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The Patter ~~~~ Pilot Club Of Ocala ~~~~ July 2012 Edition PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

2012 - 2013 Club Officers President - Cindy Williams

Hello Pilots,

President Elect - Crystal Bratcher

It's Time! It's time to re-charge our batteries, reve up our engines and begin the race toward our goals. If you were not Recording Secretary - Nancy Bierema able to attend the Officer Installation meeting last month, you Corresponding Secretary - Debbie Thompson missed the announcement that we are having a contest this Treasurer - Bonnie Palmieri year. We randomly drew names for the two teams that night. I asked each team to meet briefly to pick their team name, select 2011-2013 Director - Helen Helvenston a team captain, and set a time and place for a Plan of Works 2012-2104 Director - Lisa Anderson meeting. The team names selected were: the Swinging 2012-2013 Director - Bonnie Palmieri Pendulums - team captain is Crystal Bratcher, and the Tick Tockers - team captain is Lisa Anderson. Plan of Works 2012 - 2013 Special Appointees meeting was set to be one hour prior to the Ice Cream social at Membership - Barbara Hassen Marion Woods on Saturday, June 30th. Since several members knew they would be out of town that day, the two Projects - Helen Helvenston teams brainstormed that night and got a good start on the Plan Fundraising - Carole Vitale of Works ideas. The Plan of Works meetings did take place at Anchor - Missy Ridgway 1:00 on June 30th and will be reviewed by the budget committee prior to PI convention. Chaplain Parliamentarian - DJ Ferguson PIF Representative - Carole Vitale Patter Editor - Missy Ridgway

This Patter includes the list of members of each team, rules of the contest, and the determination of points. Each member has been/will be given a scorecard to keep track of their individual points. Be sure to look to see what team you are on. I'm looking forward to a productive and fun year! Get Ready, Set, Go! Cindy Williams President

Gov. Rene' Naughtons' Focus

Patter Submissions need to be emailed to Missy Ridgway by the 5th of each month to get put in! email to:

Installation of 2012-2013 Officers We started our evening off with a Pot Luck Dinner, which is ALWAYS a winner Pilots are such good cooks!! We then welcomed Mary Purdy as our Installing Officer and enjoyed the time together as our new officers were installed. We are lucky to have such wonderful members willing to lead us into another year of service and friendship.

Ice Cream Social at Marion Woods We served over 50 bowls of ice cream and made some really delicious looking banana splits and sundaes! The residents also enjoyed searching for words in the special Word Search Puzzle. If they participated in the Word Search they then were awarded a prize and many were excited to pick a puzzle book or journal. This gave them the opporutnity to fill their tummy with yummy ice cream, enjoy the converstaion of friends and excersize their brains all in one afternoons - this was a successful project for our club!

Pilot Club of Ocala ~ Pilot International Headquarters Florida Anchor District ~ Anchor Clubs International St John Anchor Club ~ Belleview High Anchor Club Search under key words: Anchor & Pilot to find Clubs all over the World

Websites: OR

At the time, the Foundation Funsdraiser "What Happens in Vegas, Goes Home From Vegas" has alredy reasied $44,775 dollars and could go higher during the actual convention!!

Are you receiving all the email updates from from Pilot International and the Florida District? If not, you need to sign up for Constant Contact on both websites. If you need help, please get with Missy.

Pilot International's New Executive Director Schild has more than 25 years of experience as chief executive officer, board member, and volunteer for international, national and local not-for-profit organizations. Her expertise includes organizational assessment & development, branding, cause marketing, strategic planning, fund raising and event management. Prior to her hire at Pilot International, Schild owned a consulting business and served for many years as executive director of Kappa Delta Sorority, headquartered in Memphis. In addition to her nonprofit and marketing expertise, she developed and launched two successful initiatives to empower women and girls: International Women’s Friendship Month and International Girls Day. In 2009, she also developed the Confidence Coalition to mobilize the many organizations, companies and individuals that promote self-esteem and confidence among girls and women. Today the coalition includes more than 50 national and regional partners. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and a master’s degree in Organizational Communication from the University of Denver. Schild also attended the Medill Professional Graduate Program in Advertising at Northwestern University, the National Planned Giving Institute at The College of William and Mary, the Fund Raising School at Indiana University, and the Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management at the University of Colorado. A member of numerous professional associations, she served as president of the Fraternity Executives Association and the National Panhellenic Conference Executive Directors Association, and, in 2004, she was named by Memphis Woman Magazine as one of “50 Women Who Make a Difference.” 

Anchors who recently graduated need to know about the Pilot Scholarship Houses for their opportunity at lower cost of living while attending college - it is our job to let them know, just a reminder!! The July Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 24th at the Public Library Meeting Room and the July Business Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 26th at Marion Woods

Year Book Update%.. Crystal will be gathering any changes that need be made for next year's yearbook during the July Meeting. If you are unable to attend this meeting and your information needs to be changed, please email those changes to Crystal

July is the month that we vote on our Plan of Works for the coming year. What projects, fundraisers, and social events will be planned? Make sure you are present at the July Meeting to let your vote be heard and share any idea you have!

The Pilot Year of 2012-2013 with Cindy Williams as President can mean only one thingJ.. another year of competition between teams and members PLUS a whole lot of FUN!!! The Singing Pendulums


Members of this team: Team Captain = Crystal Carol G, Helen, Debbie, Regina, Mandy, Nancy, Mary P, Connie, Gaye, Bonnie, Becky, DJ, Mary G, Clara

Function Attended & Points Earned Attend Monthly Meeting = 2 pts Attend Committee Meeting = 3pts Attend Project, Fundraiser, Membership or Anchor = 4pts Bring a potential member to meeting or event = 5pts Sponsor a Member = 10pts Per pound of pecans sold = 1pt Each Ticket Sold (if applicable) = 1pt Being a team Captain = 10pts

The Tick Tockers Members of this team: Team Captain = Lisa Carol C, Sue, Haley, Susan G, Ann, Linda S, Missy, Connie V, Linda S, Carole V, Barbara, Joan, Lee, Myrtle, Eve

July Anniversaries: The Alzheimer's Walk Returns to Ocala

Debbie Thompson - 1 yr Linda Schwambach - 3 yrs Regina Lanzl - 15 yrs

Saturday, September 8th August Anniversaries: Tuscawilla Park

Something to think aboutJJ A Pessimist, they say, sees a glass of water as being half empty; an optimist sees the same glass as half full. But a giving person sees a glass of water and starts looking for someone who might be thirsty. G. Thomas Gale

Cindy Williams - 16 yrs Clara Miller - 44 yrs

July Birthdays: Carole Vitale - 2nd Carol Carpenter - 7th

August Birthdays: Becky Scott - 4th Joan hulsey - 13th Eve Pollich - 20th Myrtle Flechas - 28th

Pilot Club of Ocala July Newsletter  

July Patter

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