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The Patter ~~~~ Pilot Club Of Ocala ~~~~ August 2012 Edition PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE

2012 - 2013 Club Officers President - Cindy Williams

Hello Pilots,

President Elect - Crystal Bratcher Recording Secretary - Nancy Bierema Corresponding Secretary Treasurer - Bonnie Palmieri 2011-2013 Director - Helen Helvenston 2012-2104 Director - Lisa Anderson 2012-2013 Director - Bonnie Palmieri

2012 - 2013 Special Appointees Membership - Barbara Hassen

We are off to a good start this new Pilot year with Plan of Works discussed and voted on at the July meeting. Attached is a copy of the approved Plan of Works. As you can see, we will have a busy, but fun and productive year. We are going to try some new fund-raisers - they have been very successful for other Pilot clubs, and those clubs have shared their ideas and tips for success. The members that were out of town or that couldn't make the revised July meeting date, I placed you on a committee, based on previous years or how I thought your talents best fit the committee. Of course, if you would prefer a different committee, it can be easily changable.

Projects - Helen Helvenston Fundraising - Carole Vitale Anchor - Missy Ridgway Chaplain - Susan Graggs Parliamentarian - DJ Ferguson

I hope all of you can attend the August meeting. You won't want to miss our guest speaker, Jim Samuelson from Alzheimers Association. We will also be voting on our 20122013 Budget and Programs. Crystal has lined up some fun and educational programs for us!

PIF Representative - Carole Vitale Patter Editor - Missy Ridgway

Update on the contest: We are one month into the contest and one team is 11 points ahead of the other. Which team is ahead? You'll find out at the August meeting! See you soon! Cindy Williams President

Gov. Rene' Naughtons' Focus

Gov. Rene' Naughtons' Focus



Goals & Grants = $144,503.13

PIF Walk in Vegas = $11,359.43

Pacesetter = $70,230.00

Show Tickets in Vegas = $3979.55

Sweethearts = $8,328.00

Year End Report

$61,713 Awarded in Grants $33,650 Awarded in Scholarships

Silent Auction = $5409.00

What Happens in Vegas = $70,251.00 1st Place Florida $10676

2nd Place North Carolina $9410

3rd Place Texas $9070

2012-2013 Executive Committee President, Winnie Brewer (FL) President Elect, Judy Langley (SC) Vice President, Sherry Johnson (TX) Secretary, Shannon Clegg (NC) Treasurer, Suzanne Kendra (AL) 11-12 Director, Mimi Wold (LA) 12-14 Director, Bonnie Turner (Midwest)

If you are receiving this Patter via the mail and have an active email address then please get that to Missy so the Patter can be emailed to you and the Club can save on the postage in an effort to provide more for our Annual Projects!

"Shuvunda" Party in September A party to start the year off right. For our September Meeting, we will be bringing in our Shuvunda gifts.  These are items that you would want to "Shuv unda your bed" or in the back or your closet.  Bring them wrapped with NO hints of what is in them.  We will be playing the game while enjoying hor dourves and finger

This year as a "Hands On Project" we will be foods that our Pilot sisters have brought collectinghousehold items for the Gainesville with them. You may bring a friend with you Scholarship House Residents. As you shop for yourself, pick up an extra roll of paper towels, toilet as well. The more the Merrier. This is going to be a Fun and exciting evening. paper, bottle of cleaning product, pack of paper plates, box of ziploc bags, box of trash bags, ream of copy paper or simply pick up a giftcard that can be 2012-2013 Programs used at a store in Gainesville. We will be planning a October - Open trip to the Gainesville House later in the yearto November - Thanksgiving Dinner deliver these supplies, take a tour for those who December - Christmas Party haven't been before and hopefully take some of our January - Joint meeting with Anchors February - Open Anchors too. Be SAFE on the roads and be aware, because Marion County School starts back on August 13th….the kids will be on the roads again!

March - Plan of Works Planning April - Anchor Year End Reports May - Open June - Installation of Officers

Pilot Club of Ocala ~ Pilot International Headquarters Florida Anchor District ~ Anchor Clubs International St John Anchor Club ~ Belleview High Anchor Club Search under key words: Anchor & Pilot to find Clubs all over the World

Websites: OR

Saturday, September 8th at Tuscawilla Park Pilots and Anchors will join forces to raise money for a cure and walk in Memory of those we have lost! Jim Samuelson will be our Guest Speaker at the August Business Meeting to provide more details Greetings, Florida Pilots! I am both trhilled and privileged to serve as your Executive Committee Representative for this year.

October 26-28th

at the Ocala Hilton Mark your calendars now and plan to attend! The theme is………

PILOTS GOT TALENT!!! We need to figure out a skit, lip sync, dance or something to do as a group and show what kind of fun and talent we REALLY have in this group!! Share any idea you have so we can get something put together instead of waiting until the last minute!

As I look forward to getting to know each of you, please allow me to share a little about myself. I grew up in a nurtuting family from which I developed a true love for service. Valuable experiences were also gained as a Girl Scout and Anchor Club member. Grwoing up with a friend whose brother had a mental diability, I was drawn to the field of Special Education. It has been my privilege to teach students with a wide range of disabilities and to direct a couple of summer day camps for special needs children. Each child was unique and "gifted" in his/her own way, and I learned as much from them as they did from me. Most recently, I served as a Parent Coordinator and a literacy instructor. I continue to enhance literacy skills in adults so that they can be more effective in reading with their children. For me, PI is an outlet for service and friendship that I shall always treasure. It is always amazing to discover the varied ways that Pilots carry out our mission to communtities around the world! May you be enriched by the lives you touch through Pilot Service!

Judy L angley August Anniversaries:

August Birthdays:

Cindy Williams - 16 yrs Clara Miller - 44 yrs

Becky Scott - 4th Joan hulsey - 13th Eve Pollich - 20th Myrtle Flechas - 28th

September Anniversaries:

September Birthdays:

Missy Ridgway - Sept 2004 Barbara Hassen - Sept 1994 Connie Brown - Sept 1978 Linda Sanders - Sept 1975

Lisa Anderson - Sept 6th Connie VanRyzin - Sept 19th Cindy Williams - Sept 23rd Susanne Havel - Sept 24th

August Patter  

August Patter - Happenings of the Pilot Club of Ocala, FL

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