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A leap forward in European staffing From Eurostar25 to European StaďŹƒng Eurostar25 is specialized in providing professional and personable staffing and recruiting services throughout Europe at all levels and with various expertise. Eurostar25 approaches the market with two main brands: European Talents, which mainly focuses on staffing and recruitment of high-level profiles and European Staffing, which helps you find the best match for all your operational, mid- and lower occupational profiles. The moment you start talking to us, you are taking the first step towards driving talented people with the right skills into your organisation. We have thorough expertise and understanding of the recruiting issues you are facing and we pride ourselves on our ability to match your needs precisely.

What makes us special European Staffing is a recruitment company unlike any other. We’re not the only agency on the market these days, but we’re probably the most passionate. We firmly believe that professionalism and personal touch can go hand in hand. We pride ourselves in making our employees feel at home, while at the same time providing our clients with the best possible match for their needs. Ultimately, we want you to concentrate on what you do best - run your business - while we supply you with the resources you need.

World-class talent at all levels We recruit foreign staff at all levels for all sectors, both for seasonal employment as well as permanent positions. While our sister company European Talents specializes in high-skilled staff, European Staffing focuses on low-skilled and middle-skilled staff. We are particularly experienced in industry sectors such as logistics, production, homecare, laboratory and food. Due to our unique recruitment system and international offices we are able to supply high volume temps on daily basis. When faced with skill shortages or a shrinking labour pool, we give you direct access to foreign temporary staff in a minimum of time.

Above and beyond recruiting Not only do we deliver people with appropriate qualifications, relevant experience and checked references, we also take care of immigration proceedings, travel arrangements, accommodation, social security, language lessons, integration, social support and more. In short: a complete and professional service with a human touch to guarantee smooth procedures and an innovative, flexible approach. If you are looking for a professional and punctual organisation with fast and reliable services, European Staffing is your agency!

Recruitment without > < constraints We know from yearlong experience that recruiting skilled personnel abroad can solve the structural mismatch between demand and supply of staff. In fact, foreign workforces can actively contribute to the economic development of European countries. But hiring foreign workers should not be underestimated. It requires understanding of the industries you serve, as well as expertise in labour standards, cultural diversity and labour law. European Staffing is a reputable agency with offices throughout Europe to recruit foreign labourers. Without being constrained by borders, we can fill immediate skill and labour shortages and thus support economic growth. But what makes us a great recruitment agency? • First of all, we seek highly suitable candidates for your vacancies. Our main concern is to find the best possible candidate for your vacancy. • Second, we have qualified multilingual consultants across Europe that understand your industry. • Third, our services go far beyond recruiting. We not only help find the perfect candidate but we also offer advice on HR issues and take care of all matters pertaining to staffing and recruiting foreign workers. We are a reliable partner when it comes to problem solving and thinking out of the box, taking staffing and recruting issues to another level. • Fourth, we understand both your needs as well as those of the job seeker. All the people we hire have appropriate qualifications, experience and references and they are hardworking. We recruit mostly in Middle and Eastern Europe. Our workers are strongly motivated and committed to their jobs due to the extensive opportunities we can offer them. • Last but not least, we have an innovative approach to recruiting, combining professionalism with passion and human touch. We attract candidates with relevant experience and skills who also fit your company culture. Our approach is fresh, proactive and above all transparent. We are committed to delivering the best value for money, using a professional, ethical and hands-on approach.


Diversity: the art of thinking independently together




European Staffing believes in labour flexibility at all levels. We consider our work as a vocation and treat our clients and temps with respect and loyalty. After all, recruiting is people business. Our goal is to provide you with the most suitable candidate that matches the requested criteria as well as your company culture. We are not simply matching up resources, but making sure the candidates fit optimally into your vision and strategy. We firmly believe that a diverse and multicultural workforce can positively contribute to your organisation. The people we recruit are enthusiastic, hardworking, teamoriented and eager to learn. They have strong work ethics and are knowledgeable and skillful about the line of work needed.


Embracing diversity can help you become more flexible in adapting to fluctuating market situations. Having employees with different backgrounds can also give you a competitive edge because it inspires creativity and promotes innovation, a key factor to business success.



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REcRUitmENt withOUt cONstRAiNts diversity celebrated a leap forward in european staffing Specialists in European labour flexibility Powered...


REcRUitmENt withOUt cONstRAiNts diversity celebrated a leap forward in european staffing Specialists in European labour flexibility Powered...