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Governor Newsletter Report on Activities: Autumn Term 2011 Issued: January 2012 Welcome back to a brand new year and to the spring issue of our ‘Governor Newsletter’. Last term we welcomed back Alistair Parker, who re-joined us after a period of sabbatical. We also paid a fond farewell to Mrs Shergold, who resigned from the governing body after completing a term of 5 years as a Staff Governor. We would like to say a very big thank you to her for all of the extra hours she has volunteered to support the school.

The Governing Body of Hythe Primary School Staff Governors

Mr. S MitchellInnes (HT)

Mrs A. Pidgley


Authority Governors


John Gunn

Cllr. Brenda Smith

Geoff Newhouse

Parent Governors

Community Governor Vacancy Do you know of someone in Hythe’s local community who may be interested in becoming a governor? We are still looking for a Community Governor, which would suit a member of the community (though not a current parent of a child at the school) who has an interest in the welfare, education and outcomes of young people in our local area. Being a school governor is a very worthwhile, interesting and rewarding voluntary role and all governors have access to high quality support and training from Hampshire Governor Services. Please pass on our governing body contact details (overleaf) to anyone you think may be interested in the role. GB Elections

Michelle Chipper

Rebecca Clark CHAIR

Ian Craddock

Service Award

Emma Moore

Kerry Yearsley

Gill Younger


Community Governors

Congratulations to Cllr. Brenda Smith who received a Governor Service Award. She has continued into another term after completing her first 4 years on the governing body.

Governors were elected for the current academic year as follows:

Chair: Rebecca Clark Vice Chair: Nicky Hopkins RESOURCES CTTEE: Chair: John Gunn Vice Chair: Phil Bidwell CURRICULUM CTTEE:

Phil Bidwell

John Goddard

Nicky Hopkins


Alistair Parker

Didn’t we do well! It was wonderful to see the recent local press coverage of Hythe, following the publication of last year’s SATS results. Not only did we do particularly well within our local area, we were also one of the most improved schools in the country! The County Council also wrote to officially congratulate the school. A super well done to everyone involved in this fantastic achievement!

Chair: Brenda Smith Vice Chair: Geoff Newhouse SITES & BUILDINGS CTTEE: Chair: Ian Craddock Vice Chair: Alistair Parker

Governors’ Action Plan Ofsted Training: One of the biggest areas for development this year will be our training on the new Ofsted criteria, following which we will evaluate our performance within the new guidelines and assess any areas of our work that may need development in support of the school. Our training on this is to commence early in the Spring Term. Phase Links/Governor Visits: This year we have changed the way that we link governors to phases within the school. From now on governors will follow a phase throughout its journey through the school and therefore gain a more overall perspective of what it is like to be a pupil at Hythe. Governors come in to watch productions and also support key events or activities within their phase. The phase links, which are also posted to the Governors’ Notice Board in reception, are as follows: Yr.R Mrs Clark, Yr.1 Mrs Hopkins, Yr.2 Mrs Younger, Yr.3 Mrs Yearsley, Yr.4 Cllr Smith, Yr.5 Mr Craddock/Mr Newhouse, Yr.6 Mrs Moore/Mrs Younger

Our two half-termly visits during the Autumn term centred firstly on transition where it was very encouraging to see so many children enjoying their new classes and settling in well to new routines. Feedback from questionnaires is evaluated and used to make future transition as painless and even as enjoyable as possible! We also came in and saw different aspects of teaching and learning at Hythe including examples of the use of tailored groups within classes to enable children to learn through targeted group activities. Governor Mentors:

Regular visits into school make the role of being a governor come alive. It also ensures that the wider requirements of being knowledgeable about the school’s community and being able to feed this into our work are fulfilled and that we have far more impact. One area in support of this that we are trialling and which will enable pupils to learn more about governors and us to learn more about their experiences at Hythe is pupil mentoring. It will also help us become more practically involved in the supportive framework of the school. This is a scheme which has been found to have great benefits in other schools. Small groups of children and governors will be enjoying some trial sessions this term. We shall keep you posted! Thought Shower ~ Can You Help? As well as fulfilling our statutory requirements it is also important for the governing body to take a more strategic view of the school and its future potential. Many ideas are shared, with the purpose of pushing our thinking to consider new ways to add the best possible value in support of pupils’ outcomes. The governing body carried out a ‘Thought Shower’ exercise recently, during which governors were asked to list what made them proud about Hythe, what area of concerns they had and if money was no object, what they would like to be able to achieve. The same questions were then put to staff and pupils. Some of the ideas to come out of the exercise were relatively easy to accommodate and some very useful feedback was obtained. We have asked all staff to contribute to a combined wish list. Some of these items may be very easily sourced or even recycled. Others naturally will be more expensive. Maybe you might have something you would be happy to recycle or work for an employer who has a scheme which might support the school in maybe purchasing an item on the list. It is quite an exciting prospect to think of what we might be able to source for the children from such a shared list. Please keep an eye out for news on when and where the list is to be published in the near future. Autumn 2011 Successes and Notices 

 

The Infant Nativity and the Junior Carol Concert left few dry eyes in their respective houses in the run up to Christmas. Indeed there were plenty of opportunities to come in and see what the children had been doing in their topics and as ever their confidence, performances and hard work made us all very proud. We said a fond very farewell to Miss Aldred and Miss Claire and wish them all the very best in their exciting new positions. We are also very excited to welcome Mr Benson, the school’s new IT Manager to Year 3/4 and Miss Bowditch as our new Inclusion Manager.

Policy Reviews Amongst the policies that were reviewed last term we spent time on the Critical Incident Policy. This is a the policy which sets out the procedures to follow if there was ever an emergency at the school. We review many policies, however we thought you might be interested to hear about this one in particular, which thankfully has never been required to be put into action. It might be reassuring however to know that it is in existence and that governors and the Head Teacher check that it is fully up to date on regular intervals. Minutes, Policies and Contacting Us The most recent minutes of Full Governing Body meetings are posted to the Governors’ Board at the school office. Committee minutes and a timetable and copies of all policies routinely reviewed by the governing body are also available from the school office. The governing body can be contacted via email: or via the school office. Find us on

‘Hythe Primary School Governors’/ Follow us on


Hythe Primary School Governors AutumnTerm Report: Issued Jan 2012  

Hythe Primary School Governors AutumnTerm Report: Issued Jan 2012

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