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The Patter ~~~~ Pilot Club Of Ocala ~~~~ March 2013 Edition PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

2012 - 2013 Club Officers President - Cindy Williams President Elect - Crystal Bratcher

Dear Pilots, Attending the Anchor Convention last weekend was a great

Recording Secretary - Nancy Bierema

experience. The Anchors are bright, happy, enthusiastic, young

Corresponding Secretary - Carole Vitale

people - a joy to be around. A bonus for me was being the Chair of

Treasurer - Bonnie Palmieri

the Award Jury committee this year.  I had the opportunity to

2011-2013 Director - Helen Helvenston

study the scrapbooks of several of the Florida Anchor Clubs.

2012-2104 Director - Lisa Anderson

It was a real eye-opener.   The club awarded Anchor Club of the

2012-2013 Director - Bonnie Palmieri

Year had over 5,500 hours of service to their community.

2012 - 2013 Special Appointees

Granted the club is much larger than ours, but even the smallest of the Anchor Clubs, roughly the size of our club, accomplished over

Membership -

15 projects with over 600 hours of service.  This tells me that

Projects - Helen Helvenston

there are a lot of wothwhile projects out there and we're missing

Fundraising - Carole Vitale

out on opportunities to service our community. I think we need to

Anchor - Missy Ridgway

be more aggressive in our search of groups who could use our help. 

Chaplain - Susan Graggs

Anchors focus on 4 catagories: Brain-related, environmental, kids,

Parliamentarian - DJ Ferguson PIF Representative - Carole Vitale Patter Editor - Missy Ridgway

and patriotism. Maybe this is a good place for us to start.  I would like to challenge each of you to choose one of these catagories; make a call or a visit to a group or organization, and obtain ideas of projects we could do for or with them.  Bringing these ideas and information with you at the next meeting would be perfect timing, as Crystal plans on initiating Plan of Works at the March meeting, for the upcoming year. Cindy Williams President

Gov. Rene' Naughtons' Focus

President - Crystal Bratcher Presdient Elect - Susan Gragg Secretary - Connie Van Ryzin Treasurer - Bonnie Palmieri 2013-2014 Director - Cindy Williams 2011-2014 Director/Corr Sec - Lisa Anderson 2013-2015 Director - Chris Martin Annual Yard Sale at Nancy's Home Sat. April 6th starting at 7am

Bring all your STUFF to SELL! All proceeds go to the Pilot Club!

The Anchors and Students from many local high schools will be modeling prom dresses on the runway during the live auction. Refreshments will This is one of the NEW Pilot International be served and lots of fun had by all that attend. Logos for the Anchor Organization that was introduced at the Anchor Convention - Please plan to attend and show yoru support to our Ocala Anchors! more info will be coming!

We are beginning our Plan Of Works in March to allow more time for planning. Bring your ideas, thoughts and PLANS to the brain storming session at the March Meeting to discuss with all the members.

A Surprise Reception for our Ocala Anchor Members in celebratoin of their accomplishments this year! They will also be giving us reports of what their clubs have done this past year.

Pilot Club of Ocala ~ Pilot International Headquarters Florida Anchor District ~ Anchor Clubs International St John Anchor Club ~ Belleview High Anchor Club Search under key words: Anchor & Pilot to find Clubs all over the World

Websites: OR

Belleview Anchor won 2nd Place in Lip Sync for Clubs with 50+ Members (1st time performing) St John won 2nd Place in Lip Sync for Clubs with less then 50 Members (only 2 girls performed)

BEST NEWS OF ALL - Elizabeth Rockey from St John was elected the 2013-2014 FL Distict Anchor Chaplain!! (her first convention)

The "Pig Doctors" have ordered Precious to continued bed rest until she has fully recovered, she didn't even get to attend the Anchor Covnention and was very sad!! The Doctor's have instructed the BEST Medicine we can give her for a FULL RECOVERY is a belly FULL of Money! Bring your "Financial Medicine" to the March Meeting!!

The MORE Stuff, the MORE money we make!!!! District Convention is April 12-14th in Naples, FL March Birthdays Bonnie Palmieri - 8th Regina Lanzl - 11th Susan Gragg - 27th

April Birthdays Mary Purdy - 4th Clara Miller - 6th Lee Sanders - 8th

March Anniversaries Mandi Fallon - 2009 Crystal Bratcher - 2005 Carol Carpenter - 2004

April Anniversaries Mary Purdy - 2003

We will continue with our "Special Meeting Project" this month‌make sure you bring yoru creativity along with you to share your "Pilot Love" with someone special!!!

March Patter  
March Patter  

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