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Latest c r a e s C By Caroline Rae Staub ’12 an a high school student

color, selecting the font, creating the

venture into the wide world of

check mark and other icons in various

technology? I’m proof of it!

sizes that appear throughout the app.

The summer following my sophomore

I figured out the needed features and

year, my older sister, Elizabeth ’10, was

installed software on my computer

getting ready to go to college. I offered

to create the layout of the screens.

to utilize my strong organizational

During this time, I worked closely with

skills to create a planning document

my father to build a prototype. He has

for her. The result—a fairly detailed list

a software and consulting business,

created in word processing software and

and he helped with the programming

were developed for Barnes & Noble

printed—was organized by categories

language. We discussed ideas for

NOOK®. I worked closely with the

and was very comprehensive.

features and how to implement them.

Barnes & Noble marketing team, and

Elizabeth used the list as she prepared

My family members helped me form

they began featuring my app as one of

to go to college, and when her friends

my company, Craes, LLC (a take on

their “Top Picks in Apps.” This spring,

heard about it, they asked for copies.

my initials and middle name), and we

Barnes & Noble named The College

Caroline Rae Staub ’12

They loved it! Midway through my junior year, I realized there was a need for users of the list to access it and update it in a convenient manner. An idea was born. My love of technology made me think

“The app development process was much more difficult than I imagined. I spent many hours designing, building and testing the app, but it gave me a great understanding of what is involved to have an idea and see it through to create a business.

about transforming the paper checklist

I was able to capitalize on my strengths – organizational

into an easy to use, interactive app. I

skills, technology and design.”

had spent the previous two summers working for my dad as a programmer so

attended legal meetings to determine

Checklist one of their Best New Apps,

the organizational structure before

including it in an email to thousands of

settling on a limited liability corporation.

The College Checklist App started with

NOOK owners as one of “May’s Most

I researched advertising via Google and

a list of 178 items, across nine categories

Entertaining Apps.”

Facebook, and I learned that Google

of daily dorm life: room setup, desk

advertisements required a website

supplies, bath, and more. The actual

associated with the app. Thus, my

work to build the app involved coming

website,, was

I had the background and skills in this type of work.

up with the name, settling on the

launched to provide users a place to go for instructions and support.

I am excited to continue to work on my business and to market The College Checklist apps. There are strong sales opportunities every summer as seniors graduate from high school and begin preparing for college. This summer,

May 2, 2012 marked the one-year

Elizabeth will join me to help with

anniversary of my app going live on

marketing, including both traditional and

the iTunes® website. My year has been

social media.

marked with several successes: I have sold over 1000 copies of The College Checklist, launched The College Checklist for Guys, and applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, to name a few highlights. Additionally, versions of The College Checklist apps

This fall, I will attend Villanova University and plan to double major in mathematics and economics and minor in French. I will be using The College Checklist to help me prepare and pack for college!

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