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English I am enjoying stars and cars when we read story’s on the floor and then answer the question. about the story. A few weeks ago we had to read heaps of story’s and there were about 48 question :P

Mathematics I have enjoyed + because it’s really easy and fun!!!!!

Music: music for me is fun to dance to and fun to sing toď Š I love music because It makes me feel awesomeď Š

Visual Art In art I have learnt about artists like Leonardo Divinci, Van Gogh and all the rest. it has been really fun because I get to do art of my ownď Š this term I am making the Eureka Tower it’s going really well.

Communication In term 1 we focused on communication. I communicated through dance. For my project I used: a big yellow peace of paper and multi colour texters also a rainbow pencil. I think I did well because it was in my own words.

The Way Things Work On the first of June we went on a billy cart incursion. We used a lot of different types of screws and bolts e.g. washer bolt screw e.g. we got into different groups. the first activity I went to was to ride on the billy carts it was lots of fun and I had a great time. I got to push the people that were in the cart and I also got to have a ride. After that activity I got to do a plan of my own billy cart it was a bit messy but it was better then nothing every one else did a really good job to. After that activity I got to build a billy cart people helped me in the group. I learnt a lot. After that I got to make any thing I wanted to but I didn’t no what to make so I just helped someone make there’s.

Are We There Yet?

I had fun doing the topic on Australia It was fun!!!! I was going to do a stage production but we didn’t get to finish the rest of the things we needed to do.

Weather Weather has been going really well we have been learning about weather and erosion.

Health & Physical Education Sport is going well. My favourite sport is Tennis and Volly ball.

My Friends Tiana favourite colour blue favourite animal koala & dog favourite food chocolate favourite fruit mango favourite number 13 favourite planet Neptune favourite flower violets favourite ice-cream flavour bubble gum Charlotte favourite colour fluoro green favourite animal giraffe favourite food party pies favourite fruit mango favourite number 3 favourite planet Jupiter favourite flower lavender favourite ice-cream flavour revenge of the nerds Chy favourite colour pink favourite animal cat favourite food spider favourite fruit cherries favourite number 11 favourite planet earth favourite flower frangipani favourite ice-cream flavour raspberry Declan favourite colour purple favourite animal tiger favourite food gummy bears favourite fruit apple favourite number 9 favourite planet Neptune favourite flower doesn’t have oneď Œ favourite ice-cream flavour strawberry

My Personal Reflections The year has been really awesome. We have been going on really exiting excursions and had the best class ever!!!!! My teacher miss wyatt has been amazing and I love her yay!!!!!!! ď Š

Camp Kangaroobie At camp Kangaroobie we did heaps of fun activitys like: obstacle course farm animals environmental games low ropes and bush dancing WOW! So much fun!!!!!!

Hollywood Magic On Thursday we had Hollywood magic, it was all about news and reports. Each person in the class got something to report about. I reported on a plane crash. Each class mate got the DVD of it so they could watch the whole thing even other classes.

Learning By Doing In learning by doing we made a crane it was really fun because now I no how to make a crane yay!!!! We used: wood string and a paper clip.

Science Classroom

I love science!!!!!! It has been awesome. this year in science we have been learning about erosion it was very fun!!!!!

Garden In gardening we are normally feeding the chickens by pulling out grass from the garden beds and feeding them the grass. The chickens are gross because they always do poop.

Kitchen Classroom In the kitchen class room we make really yummy food one of my fav’s was the meat pie. Sometimes the food isn’t very yummy but we still try it. Once I tried this mandarin ice-cream it was really nice but nobody else liked it. I LOVE KITCHEN CLASSROOM!!!!!!!!!

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