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Pilot Club Of Ocala December 2011 Volume 2, Issue 6

The Patter Who has Happy or Sad Money? Remember it goes to a GREAT cause. We want to support our District for PI Convention in 2012.

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Presidents Message The Holidays are upon us. I really enjoyed our November meeting. It was a great turnout with guests and some Pilots we had not seen in a while. Now I am looking forward to our Christmas party. The pecan sales have gone very well, despite the economy and the higher prices. After all they are the best around!

round; and, I know that no matter how big or small, so many people appreciate us. And our members are appreciated and loved by each other. We are all so talented in many different ways and blend together with our the blink of an eye, all this can be taken my ideas like the colored thoughts and prayers go out sand. to all the troops fighting for my freedom who will spend Sorry, but I tend to get the Holidays away from I want to take this opporvery emotional this time tunity to tell each and every- of year. I look around at their families and wish them a safe return home. And a one of you how much you the homeless people with special prayer for all those are appreciated and loved. children and I thank God We are all very fortunate to every day for the people who have lost loved ones in wars through the years. have loving families and in my life and the fact friends. Not to forget the that I have a home. I people in our community have beautiful, healthy that we help. The Pilot Club children and grandchilhelps many people all year dren. And I realize in


District News A Christmas candle is a lovely thing; It makes no noise at all, But softly gives itself away; While quite unselfish, it grows small. - Eva K. Logue

Remember when Shopping online use first, that way PI gets a percentage of the Sale.

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Volume 2, Issue 6

Anchors Away The Anchor Joint meeting will be in January. It will be held at Trinity High School in the Cafeteria. It will be Catered by Pizza Hut. It is on the regular business meeting night. Third Thursday of January at 6:30 pm. Please Come out and support the Girls and learn what is going on in their Anchor Clubs.

Salvation Army…. Don’t be help with ringing the a Grinch Bell Please Contact Help Carole. Carole Vitale by ringing the Salvation Army Bell for the Christmas Season. If you would like to Volunteer a Saturday to

Pecans get your Pecans… Club News... Pecans are almost gone. If you need more please contact Helen. That way she can keep track of who has what and where they are. Make sure you also turn in all Monies to Helen by Dec. 15th that way she is able to put them in the bank.

Rejoice! Both Mary Gilmore and Lee Sanders are home again. I had a chat with Lee and she is doing well even though she still has a ways to go. She has home health care to help in the home and is in wonderful spirits. She got home Saturday the 19th in time to accompany Linda to a family Thanksgiving gathering. Mary got to go home Monday. I didn't get to talk with her but I know that

she must be to happy to be in her own home and as comfortable as she can be. I hope to talk with her soon. Mary engineered the sale of 4 cases of Pecans from her hospital bed! Now that's being a true PILOT! Thanks Helen for the Great Information!!! It is wonderful to know that they will be home for Christmas!

International News The "buzz" is all around us, and we anticipate a large turnout for the 2012 Annual Convention and Leadership Conference in Las Vegas! You may register NOW by going to the PI website (

Bally's Hotel, Las Vegas, NV July 18-21, 2012 (checkout 22nd) Room rate $105 - single/double Registration fees $250 Pilot; Co-Pilot $175; Anchors $175; Navigators $190. There will be 5 shows we book through

PI and part of the proceeds will go back to PI. The banquet will be a lunch instead of dinner, so we will have Thursday and Friday nights free to do whatever and just have fun! What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Volume 2, Issue 6

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God’s Cake… Sometimes we wonder, ”What did I do to deserve this?” or “Why did God have to do this to me?” Here is a Wonderful explanation!!!!!

says, ”Absolutely Mom, I love your cake.” Here, have some cooking oil,” her mother offers. “YUCK” says her daughter. “How about a couple of raw eggs?” “GROSS, Mom!” “Would you like some flour A daughter was then? Or Maybe some baking telling her Mother how everything is going wrong, she’s fail- soda?” “ Mom those are all ing algebra, her boyfriend broke yucky!” To which the mother up with her and her best friend replies “Yes, all those things is moving away. Meanwhile, her seem bad all by themselves, but when they are all put tomother is baking a cake and asks her daughter if she would gether in the Right way. They like a snack, and the daughter

make a wonderfully delicious cake!” You see God works the same way. Many times we wonder why He would let us go through such bad and difficult times. But God knows that when He puts these things all in HIS order, they always work for good! We just have to trust Him and, eventually, they will all make Something Wonderful!

