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Life Sized Furniture Templates

Place It. Size It. Envision It. Make It Happen! AN INVENTIVE TOOL TO LET YOU FURNISH IN STYLE.

the smart way to visualize your home

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the smart way to uying new home with real estate agent Š .shock #17010833 visualize your home The simple SOLUTION! Finally! A simple solution to choosing the perfect piece for your home. Furniture Forms, life-size templates of sofas, tables, beds, and more, save you the hassle of struggling with tape measures or newspaper scraps. Designed by Adam Bass, owner of Country-Tique Home Furnishings, this innovative concept enables you to perfect any floor plan without

Room Design Has Never Been Easier!

worrying about getting the right fit.



By following the user-friendly directions on the various forms, you can immediately envision what a specific size table, chair or dresser will look like in the exact place you desire. To add to the convenience, Furniture Forms expand to several lengths and widths, allowing you to view effortlessly many different options for each room of your home. These versatile mats will eliminate frustrating furniture mishaps, giving you the freedom to focus on the aesthetic details of your decor.


> P e ople (oval, round, or rectangular), chair/loveseat, Size License Furniture Forms are available Pricein sofa, tableResolution & dim ensions > In media Studio center, chest of drawers, bed, nightstand, armoire/dresser, baby chair/glider and crib patterns. > Couple s

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With Furniture Forms full-scale templates you can plan a L Standard room and purchase furniture without investing wasted time on newspaper clippings, cutting, graphing and arranging. XL Standard Gone is the arts & crafts part of outlining your furniture needs! By placing one of several different forms on the floor, you can customize its size to discover the perfect layout of Standard XXL your room. While you create your decorating vision, you can use the Extended RF License forms as resource guides for buying and placing your furniture. Each form contains easy-to-read, concise pointers for furnishing your home.

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Easy to USE! 1691 x 1123 (1.9 MP), 5.6 '' x 3.7 '' @300 dpi Simply place a Furniture Form template on the floor in the

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area you want to put a piece of furniture. Slide Section A over Section B and adjust to desired length. Use the handy furniture arranging tips to determine spatial allowances.

2360 x 1568 (3.7 MP), 7.9 '' x 5.2 '' @300 dpi



WHEN CHOOSING A BED Size License XS Standard S Standard M Standard L Standard XL Standard

The bed is the focal point in any bedroom. Though there are many beautiful objects that you may Price Resolution & dim include in your bedroom’s décor, theensions bed will surely be the one that draws the eye in as 95 credits 425 x 283 (0.1 MP),you 5.9 ''enter x 3.9the '' @72 dpi room. With the majority of our lives spent asleep, it’s 196 credits 849 x 565 MP), 11.8 '' x 7.8on '' @72 dpi no wonder that we place so(0.5 much importance the task of choosing a bed. Following a few simple 196 credits 1690 x 1124 (1.9 MP), 5.6 '' x 3.7 '' @300 dpi guidelines, you can ensure your satisfaction when purchasing this significant piece furniture. 527 credits 2358 x 1569 (3.7ofMP), 7.9 '' x 5.2 '' @300 dpi

SIzE 662 credits

3424 x 2278 (7.8 MP), 11.4 '' x 7.6 '' @300 dpi

Before deciding on a particular style of bed, it is XXL Standard 716 credits 5128 x 3411 MP), '' x 11.4 '' @300 d important to decide what size(17.5 is right for17.1 your bedroom. For couples, king sized beds are the Extended RF License roomiest, 930 credits 5128room x 3411 MP), 17.1 '' x 11.4 with ample to (17.5 stretch out, which is '' @300 d something to think about if you have children or pets who occasionally curl up beside you in the night. Buy this image Afrom 0.75 with ouradequate credit for system! queen$ bed is often perfectly two The credit is the Fotolia currency, it allows you to buy images when you need. people, especially those who prefer its parameters Learn more | Buy Credits to those of an overwhelmingly large space. If floor space is an issue, a full/double bed may be the only option.

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When considering SIzE! • Evaluate ceiling height to avoid overwhelming the room with a tall bed. • Allow 1 1/2 -2’ of space at the foot and on the sides of the bed for easy access to make bed. About Fotolia • When choosing the bed placement, consider how noise from adjacent rooms may affect you. About Us • Placing a bed off-center may be a good option if you would like to create a separate sitting area Media Center in the bedroom. FAQ Blog Contact Us Careers Facebook

Choosing a STYLE! Canopy Bed: Gathered fabric flows from atop this bed, either from behind the headboard or from a frame surrounding it. This bed can dress up a room and works well with higher ceilings. Four-Poster Bed: The main features on this bed are the four posters at each corner of the bed. Giving an elegant feel to a bedroom, this type of bed can have plain wood, carved, or shortened posts, which work well in an area with lower ceilings.

See Royalty-Free Lic Following are mattress measurements:

• Twin: 39’’ X 75’’ • Extra-long twin: 39’’ X 80’’ • Double/Full: Our Policies 54’’ X 75’’ Search • King: 76’’ X 80’’ Privacy Categories • California Contributors King: 72’’ X 84’’ Galleries Credits File Sizes & Usage Agreements

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In addition to size, mattress type is one of the most important things to think about when buying a bed. Deciding whether you are comfortable sleeping on a mattress that is soft, firm or something in between is an absolute sure to visit a mattress Copyright © Fotolia necessity. 2004-2010Be - All rights reserved - Terms & Conditio store and try out various mattress types before making this crucial decision.

