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The HSOG is a non-profit 501 (3)(C) independent organization. This newsletter is published by the HSOG and is written and edited by its members.

I l lu m i nation Party 2009

Full stock of Ocean Grove Girl tee shirts are now available!

Friday evening, July 24, was a special evening in Ocean Grove. The gardens of Centennial Cottage were the focus of the dedication of the Rose Garden Remembrance which was created this past year. A brick border has been placed around the Cottage’s Rose Garden. This garden was placed in the gardens to commemorate Anna DeYoung Skold, mother of Robert Skold. Bricks have been sold throughout the past eight months, and continue to be sold, as a way to remember those who treasure Ocean Grove.   There was a wonderful turnout that evening.  Lanterns were hung throughout the

gardens and on the porches of the Cottage giving the area an exceptional atmosphere. Our guests were treated to wonderful food, punch, music and, most importantly, camaraderie. Ray Russomano, the president of the Historical Society, welcomed all and discussed the history of the Rose Garden Remembrance. It was a notable evening and all who attended agreed it was one they would remember.   Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s Illumination Party.  Thursday, July 22 has been reserved for this event. Please call the museum for further information.

Plan your next Family Celebration in our beautiful Cottage Garden for fees & reservations call 732-774-1869


Museum has a busy summer season This summer, 4,000 people stopped by the HSOG Museum. The annual downstairs exhibit showed the businesses of Ocean Grove as they were in the early days and the way they appear today. Especially popular was the window exhibit which replicated a dentist office of the 1890’s courtesy of Dr. Dale Whilden. The most popular part was the drill operated by a pedal. Many items were donated to the archives of the Museum. Said items and their donors are listed in the box below. New merchandise has been added to our Museum store this year including the Ocean Grove Girl tee shirt and DVD’s on Tent Life in Ocean Grove. We invite you to visit the museum store for your Christmas shopping.

HSOG Officers

Donations to HSOG 2009 Ron Kaplan - four portfolios of Great Pictures Children will enjoy. Jennifer Sirois - OG Times print blocks of OG hotels. Cate Comerford - Men’s black wool formal jacket. Anna Nichols - Postal Savings Stamps from WWII, 1976 OG Parking ticket Susanna Whitney - Day’s receipt, assorted postcards Joanne Ebersbach – OG Christmas balls Carmen Fesh – OG Slides, photos, no parking sign & Stokes Centennial Parade Daryl O’Connell – North End Hotel silverware, Youth Temple memorabilia Kenneth Roth – The Windward Shop sign & 2 posters from the Strand Theater Helen Ford – 1951 Ushers Banquet Program Ted Bell – Photos of Taylor’s Bakery & Pathway Market and assorted postcards Carol Aitken – vintage clothing Harriet Popok – viewer & stereoviews of OG Ben Pulcrano – 1890’s rocking chair & Arthur Pryor Band Programs

Christmas Shopping at the HSOG Shop

$2.50 each or 3 for $6.

Tents DVD $19.95 plus tax

In Memorium Ruth LeDuc Netta Wool Jim Handford page 2 page2

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow DVD $14.95 plus tax

Your Living Museum CENTENNIAL COTTAGE- 2009 Once again, Centennial Cottage opened early for Monmouth County’s  tour of historic areas in the county.  70 visitors participated in the first day of the tour; 10 visitors on the second day due to bad weather. The number of visitors did increase this year. Approximately 1350 guests entered the doors of Centennial Cottage.  Visitors were from 33 states, Washington, DC and 10 countries. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with people from all over the globe and introduce them to the unique history of Ocean Grove.  For the past two summers, we have offered workshops either at the Museum or in the gardens of Centennial Cottage.  This year eight workshops were offered; and we look forward to a wonderful selection for next season.  Our Illumination Party was held on July 24. Approximately 75 people attended which was an increase from last year. A formal dedication of the bricks in the Rose Garden Remembrance was held.  Teddy bears and children attended the Teddy Bear Tea which was held at the cottage and Starving Artist.  Children heard stories in the Cottage gardens, had a scavenger hunt in the cottage, and were involved in arts and crafts activities at the Starving Artist. The tea finished with a light luncheon for the participants and a wonderful, refreshing dish of ice cream, along with a teddy bear cookie provided through the generosity of Days. Four new docents were added to the cottage this year.  Welcome and thanks to  Natalie Morrison, Jackie Campanelli and Andrea and Scott McGuire.  They are a wonderful addition to the number of volunteers who allow us to tell the story of the Fel family and Centennial Cottage. However, there is still of need for volunteers to cover all our hours. If you’d like to become involved, please call the museum!  Thanks to all who gave of their time this season!   Mary Solecki & Julian Hamer

