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Glory Goods Glory Goods is my way of saying your special. Each product is made with the intention to help you feel relaxed and beautiful. You can customize your own body wash and lotion to the perfect scent JUST FOR YOU! All you have to do is choose 1-3 oils to customize your scent or feel free to use any of the pre-mixed ones below. I will then make your body wash and or lotion according to how strong or mild you may like it. How special is that? So, what are you waiting for? Essential & Fragrance Oils *Glistening Jasmine *Sweet Pea *Meadow *Honeysuckle *Rain *Linen *Citrus Sage *Lavender Lavender *Apple *Cucumber Melon

Sweet Orange Orange *Plumeria Neroli Geranium Vanilla Sandalwood Eucalyptus Honey Almond Lemongrass Rose Absolute

Pre-Mixed Scents Creative Juice (Bergamot & Cardamom) Joyful Spirit (Orange, Maychang,Ylang Yiang,Bergamot, Vetiver) Love Potion (Jasmine & Sandalwood) *Refresh (Lavender & Rain) *Rejuventate (Citrus Sage & Rain) *Relax (Lavendar,Rain,Citrus Sage) *Renew (Linen & Citrus Sage) *Country Meadow (Glistening Jasmine, Honeysuckle,Meadow) *Botanical Gardens ( Glistening Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Meadow) *Spring Bouquet ( Glistening Jasmine, Sweet Pea, Honeysuckle) *Summer's Day (Sweet Pea & Honeysuckle) Special Offers Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak: Made from 100% all natural products. Just add 2 spoonfulls to running bath water. I promise you won't gain weight by soaking in it! Ginger Milk Bath: Made from 100% all natural products. Great for detoxifying! Prices and Details Body Wash is infused with Vitamin E. 8 oz. For $8 or 2 for $15 Lotion is infused with Coco Butter 8 oz. For $8 or 2 for $15 Bath Soaks 16 oz. For $6 **Represent Fragrance Oils** What is the difference between fragrance and essential oils? Essential oils are all natural. Fragrance oils are man made and contain some synthetic ingrediants.

Glory Goods List  
Glory Goods List  

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