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Courtney Dodds 5W Thursday 7th July 2011 Housesof Parliament London. To the Director of Parliament, I am writing to you to tell you how I feel about children working for long hours without any breaks. As a member of Parliament myself I begun to take an interest in the well being of poor children after reading newspaper reports about labour in industry. I certainly do not agree with poor families work in such atrocious conditions... First of all, I am annoyed at young children not getting any food or drink for a whole 12 hours! Do you know how dangerous that is? If children or anyone does not have food or drink for long periods of time, they could die! I am also annoyed about people getting whipped! Why should people get whipped just becausethey open a window or start whistling? Why? Once again, why do the people have to get whipped until they bleed? There are no reasons! Don’t you agree? It’s not right to upset children by making them work for 12 hours a day! The same for adults too! It’s just disgraceful! I propose that adults and children work for a maximum of eight hours a day, no more. You should listen to me, becauseI’m right, and you know it. So I hope you agree with the points I have made and will take further action to change the current child labour laws. I’m sure you will agree with me... Yours Sincerely, Lord Shaftesbury.

Courtney's letter from Lord Shaftsbury!  

Courtney Dodds 5W Housesof London. Parliament Lord Shaftesbury. To the Director of Parliament, Yours Sincerely, Thursday 7 th July 2011 Don’...

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