not exactly a love situation. I like being in school it fills part of my day up, gives me a reason to come out of my house during the winter, and it is basically better than staying at home all day or working. One of the things that I do like about school is the fact that you meet people, and you kind off hang with your friends. One the down side you have to go to classes and do work. Even though I get bored of work inside the school it‟s probably true that I will need it for my future. The work you do in school basically gives you the building blocks for life. You learn to be responsible, get things done in time, make friends, and choose from wrong and right. Once we get out into the real world we are basically on our own, but thanks to the 12 years of


school you have some type of idea of how things work I the real world. I personally think that if I wasn‟t in school id be somewhere doing something pointless and living paycheck to paycheck. We should really take school seriously because it sets up our future.

commentary . . . Who Will You Vote For? by: Laura Macaro

As you may know a very important election is coming up for New Jersey, we have to choose who we want to be our next governor. There are three candidates this year Corzine, Christie and Daggett. Corzine is democratic, Christie is republican and Daggett is independent. On the subject of education Corzine says that he wants to improve education and he wants to keep education a top priority. Christie says that funding education is useless because “change won‟t come with more money”. Daggett states “this is not just a financial issue and educational issue, it is a moral issue. Whatever works best for each student should be utilized.” That‟s just one issue that the candidates are discussing.


They are also discussing taxes, businesses and more. In my opinion Corzine shouldn‟t get another try at being our governor. New Jersey needs a change and that change is either Daggett or Christie. This election has gotten pretty intense with all of the commercials attacking each other about things that have happened in the past that they are bringing back up so they can show the public who they really are. I think that this election is going to be a hard decision and it could benefit us or it could hurt us.

25 25

commentary . . . The Avid Angler by: Marc Pasternak For all you trout fisherman-- or people who enjoy having fun catching big trout out of the nearby streams and rivers, such as the Black River in nearby Clinton, or locally, in Hillsborough where the South Branch River is located, NJ Fish and Wildlife has been busy! On October 14 2009 they stocked over 21,000 fish from rainbow trout to brown trout and brook trout. The average size of the trout is 12-22 inches and about 3-5 pounds. Holy Schmoley those are some big fish! One of my favorite spots for trout fishing is the Black River. It is a nice walk through nature and also the fishing is phenomenal. They stocked a nice big 25 inch rainbow trout on October 14 2009, and so far no one has caught it. The dates of stocking are on the web site of

26 there, you can find all the stocking dates and regulations for trout fishing, hunting, saltwater fishing etc. For fly fishermen, a size 20 pheasant tail nymph river bug would the very thing to catch a lunker! Also use a size 14 green caddis fly which also attracts the monster fish. For hours of fun and the excitement of hooking into a monster, fly fishing canâ€&#x;t be beat; Trust this correspondent on that.

commentary . . . Movie Review by: Tyler Santora This past week I saw Invention of a lie. It was a god awful movie and was a complete waste of my time. It starred Ricky Gervais the comedian and actress Jennifer Garner. The movie is about a parallel universe in which it is impossible to tell a lie.

and becomes rich and famous. He goes back to his job one day and gets it back because he wrote a new movie and it was great. He ended up being the best movie writer ever.

Even with all this success the girl he loves still doesnâ€&#x;t love One day Rickyâ€&#x;s character him back and he goes into a was fired from his job and was state of depression. At the end going to the bank to withdraw of the movie though she realmoney when he somehow lied izes she loves him and they about how much money he end up happy together. They had in his account. From then have a child together and only on out he tells lies to everyone Ricky and his son are the only people in the world that can lie. All together this movie was horrible. It was a waist of 2 hours of my life and if I could go back in time I would never go see it.


commentary . . . Smoking on Campus by: Adam Januse Teachers have a hard time understanding why kids feel the need to leave lunch, or any other class, to go out into the woods to smoke a cigarette. The problem is cigarettes are addictive and kids canâ€&#x;t wait until the end of the day to have one. So whatâ€&#x;s the answer to this problem? Is it posting security guards around the school going to solve the problem? Or writing up students for being caught with cigarettes? No the answer is a smoking lounge. The school has tried write ups and posting security guards around the school and it has yet to stop kids from smoking. Students now have to leave lunch, missing their chance to eat, run around the school to find a teacher-free area and have their cigarette. No matter what hassle you try to put them through, a kid who

28 28

smokes is going to find a way to smoke. So instead of trying to stop the problem, just try to contain it. By making the area next to the lunchroom a smoking zone, students will have a place to go, still be able to eat, and the security guards can focus on more important things.

