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Kitchen Classroom

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt‌ I am ingoying maths becauce now I know plus times takeaway and groups of.

>> The Arts


Visual Art

Music I like music because we learn lots of music and the lirics to it.

Visual Art I like art because we learn how to make heaps of things like mythical creatures and we also drew our faces. My mythical creature is scar man.

>> Integrated Curriculum


The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication On term 1 I worked on project was electronics. mine was a radio. And we all had super fun!!!

Are We There Yet? Me and my class are learning about are we there yet its places in Australia like the great barrier reef.

The Way Things Work This term we focused on simple machines and in literacy groups we saw a vidio with lots and lots of simpl mishins like screws levers pulleys incinplanes wheel and axal wedge and we had lots of fun.we had a billey cut had bolts nuts s

Weather Its very interesting to learn about weather. First we leant about the weather going round and round. We also did this thing called the rain gadge.

>> Social & Physical Development

Health & Physical Education

My Personal Reflections

My Friends

Health & Physical Education Im ingoying footy baskitball cricket tenis and the games we play.

My Friends Jesse emmanuel jasper.r damon patrick ky macca klaas lachie toby jasper.m

>> Incursions & Excursions Hollywood Magic

Australian Environments

Camp Kangaroobie

Learning by Doing


Holly wood Magic I loved being under the green screen and it was super fun being on camrer

Camp Kangaroobie I loved camp we did hips of stuff my favourite bit was the obstacle course but mostley i loved all of it.

>> Achievements You Can Do It Name FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

Kitchen Classroom Kitchen classroom is so yummy I all ways eat it. We have made meat pies mandarin ice cream and home made pizza. This year we have to Iv had so much fun in the kitchen classroom. I love it!!!

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