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Courtney Dodds Thursday 7th July 2011 Interview with Florence Nightingale Interviewer: Hello Florence Nightingale! Florence: Hello! Interviewer: Do you mind if I ask you some questions? Florence: Not at all! Interviewer: Ok then! Why did you want to be a nurse? Florence: I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to help people who were/are in hospital. Interviewer: How did you feel when doctors exclaimed that they didn’t want the nurse’s help? Florence: I was so devastated!!!!! Interviewer: Why? Florence: I loved working as a nurse and then doctors say they don’t need us! It broke my heart! Interviewer: How did you feel when the doctors begged you to come back? Florence: I felt so relieved! Interviewer: Why? Florence: I got my job back and I could help poorly and injured people again. Interviewer: What were the hospitals like at first? Florence: They were dusty and dirty! Horrible and disgusting! I had to do something about it! Interviewer: Did you clean the hospitals just because they were dirty or for the soldier’s sake? Florence: Both really! But I also did it for the doctors and the other nurse’s sake too!!! Interviewer: Why did you go to Turkey?

Florence: The Crimean war was going on and a lot of men were dying! I couldn’t let that happen could I? Interviewer: I guess not! Interviewer: So, what surprised you about what happened in the Crimean war? Florence: It has to be when the soldiers were mostly dying from diseases rather than bullets. Interviewer: Why do you have three houses? Florence: My family are very wealthy! Interviewer: Well, Thank you for answering my questions Florence!!! Florence: No problem! I had the spare time to do it!!! Interviewer: Ok then, bye! Florence: See you soon!

Courtney's interview with Florence Nightingale!  

Interviewer: Why? Interviewer: Why? Interviewer: How did you feel when the doctors begged you to come back? Interviewer: Ok then! Why did yo...