image source:

commentary . . . BMX by: Raymond Straszewski All you action sport watchers out there should tune into channels like Fuel TV and get into the creative are of BMX (bicycle moto cross). Bmx is a definite way to have fun. BMX is now in the Olympics and the worlds best riders compete for the win. All the time, competitions are happening where money, clothes, and free parts are given away to people that compete. You can pick from many types of styles such as Street, Park, Vert, Racing, and Flatland. For those who like to cruise around and find their own obsticles to ride on, Street BMX is obviously for you. People that like smooth, custom built ramps that you could never imagine, Park BMX sounds good. Vert BMX is for those that just like to ride a massive half pipe, theyâ€&#x;ll enjoy Vert BMX. Racing is just for those

who like motor cross racing but not the huge 500 foot jumps. And Flatland BMX is for people that have an amazing sense of balance and timing. No matter what style of BMX you do, you have to be confident in yourself and push yourself to be number one.

image source:

29 29

commentary . . . Honda TRX450r Specifics by: Kevin Klimas The Honda TRX450r ATV was introduced to the world in 2004 along with other 450r models such as Yamahas, Suzuki’s, Kawasaki’s, and Can-Am. The Honda TRX450r started the legacy with is more powerful and efficient 449cc carbureted engine which was putting out the most horsepower and torque out of all the 450r’s. The TRX was an unstoppable super power in the MX(motocross) industry and definitely delivered on the race track, and single handedly won every race. Honda’s suspension wasn’t the best in the industry but it made up for it with its unstoppable power band. Yamaha’s YFZ450r was known to have the best handling and suspension in the business and was always right behind Honda in the races. Honda’s handling and suspension capabilities came in second behind Yamaha’s. As the ATV industry took a turn for the better by introducing fuel injected motors for their race bikes to better themselves on the race track and trails. Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki have fuel injected 450cc race quads but Honda and Can -Am decided to stay with carbureted models. Honda’s carbureted engines are still dominating the race world as the fastest 450cc quad that’s why they never switched to fuel

injected but it is in the works that in 2011 Honda will make the change. Hondas 700cc TRX700xx quad is the only Honda race bike with fuel injection where all the other ATV companies have fuel injection on all of their race models. Fuel injection is a more efficient fuel delivery system then carbureted because it enables you to start up and go without having the bike warm up, also eliminates bogging under load at high RPM’s, and better fuel delivery for instant and more constant power. The only advantage with carbureted engines is that they’re a lot easier and simple to work on and fix. The revolution is here with fuel injection and the Honda TRX450r has conquered it once again. Let the legacy live on in Honda Racing Company (HRC).

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literary corner 31

literary corner . . . Stephanie Diaz

Have you ever felt like it was a waste of time to try? Every time you want to say something you shut your mouth and smile. Have you ever felt the need to cry with them but just look in their eyes Smile and say that they are going to be fine? Have you ever just wanted to run away with them and NEVER come back? WHY DON’T YOU, Because you really love that person. Because they mean the world to you. Or just because you care about them so much and you just don’t want to see them hurt anymore?...


literary corner . . . Stephanie Diaz

Confused angry violent, The few words she once was! She used to fight all the time and she used to get real “tight” She never understood or wanted to understand what people told her and why that told her those things. She used to think her life was a dream and NONE of this was really happening! The only thing is that it‟s a reoccurring nightmare… She had to grow up way too fast… 2 was the new 4 4 was the new 8… and so on. She always had to do for others before she did for herself. Always had to take of everybody else, No room nor time left for her care or even comfort! Then when things finally get better its hard to figure out if she was 14 or 28. Regardless she didn‟t know how to act. Mentally she was already 14 numerically she was supposed to be 7. So time came to move on… Torn apart because of a habit that can't be fixed, That cant be altered! 16 or 32. Now you tell me why she has to be grown!?!

33 33

literary corner . . . Stephanie Diaz

The long nights awake and all the excuses Dealing with the heartbreak and throbbing bruises. I try and live life like a fairytale‌ but truth is Iâ€&#x;m not even close to a Cinderella story. I just want to get up and bail, I want to get out from under this wet umbrella. The air I breathe is being taken by hate, hardly any left for me to take a breath. I feel like bait, getting closer and closer to death! Always confused and NEVER well kept! I just feel abused over used and trapped! I am a 16 year old female stuck with a mind frame of an older woman. So now you tell me, why do the long nights seem longer... And my life seems to ponder?


literary corner . . . Christina Santana

Out Of the Kindness of Your Heart…….. Have you ever tried to help someone in need who was very rebellious? Someone who you didn‟t even know? Someone who you see everyday walking into school lonely waiting in one corner for the 7:42 bell ring? Does it ever bother you? Do you ever wonder if there might be something that you could do to help them? Answer is: there‟s always something you can do. You make eye contact every single morning, never missing a day until finally you make the first attempt to walk over. She stands there nervously as you approach with a face that you will never forget, a face that says so much but so little at the same time. The approach was unsuccessful. You sit back and wonder what you could of did better…………

35 35

This edition of The Jaguar Journal was written and published by the 2009-2010 Junior class at the Somerset County Vocational and Technical High School. 36

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