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Name Surname Grade, 2008

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The Arts

Social & Physical Development

Integrated Curriculum

Incursions & Excursions

Languages & Science

Garden & Kitchen Classroom

English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. In literacy we do lots of fun stuff. We play games and learn lots of things

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt‌

>> The Arts


Visual Art

>> Integrated Curriculum


The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication Term1 we focused on Communication. I did how trains Communication. I worked with Joel. It was very fun I learnt lots about trains.

This term we fockest on are we there yet. Its about Australia. I have lent about Uluru, Sydney and lost and lost of older things.

The Way Things Work Simppel mershins are mershins that are simppel ther evrere the kins of simppel mershiens are pulliys gears scruoo and inclinde plan.

In term 4 we focused on weather. It was so fun because we got to make lots of stuff and watch weather songs.

>> Social & Physical Development

Health & Physical Education

My Personal Reflections

My Friends

Friends KY, Will, Jesse, Key, Joel, Klaas, Emmanuel, Damon, Mac, Ben, Sam, Rad, Noah, Japer, and Luca,

>> Incursions & Excursions

Camp Kangaroobie

Hollywood Magic

Learning by Doing

Australian Environments


In term 3 we went to Kangaroobie. It was so much fun because we got so muddy kangaroobie was the best camp I have ever ben to.

>> Achievements

You Can Do It Name FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

>> Languages and Science Classroom



>> Garden and Kitchen Classroom



Kitchen Classroom My favourite thing we do at kitchen is maybe cooking and eat

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