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Missy Bonkers

Doll Making a Crafting a Storytelling

Lost or Found in

Miss Elizabeth’s Betwizzled Garden

Lost? Well‌ Maybe not? Dougie Mouser,

the incredible plastic mouse, loves to get himself lost.

There is just one problem though! He isn’t very good at getting lost. He is actually really good at finding everything.

Benny Flower, Dougie Mouser bestie, loves to find everything. But, he is not very good at finding anything. He gets himself lost all of the time. Often times Benny sets out on his walks or on a journey to find something but he gets distracted and can’t remember where he is going to or coming from. Today, Benny decided to find Dougie, just at the same time as Dougie decided he must get lost, just because‌ Dougie, of course, has a head-start as he is very organized and getting lost is very difficult. Benny, on the other hand, isn’t sure where to start.

Right next to him is a flowerpot; surly Dougie has to be in the flowerpot, by the grey wall. Benny peaks into the flowerpot, ‘Nope not here!’

He then looked up the Rose bush, ‘Nope again!’

The all knowing oracles, who live at the bottom of the garden, raise their eyes from their newspaper, ‘Benny’s at it again. Next he’ll be disturbing the great cat monster. Yep!’

And, they were right, Benny had indeed…

‘Oops, I found the cat monster again!

Oops Cat monster awake and she is very mad...’

Benny ran to the nearest tree to hide. At least he could find the tree!

Meanwhile, Dougie, who was still trying to lose himself, found Jemma and Jeffrey the dollhouse people. ‘Hi Dougie,’ Jemma smiles. ‘Sorry Jemma I can’t stop, I simply must lose myself...’ Dougie announces to Jemma as he scurries past her.

Seconds later Benny climbs down from the tree, and lands next to Jemma, ‘Hello Jemma,’ ‘Oh! you gave me a fright Benny!’ ‘Sorry,’ Benny blurts out,

‘you see I am on a quest to save Dougie, he’s lost and I must find him.’ ‘But, are you sure he is lost Benny?’

‘Absolutely, I wouldn’t have spent the past hour looking in the flower pot, up the rose bush, getting disapproving looks from the great oracles and almost being wadding fodder for the great cat monster. Not to mention being stuck in that tree.’ ‘Well, he was here a few minutes ago.’ ‘You mean he’s not lost!’ Well maybe he is, and maybe you are lost and I am here to find you,’ Benny blurts out.

Hearing a small scuffing sound behind him Benny turns around and spots a small grey speck in the bush to the side of him, ‘Dougie, I’ve found you!’ ‘Yeah, you found me! Being lost here among the white flowers.’ Dougie scurried down to congratulate Benny on finding him... Not!

At least one of them had to succeed at something; if he couldn’t lose himself then Benny could most certainly find him... Since he wasn’t really lost, even though he tried hard to be, and Benny, who actually was kind of lost, in an absent minded, annoy the cat way. Funnily enough they both managed to be what the other wanted, Lost and Found, in a kinda, sorta way... Yeah, partay time in the betwizzled garden. © Tina O’Rourke All rights reserved, no portion of this document can be reproduced without permission from the author

Lost or found  

A short crafty tale from the imagination of Missy Bonkers. Based on crafty bear and his adventures.

Lost or found  

A short crafty tale from the imagination of Missy Bonkers. Based on crafty bear and his adventures.