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Name Surname Grade, 2012

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Integrated Curriculum

Incursions & Excursions


Kitchen Classroom


In literary we have done reading ,rain gage/ skataskry

Mathematics In mathematics this year I have learnt the time tables and some of the divide tables.


>> The Arts


Visual Art


In music we prackist are school conset and are cristmas.

Art In art we are doing a mythical I did one that is ned kelly and chistmas /cartoons

>> Integrated Curriculum


The Way Things Work

Are We There Yet?


Communication In erps we did communication and I worked with patrick we made two trains that have a goud . One of the train drives has a gaud so the aver train driverhas.

Are We There Yet? In are we there yet we made a diorama or a mobile of a thing in Australia for owl project we made at home I made the mcg it has lights and the teams are Carlton and hawthorn and Carlton

The Way Things Work

Weather I am doing a bush fire slide show with jasper r and Emily

>> Social & Physical Development

Health & Physical Education

My Personal Reflections

My Friends

Health & Physical Education

In sport we did the pep test then we played soccer

My Friends are

Watson / jesse/patrick /lach/noah/ declean

My Personal Reflections

In reflectons I lernt t if th

>> Incursions & Excursions Hollywood Magic

Australian Environments

Camp Kangaroobie

Learning by Doing


Holly wood Magic

holly wood magici did the siley

Australian Environments

Learning By Doing

Camp Kangaroobie in term3 we went to kangaroobie our first stop was a park then the 12 apostels then lock ard gouch.when we arived made our beds in my capen was watson/connor/matthew/yus uf /and david.


>> Achievements

You Can Do It Name FOUNDATION Habit of the Mind

Kitchen Classroom

CPS Portfolio Template Level 3 2010  
CPS Portfolio Template Level 3 2010