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Thursday 7th July 2011 Kelsie Thomas 5W Biography on Queen Victoria Victoria was born on the 24th may 1819 in Kensington palace, London. Her father was named the Duke of Kent and her mother was Victoria of Saxe Cobourg. Victoria had no brothers or sisters. Interestingly enough, Victoria was tutored at home and learnt at home and learnt many different languages such as English, French and German. Victoria had a very happy life as a child. Soon after, Victoria grew up to be a lovely educated girl and was very wealthy, well mannered and polite. As time passed, in 1838, on the 28th of June, Victoria crowned Queen. Not long after in 1839, Queen Victoria met her long-lost cousin Prince Albert who she fell in love with quickly. He was handsome, wise and well-mannered. They married in royal Chapel, Saint James’s palace, in February 1840. A couple of months later, Victoria had her first child who was also named Victoria. Over the next sixteen years, Albert and Victoria had eight children, in total they had nine children, Victoria, Edward, Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold and Beatrice. All of her children married into families of Europe. In that period, lots of events took place, and many changes happened during Victoria’s reign. Sadly, in 1861, Prince Albert died. Queen Victoria never really got over his death and for the rest of her time she wore nothing but black to show commitment to her husband. Years later, in 1876 Victoria became the empress of India and made the country a better place. Victoria made Britain a strong, powerful country to live in and because she connected with different countries around the world they all came together as one big country. Years passed, in 1887 she celebrated her golden jubilee award for bringing the country together and making the world a better place. Sadly, in 1901 Queen Victoria died of a cerebral haemorrhage.

biography on queen victoria by kelsie thomas xx  

Victoria was born on the 24 th may 1819 in Kensington palace, London. Her father was named the Duke of Kent and her mother was Victoria of S...

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