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Governor Newsletter Report on Activities: Spring Term 2012 Issued: May 2012 The Governing Body of Hythe Primary School Parent Governors

Staff Governors

Ms Lancaster

Mr Mitchell Innes (HT)

Mrs Pidgley

Rebecca Clark (Chair)

Community Governors


Stephen Gulliver

Nicky Hopkins (Vice Chair)

Ian Craddock

Emma Moore

Kerry Yearsley

Authority Governors

Alistair Parker

John Gunn

Brenda Smith

Geoff Newhouse

Gill Younger


Michelle Chipper

Hello and Goodbye Last term we paid a fond farewell to John Goddard and Phil Bidwell, who resigned from the governing body after completing terms of over 10 years and 8 years respectively. John Goddard most recently was a former Chair of Governors and Phil Bidwell a former Vice Chair of both the Governing Body and Resources Committee. Over such lengthy terms, their experience has been invaluable and they both reported having enjoyed seeing the school go from strength to strength. We would like to say an enormous thank you to them for their significant contributions in supporting the school over the last decade. We also welcomed Stephen Gulliver, our new Community Governor who has lived locally all his life, works at Esso and whose mother and daughter both went to Hythe. We also welcomed Ms Lancaster, who has worked at Hythe for 10 years, first as a Lunchtime Supervisor and now as a Learning Support Assistant and becomes our new Staff Governor. Mentoring Last term we let you know about our new mentoring trial involving governors and pupils in Year 6. We thought it might be nice to share with you some quotes from pupils and governors about their mentoring experience to date. Pupils: “I have found it helpful because we talked about not sleeping and we talked about reading at bedtime. I have tried it and it works!'“ ~ “I enjoy talking because we talked about things that I liked and about my work.” ~ “It has been useful because you can discuss your feelings and be honest.” ~ “I enjoy it because they have helped me with my maths.” Governors: “I am still amazed at how well the child and I seem to have hit it off! We are both looking forward to a treat after SATs. I hope I am making a difference.” ~ “Mentoring has been really rewarding, getting to know someone, showing an interest and feeling as if I am making a difference to her.” ~ “As a child you can never have too many people in your life who are genuinely interested in how things are going. I have found it incredibly rewarding and enjoyable as I hope so too has my mentee!” ~ “It is a humbling experience and I regret I did not become involved earlier. I really do not believe that in such a short period much can be achieved by me but perhaps I have too high expectations or perhaps I am getting it wrong. The best person to go ask is my mentee.“

An increase in KS2 Pupil Admission Numbers (PAN) Hythe works very closely in liaison with other local schools to share best practice. One way in which we differ to some is by not having a slightly higher intake for years 3 through to 6. The school and governors have agreed to increase the intake by one, taking the maximum number of pupils per year in the Juniors to 46, whilst being mindful that any increase in pupil numbers must be gradual and closely monitored for its effect on pupils and staff. The aim of this is to access additional funding to fund more staff hours in the classroom and therefore enhance the children’s learning and achievement. The school and governors via our Resources Committee will monitor closely the effects of this increase in order to evaluate whether it has the desired impact. Thought Shower Through the additional PAN funding and due to savings made over the last financial year as a result of changes in the cover of PPA time (this is the dedicated time that teachers have out of class to prepare and meet as a phase), a combination of an additional part-time teacher and additional LSA hours can now be provided, which it is hoped will impact positively on standards. The main requests to come out of the thought shower that we reported on in our last newsletter involved requests for more time and additional LSA hours, so it is hoped that pupils and staff alike will soon bear the fruits of these extra resources right where it has been felt that they are needed. Ofsted Training Governors received their training on the new Ofsted criteria. We received very good feedback from the trainer and were asked to improve on just one area in particular, in relation to our requests for feedback from staff. Following this and in addition to our thought shower exercise we now have a staff questionnaire, which will be used for the first time this Summer Term. As well as asking for their feedback and how we can provide support we have also asked them if there are any resources that their classe s could benefit from. From their responses we hope to set up an online ‘wish list’ in case parents/carers and families have any items awaiting recycle that might be of use to the pupils. Governor Visits Governors have spent time looking at wonderful displays of work in the hall during the last term and also specifically at examples of level 5 writing. During their half-termly visits they also visited classrooms and pupils across the school finding out more specifically about teaching and learning both of mathematical thinking and talking skills and of different writing techniques. Governors also came in during the Open Afternoons to sit with the children whilst they shared their work. Spring 2012 Successes  Year 3/4 put on a rousing and impressive production of ‘The Warrior Queen’. The children were incredibly confident on stage

and many hours and much dedication had clearly gone into the production from pupils and staff alike. Those of us that were lucky enough to see it absolutely loved it.  Miss Brenig-Jones has had international success with her ‘Maths Magic Times Tables Loop Card’ game, which is an iPad/iPod/ iPhone app being purchased now in many countries. In contrast to these new converts, of course pupils here at Hythe have been enjoying the benefits of ‘Maths Magic’ for some time now. One of our governors comes in to help with ‘Maths Magic’ activities at school and the ‘School Maths Strategies’ - also penned by Miss JBJ and available from the office — came about following discussions at a recent Curriculum Committee meeting. ‘Maths Magic’ pioneered by our very own Miss JBJ is now used and enjoyed not only across our entire school, but many others too. Well done Miss JBJ!  Following a recent visit, the school’s local authority Leadership and Learning Partner was particularly impressed in the school’s self evaluation process, newly devised by Mr Mitchell-Innes and Miss Peppard. As a result of this, Mr Mitchell-Innes has been asked to speak at a workshop on school improvement and to share the good practice in place here at Hythe.  Congratulations also to Alistair Parker who recently received a Governor Services Award for completing 8 years of service as a governor. Alistair has served both as a Parent and a Community Governor during this time. Forthcoming Governor Vacancies Please look our for details this term of forthcoming Parent and Community Governor vacancies both of which are to start in th e new academic year. If you are interested in either of these vacancies, either for yourself or for someone in the local community please do not hesitate to make contact.

Policy Reviews Of our policy reviews this term, most significantly the governing body has fulfilled its statutory requirement to publish on the school website the school’s newly-drafted Equality Policy and also within it statistics for the past academic year on attainment in Maths and English and attendance for specific groups (Free School Meals/Special Educational Needs/Race and Ethnicity and Gender). Please go to ‘Parents’ Pages’/’Our School Policies’/’School Equalities Policy’ to access the policy. Minutes, Policies and Contacting Us The most recent minutes of Full Governing Body meetings are posted to the Governors’ Board at the school office. Committee minutes and a timetable and copies of all policies routinely reviewed by the governing body are also available from the school office. The governing body can be contacted via email: or via the school office. Find us on

‘Hythe Primary School Governors’/ Follow us on


Hythe Primary School Governors Spring Term Report: Issued May 2012  

Hythe Primary School Governors Spring Term Report: Issued May 2012

Hythe Primary School Governors Spring Term Report: Issued May 2012  

Hythe Primary School Governors Spring Term Report: Issued May 2012