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The Superhuman: sperhuman loa are people who have a genetic mutation that makes them different from the other people there are very few people in the world with these abilities

The first superhuman: It has a great ability to manipulate people around him. Despite his actions, Gabriel is a sensitive person. This is demonstrated when his mother did not accept to be as it is, and when he discovers that maybe going to kill thousands of innocent people. This feeling disappears completely when he accidentally kills his mother, an act that makes you lose your head and discard any positive feelings toward another person

Here are some superhuman:

1. Radar Man Name: Juan Ruiz City: Los Angeles, California Blind since birth, shows the world through a form of sonar that resembles echolocation, a technique used by bats and dolphins

Two. Superpistolero Name: Bob Munden City: Las Vegas, USA It is the world's fastest gunslinger. His reflection is faster than the blink of an eye to 0.02 seconds. Even at this speed accuracy is second to none. It has almost all world records in all categories it competes

Three. Mental Toughness Name: Miroslav Magola City: Brighton, England Like the comic book character, Hellion, has the ability psychokinesis for picking things up and moving it through the air until 1998 cuerpo.En youga and experimented with meditation and through different t ... see more

April. The human calculator Name: Scott Flansburg City: San Diego, California You can add, subtract, multiply, divide and calculate square and cube roots faster than anyone on earth and asomobrosa accuracy.


May. modern Samurai Name: Isao Machii City: Los Angeles, USA Taught by an old master from five years, has graduated to become a school principal samurai. His eyesight, accuracy, speed and strength are ealmente superhuman. Affirms that a small bullet can cut in half ... see more

June. Spider-Man Name: Jyothi Rai City: Chitadurga, India Scale walls with amazing speed. It is able to climb a six-story structure in a matter of seconds, and has perfected a breakdance spin 180 degrees in the middle of its rise.

July. Super Strength Name: Dennis Rogers City: Houston, Texas so far has failed to stop the departure of two aircraft T-34 (285 hp), the game stopped four Harley Davidson motorcycles, his neck bent in a steel half-inch wide and 17 long centĂ­mertros}

August. Electric Man Name: Rajmohan Nair City: Kollam, India has developed immunity to electric current and can let it pass through his body, becoming human driver to light bulbs, fans, turntable ... Supports 30 times the amount of current that can kill

9. Water Man Name: Patrick Musimu City: Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles is able to dive up to 200 meters on one breath. It has a lung capacity of 9 liters and can hold their breath longer than 8 minutes and 33 seconds. Inspired by Aqua Man

10. The ultra marathon man Name: Dean Karnazes City: San Francisco, USA was a common type guzzling beer and had a job I hated. Celebrating its 30th birthday in a bar, decided to walk out the door and run 15 miles.

11. The man of the future Name: Chris Robinson City: Edinburgh, Escodia. Chris believes that his dreams are a window to the future, like the comic book character Destiny. Dreaming of catastrophic incidents, places and events that have never seen, and which take place in the future}

12. Super ear Name: Derek Paravicini City: London, England Blind and autistic, has developed an extraordinarily keen sense to listen. Can accurately remember and reproduce any song I've ever heard.

13. anti venom Name: Tim Fiede City: WIsconsin, USA He has made himself a guinea pig in allowing some of the world's deadliest snakes to bite him and recording the results, expected to help reduce the 20,000 annual deaths from snake bites

14. Mega memory Name: Ron White City: Austin, USA is the U.S. memory champion, trains six hours a day to activate your brain as a supercomputer able to memorize and recall details at record speeds. Teach memory techniques

15. The Wolfman Name: Shaun Ellis City: Devon, England Lives, sleeps, bathes and feeds with a pack of wolves. As a child he learned to use the sense of smell and sound. A dedicated his life to studying and living with wolves, and to communicate with them.