Pilot Scholarship Houses... The PSHF has established a Foundation to provide funds for the maintenance of the Pilot Scholarship Houses. Once the endowment reaches a balance of $100,000.00 only the interest will be used for the Maintenance of the houses. No interest is currently being used. In interest will ever be used to fund general operating expenses. Remember as will approach

Christmas that these girls may be away from home. Please pray for them during this time of year. If you would like to donate anything for the houses bring it with you to a meeting and we will make sure it gets to

Birthdays and Anniversaries To Come... December Birthdays Mary Gilmore


January Birthdays Missy Ridgway 13th Mandi Fallon 13th Nancy Bierema 28th

the houses. The girls are always looking for Contact: anything that we use to help run Www.southernscholarship. org our own homes. Also I am sure that they would not be apposed to bake goods and home cooked meals from time to time.

December Anniversaries We have none due to no Business meeting only a Christmas Party.

January Anniversaries Carol Grella 2011(1 Year) Connie VanRyzin 2008 (4 years)

Volume 2, Issue 6

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PIF Information … out fuss or bother, you’ve done your part. We hope you’ll give A bake less Bake Sale is on the way. with a willing heart. Wishing sucIn these busy days, who wants to cess for our bake, a pie of cookies or even a cake. Bake less Bake You’d be surprised if you counted Sale, this is the the cost, of ingredients, heat, and the end of our littime you’ve lost. Baking for sales is tle tale. extra work. Yet nobody really wants to shirk. So we’ve thought of a plan As the Fl. Disthat’s really grand, and feel quite sure trict PIF Rep, I you’ll understand. In an envelope, if am challenging you like, please include the price… of every Pilot Club in Florida to help a pie or cake or anything nice. With- me with the PIF Bake less Bake A bit of news we have today….

Remembering Christmas….. Tis the Season to spread Joy and bring love to those around you! The Christmas Season is not just about how may presents we each get, but loving others and Celebrating the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Make sure not to get too "wrapped

up" in the commercial side of this Holiday Season and stop long enough to love those around you, even if by simply giving them a hug. Use this time to visit at a nursing or retirement home, sing Christmas Carols to your neighbors, bake some cookies to take to

Sale. So Madam President and PIF Reps, if you will share this poem and supply an envelope for each member of your club, you can help the FL District with this fundraiser for PIF. I will collect these donations at District Convention. And each Donation will be eligible for a very special drawing. In Pilot Friendship and service,

Barbara Keck the widow in your neighborhood, share a meal with a friend that doesn't have family around......share this season by sharing your heart with those around you!!! Merry Christmas to each and everyone!! Missy

What’s Going On... Saturday Farmer’s Market Schedule There is not a schedule for the market as of now but that does not mean anything.

Christmas Party is at Marion Woods on the 15th of December at 6:30 pm. There is a menu and information attached to the patter for that.

The Joint Anchor Meeting is in January at Trinity High School More information is in the Anchor Section of the Patter.

Pilot Club Of Ocala

P.O. Box 4323 Ocala, FL 34478

E-mail: Third Thursday of every Month at 6:30pm at Marion Woods Retirement Community

To be the service club of choice providing fellowship for its members and service to the community is the Vision of Pilot Club of Ocala.

Pilot International is an innovative volunteer service organization that does more than just have meetings and provide networking opportunities with friends and associates. Pilot members take an active part in making communities a better place to live ... today and tomorrow. The service focus of Pilot International is brain-related disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, chemical dependency, traumatic brain injuries, developmental, emotional, and mental disabilities.

Develop our membership to enthusiastically represent Pilot in the community and support our outreach is the Mission of Pilot Club of Ocala

Board of Directors 2011-2012 Executive Board President Bonnie Palmeiri President Elect Cindy Williams


Recording Secretary

Parliamentarian D.J. Ferguson

Missy Ridgway

Chaplin/ Patter Editor Crystal Bratcher

Treasurer Lisa Anderson

Operations Coordinator Barbara Hassen

Corresponding Secretary

Fundraising Coordinator Connie VanRyzin

Susan Gragg

Projects Coordinator Linda Schwambach

Director Gaye Cheshire( 2011-2013)

Anchor Coordinator Carole Vitale

Director Carole Vitale (2011-2012)

PIF Representative Cindy Williams

Director Connie VanRyzin (2010-2012)

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