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Lauren Waters - 5W Thursday 7th July 2011 Interview with Florence Nightingale

Interviewer: Hello Florence, how are you today? Florence: Hello I am fine thanks! Interviewer: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? Florence: No. Go ahead! Interviewer: First of all, when were you born? Florence: I was born on 12th may 1820! Interviewer: Also, is your full name just Florence Nightingale? Florence: Yes it is! Interviewer: Secondly, how old are you? Florence: I am 37! Interviewer: Thirdly, what made you want to be a nurse? Florence: So I could help the wounded British Soldiers! Interviewer: Did you go to school? Florence: No I was taught at home by my farther! Interviewer: Now, when did your parents die or are they still alive? Florence: No my Father died when I was 30, and my mother died when I was 36! Interviewer: What were your opinions about the hospital conditions? Florence: I was disgusted. There were rats running around the floor, the ground was black and dirty, the air was dusty and the beds were mouldy and had no blankets! Interviewer: Why did you go to the Crimean war? Florence: Becausethat is where all of the soldiers were dying and I wanted to help! Interviewer: Did you ever see any soldiers die in the hospital? Florence: Yes, lots! Interviewer: Have you ever caught any of the diseases? Florence: I thought I had once, but no I haven’t!

Interviewer: Do you like your job? Florence: Yes! Interviewer: Have you ever been involved in surgery? Florence: No I haven’t! Interviewer: How did you improve the factory conditions? Florence: I set up a campaign and lots of people helped! Interviewer: Are you still doing your job now? Florence: Yes I am and I get paid a bit more now! Interviewer: Finally, are the hospitals conditions better now? Florence: Yes much better! Interviewer: And that is it. Thank you for answering all these questions. Bye. Florence: You’re welcome. Bye.


Interviewer: Hello Florence, how are you today? Florence: No I was taught at home by my farther! Florence: No. Go ahead! Interviewer: Do you...