6th Annual History Day

A standing room only of over 100 people enjoyed the lecture by Cindy Bell on “ Ocean Grove Auditorium Choir : A Faith Based Community Choir” . The presentation focused on the interaction of the conductor with the choir and the roles that each play in the interpretation of  music to an assembled audience. Numerous requests were made for a second lecture on this subject.

Welcome Karen Cranford Tent Artist   By Vicki Bacolo We are very excited about having replica tents for sale in the Museum Gift Shop.   Karen’s inspiration came from summers in an Ocean Grove tent.  Both her mother and father were creative and inspired Karen in many aspects of artistic endeavour. Karen studied at the Shuller School of Fine Arts in Baltimore. She was a pre - school teacher for many years and active in her church, both which presented opportunities for using her artistic abilities. Karen never forgot the tents and her childhood summers in Ocean Grove.  It was a magical experience and reliving those days and sharing it with others is how much these tents mean to her and now to share that experience with us. Each individual, unique replica tent costs $60.00. They can be customized for another $15.00 with your name and/or address on them and includes shipping directly to your own home. Choose Summer Flowers or Seashells theme. Become a member and your HSOG membership gives you a 10% discount.  If you're already a member, why not give one as a Christmas present this year.

Welcome to our new members! Marty Ginty, PA & OG Perdita B. Connolly, OG Mark Kourey & John Gallagher,OG John & Ramona Bannayon, NY & OG Ruth Anne Oliver, OG Cheryl Capitolo, OG Catherine Blanksby, Neptune Dr. Michael McGraw & Kathleen Zebrowski, OG Gina Genovese, OG Kathleen Arlt, OG Michael & Mary Solebello, OG Diane Cismowski, OG Noreen Davidsen, OG Regina B. Gangemi, OG Mary Rongetti, Fl. & OG Marybeth Connolly, OG Shoshana Silberman, OG

Madeline Lovallo, NY & OG Marie Coppinger, OG August & Arlene Stoll, OG James & Susan Taylor, OG Marie Phillipson, OG Lois Werner, OG Louise Olshan, OG Virginia M. Neilly, OG Bill & Judy Ball, OG Martha & Jack Bentley, OG Marguerite Edwards, OG Barbara Muzychka, OG Terri & Michael David- Princeton We also thank those who have joined as Sustaining members: Mary Jennings, OG Craig Hutchison Christopher Lodewyks, OG, page 3

Rose Garden Remembrance page4

Your Brick is a perfect way to say thanks!

Last summer as part of the 40th Anniversary of Centennial Cottage we installed a border of bricks around the rose garden. It is so beautiful and we want you all to be a part of this lovely space.  Perhaps you may choose to remember a loved one, or have your name or your family’s name engraved on a brick or two. The cost is just $100 for three lines with up to thirteen letters per line. We are planning a dedication at the Illumination Party on July 22nd at 7:30 p.m. In order to have your brick included in the dedication, please return your payment with the completed form in the enclosed envelope.

