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Jasper Rumbelow •English • Camp kangaroobie •Mathematics • Achievements •Music • Kitchen classroom •Visual art •Communication •Are we there yet •The way things work •Weather •Friends •Hollywood magic •Learning by doing

English This year we have participated in many activities that have improved our reading, writing and our speaking and listening skills. In literacy this year I have learnt about the water cycle and I also had lots of fun!

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt‌ In mathematics this year I have learnt to multiply fractions. I have also learnt division and one my most hardest sums was 52x7=364.

Music In music this year I have learnt how to play piano I can play bingo and Ode To Joy with my eyes closed! Wednesday 5/12/12: The piano soirĂŠe was amazing I was very nervous but it turned out to be pretty fun!

Visual Art In art I have done cartoons, mythical creatures, paper city's, famous Australian places

Communication In term 1 we learnt about how communication. Emmanuel, Dylan, Klaas and I, And we learnt about how to communicate underwater.

Are We Their Yet?

The Way Things Work This year in t er m 2 I lea r nt ab out simple mac hines. Simp le machine help make s our work ea sier. The le can be a: s v er ee-soar, a catapult or a crowbar. even A pulley wo ul d be a : cranes, a w ater well or a electricity cable. I lea rnt about th e scissors w are a lever. itch It was very exciting.

Weather In weather this year I have learnt about clouds such as cumulus, cirrus, stratus, alto-cirrus, nimbo-stratus and alto-stratus.

Friends r: u lo : o e r eC A t ds ouri n rie Fav l: F a , y w r: u M e ello nim lo k Y eA o r la rit er rite C k C u o Tig ou ac se v s v Bl al: Fa Je a F nd im ,  n a an s s ee rite er o V Gr ou nth y v a K Fa P

Holly wood Magic In Hollywood magic Lucy Anderson and I were in the mars bar add.

Learning By Doing At Learning by Doing we made a crane. We made it out of wood planks it was very fun and exciting. My favourite part of it was connecting the rope/string to the base.

Camp Kangaroobie Fun And Games In camp kangaroobie I did the obstacle course, low ropes, feeding animals, beach walk and environmental game.

Favourites Environmental game, warnabool

Places I Went To Colac,

>> Achievements

You Can Do It FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

Name : Jasper Rumbelow

Kitchen Classroom This year in cooking we have made soup, salads, chocolate caramel fudge, pizza and white Christmas's.

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