Sleigh Bed: The headboard of this bed is larger than its footboard. Both are curved outward at their tops. Reminiscent of times when horse-drawn sleighs were used, this style adds charm and tradition to a bedroom. It is made in wood, metal, or leather versions. Iron/Metal Bed: Made from the most durable material, an iron or metal bed will be sure to last a long time. Its classic look never goes out of style and its reasonable pricing can give you freedom to buy other pieces for the bedroom. Upholstered Headboard: For a softened look in the bedroom, a fabric or padded leather headboard can be perfect. The headboard is comfortable to lean back on and can be customized in any fabric you choose. This may not be the best choice if children play or eat snacks in your bed.

Life Sized Furniture Templates

CHOOSING THE RIGHT BEDROOM FURNITURE Choosing a NIGHTSTaND A nightstand is one of the most functional pieces of furniture in a bedroom. No matter what your lifestyle is like, your needs will certainly include a place to put things next to your bed. Whether it is used simply for a lamp and clock, or put to more strenuous use to hold books, pictures, a glass of water and a cell phone, your night table serves to make time spent in your bedroom more relaxing.

Nightstand STYLES! There are a countless number of nighstand styles to choose from. A nightstand can easily be both functional and tasteful. To help you choose what type is best for you, follow a few simple guidelines: • Focus on what purpose your bedside table will serve. If you like to place several objects on it, in addition to a lamp, phone, and clock, go for a large surface top size to avoid clutter. • Consider a stand with underneath storage to gain valuable extra space. Many nighttables have a small cabinet or a few drawers for easy storage of books, medications, or even clothing. • To achieve a sleek, more modern look, choose a simple, stream-lined style with open sides. • Buy different tables for each side of the bed, in accordance with individual needs and space requirements. • Seek options outside of the norm such as wooden file cabinets or glass bathroom tables, both of which can serve as suitable nightstands.

Choosing a DRESSER/CHEST OF DRawERS If you’re lucky enough to have a huge walk-in closet to store all clothing and accessories, you may not need any additional storage pieces in your bedroom. For most people, though, a handy dresser is one of the most utilized pieces of furniture. It adds valuable space, including display room, and can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom’s décor.

Dresser STYLES! There are two basic types of dressers available: the chest of drawers and the lower dresser. A tall chest of drawers is ideal for a room that does not have much wall space. Tall chests can more easily fit into compact areas within a bedroom. The drawers are more narrow on a taller chest but there are a larger number of drawers, which can be beneficial in organizing clothing items. A lower dresser takes up more floor space with its added width. If you have adequate room, such a dresser provides larger drawer space and more room on its top for objects such as picture frames, collectibles, and lamps. Here are some tips to consider before purchasing a dresser: • Figure out your storage needs to ensure adequate room for clothing and to avoid wrinkles and wedged drawers. • Allow at least 36’’ of space in front of pull-out drawers. • Purchase as big a dresser as your room will allow to obtain maximum drawer capacity. • To help decide between a tall chest with smaller drawers or a larger dresser with wider ones, determine what type of clothing will be placed in drawers and how much floor space is available.

Choosing an aRMOIRE A decorative armoire is a pretty addition to any bedroom. While armoires tend to be large, they can serve a practical storage purpose in any bedroom. As with any piece of furniture, there are numerous styles, colors and types of armoires to choose from. Before purchasing this valuable piece of furniture, follow these guidelines: • Determine what your armoire will store: clothes, computer, television, or photo albums and memorabilia. Many armoires come equipped with appropriate holes for wires or shelves for keyboards. If purchasing an antique, check with the dealer to make sure these essential things can be added. • Make sure there is enough room for a television or computer monitor if it will be used for entertainment purposes. • Note how wide the doors swing open to avoid crowding in room. • Check out the shelving and other storage options it provides, including clothing bar for hanging.


Decorating a baby nursery can be one of the most enjoyable endeavors for a parent. With the overabundance of furniture options available today, it can also quickly become overwhelming. The key to avoiding stress while taking on your baby’s room is to simplify the process. Start by choosing the basic essential pieces of furniture: the crib; and baby chair/glider. As with any decorative piece, use your personal sense of style to determine the color scheme and material. These helpful tips will make shopping for your nursery less complicated.

Crib Buying Tips • Avoid cutouts in headboards or footboards. • Make sure that slats are no more than 2 3/8’’ apart. • Corner posts should be 1/16’’ or lower. • Note which sides, if any, drop down to allow easier access to baby. • Consider cribs with caster wheels that make moving it around easy. • Check the mechanism that holds the mattress up. Vinyl straps are not as secure as a metal spring system. • Make sure the mattress is firm and tight-fitting. • Look for a crib with adjustable mattress support, which is convenient as the baby grows and needs more depth.

Baby Chair/Glider Buying Tips • Decide between a traditional rocking chair or the newer glider style. • Sit in several different types of chairs to choose the most comfortable fit for you. • Envision holding a baby and picture where his or her head will fall. Padded arm rests can save you the hassle of continually worrying that the baby’s head will bump into a wooden arm. • Take note of any squeaking sounds or shaky motion, as this could indicate a poorly made chair. • Check any spindles, glued joints, or other possible weak areas to see if they endure basic rocking and shaking.

Life Sized Furniture Templates

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