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Should we or shouldn’t we??? In the past fifteen years we’ve lived in the Grove we have been asked several times if we would like to be on the house tour, or the garden tour and we have said Thank you but no thank you. IT WAS JUST TOO MUCH… Too much preparation, too much work,. Too many people traipsing about…Too much this or too much that…, and frankly we are just too shy and private. We couldn’t imagine lots of people in our small house, or our tiny yard. But then Walter Harper came by this spring and in his quiet way he talked with Melinda about her beautiful garden, and he convinced her that she could this with a minimum of stress. Talking it over she and I both decided that well … yes maybe we would let people glimpse what we have worked on these many years. It helped that we had three neighbors in our immediate vicinity who helped us decide that being on the tour together would be fun. Karen Carrol / Tom Lyons and Karen’s sister gave us cut flowers for our patio table, Vicki and Mauro Bacolo lent support as did Eileen and Paul Goldfinger. When the big day came we set the table, watered every plant fed the fish and waited. Two docents came…one with her little girl. They were friendly and polite and helped us get over the jitters.

Our House on the Tour!

I have to say, we both had lots of doubts and fears, not about the garden, but how would people feel about it. Would they understand how much hard work, care, time and effort, worry and skill had gone into the creating of a “simple” garden? The answer is yes. I feel that the people who came were friendly and polite. They genuinely wanted to know and learn and I hope they got as much from the day as we did. It is extremely rewarding to see that what you have created for your own pleasure can bring so much pleasure to others as well.

Howard and I always had a love for Victorian Era History. To our surprise, the Historical Society honored our renovation work with a Beersheba Award in 2007. When the Historical Society asked us to put our house in the July 2009 House Tour, we were honored but reluctant. We ultimately decided that, as the Historical Society is important to us, we would open our home. After we decided to take the plunge, Howard began the labor of love of finding all the owners of our house going back to 1872. While he was spending his days in the Hall of Records, I was focusing on estate sales to find the perfect pieces to furnish the inside of our home. We are trying to only furnish the house with predominantly Victorian Era pieces. The whole experience was awesome. The Historical Society volunteers in charge of organizing the event understood our concerns and worked with us. They are truly amazing and we thank them. The Docents assigned to our home were great. I was a Docent too and gave first hand accounts of our experiences, renovations, decorations, etc. We are very excited about what we did to our home and I believe we conveyed that to our visitors.

by Melinda Lisny & Beverly Sirianni

by Carol Tischler page 5

9 Seaview Avenue

13 broadway

58 Lake Avenue

Beersheba Awards Winners

2009 10 Main Avenue

15 Heck Avenue

6 Abbot Avenue 76 Mt. Tabor Way

96 Heck Avenue

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HSOG host’s doll house exhibit

To Our Members

Members of the HSOG in the 4th of July Parade

You may not be aware that each summer season over 5,000 people participate in our delightful historic and cultural activities. Perhaps, you were one of them. We thank you and trust you had a rewarding Ocean Grove experience. We are reaching out to you now to become a member of the Historical Society of Ocean Grove and to help us continue our outreach to the community and maintain our beautiful museum and the Centennial Cottage. Please renew your membership and encourage friends to become Member’s just fill out the form below and return it with your check to the Historical Society of Ocean Grove. 

The HSOG hosts its annual doll house exhibit, “Main Street USA” during the holiday season at the Museum. The exhibit will began on Sat. Nov. 28 - Sun. Dec.13. Included in the exhibit will be a replica of Centennial Cottage built to scale, a replica of a tent, and a large house which takes four people to move. Special this year will be a contest which will allow people to vote for their favorite house. The winner will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 13th.

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Historical Society Tel. 732.774.1869 Historical Society of Ocean Grove P. O. Box 446 Ocean Grove New Jersey 07756

Our 40th Anniversary 2010

Every town should have a fountain and our fountain in Founders Park is in dire need of restoration! Won’t you help restore it back to it’s original glory

Save these dates! Annual House Tour July 16 Illumination Party July 22 Angel Garden Tour July 30 In the Fall of 2010 join us to Explore the Hudson Valley?

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HSOG Winter 2009 Newsletter  

HSOG is the Historical Society of Ocean Grove that is a National Historic Site in New Jersey.

HSOG Winter 2009 Newsletter  

HSOG is the Historical Society of Ocean Grove that is a National Historic Site in New Jersey.

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