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Cross-border recruitment of high potentials to solve skill shortages

An inevitable fact of life


g eyond recruitment European Talents is a ‘high potentials’ specialist in European labour flexibility. We recruit across borders and provide you with highly qualified, motivated people according to your specific needs. Many industries in Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark and other parts of Europe are experiencing skills shortages. Since our markets are open to people from new European Union countries, employers are seeking innovative solutions to address labour shortages. European Talents gives you direct access to foreign workers with appropriate qualifications, skills and references. Our policy is to provide you with the best match for your vacancy and offer superior service at highly competitive rates. With independent offices in several Eastern European countries, we provide specialist recruitment services to industries such as ICT and Finance, Laboratory, Engineering, and Health and Social Care. Our network contains a wide variety of specialised engineers, including designers, hard- and software engineers, construction engineers, and so on.

As far as financial profiles are concerned, we have lots of candidates with experience at the most renown finance companies and excellent know-how and attitude. To solve shortages in skilled laboratory workers, we have established an extensive database of experienced analysts in chemistry, soil, water, environment, microbiology, nutrition, medical and pharmaceutical work. Last but not least, we run a specific program in cooperation with the European Union and several schools throughout Europe, focused on language skills and working and living in the Netherlands, Belgium or Denmark. After an intensive language course, nurses and doctors are ready to work in Dutch, Belgian or Danish hospitals, retirement and nursing homes. Thanks to our knowledge of Central and Eastern European workers, local offices and years of experience, we are confident that we can find the best temporary or permanent talent for your vacancy in an optimal timeframe. Haven’t found the right candidate yet? Challenge us!


oing global Globalisation is an extremely complex issue with as many opposing points of view as there are definitions, and according to some as many losers as there are winners. Globalisation, or the integration of economies, societies and cultures, is not a new process. However, since world trade has opened up, since advanced communication means are at our disposal and since the mobility of people, goods, capital, data and ideas have substantially increased, it has had significant implications on large parts of the world’s population. Although we acknowledge that globalisation has the potential to generate serious threats, such as widening the gap between rich and poor, we also firmly believe in its potential to generate important advantages, including lowering trade barriers and creating employment opportunities. European Talents’ objective is to provide professional recruitment, guidance and staffing within the ‘old’ EU member states of new EU citizens. We want the employers and the employees to reap the benefits of labour flexibility by finding the perfect match between profiles needed and profiles on offer in new EU countries. We want to ensure the welfare of foreign workers just as much as we want employers to take advantage of direct access to foreign labour markets. The debate about globalisation being good or bad will probably continue for many years. Until then, we’ll continue to support an economy that truly works for the common good.

he saddest thing in life ... ... is wasted talent. A memorable quote from the 1993 movie A Bronx Tale. Although there’s hardly any connection between the movie setting - The Bronx in the turbulent era of the 1960s - and our business, we find the quote very accurate. Your people are probably the biggest asset of your company and they deserve to be motivated, inspired and challenged by friendly competitive rivalry. Taking into account the substantial labour shortages and mismatch between profiles that are needed and those that are available in our own markets, we are proud to be part of those companies that address this issue. Ultimately, we simply want to match the best talent with the best employer. Could that be you?

Ability is of little account without opportunity.

Reasons to invest in European Talent(s)



Solve labour market bottlenecks

Sometimes it’s okay to be demanding

Since the 1990s, highly skilled workers have moved from (former) developing countries to industrial countries, often to be employed in low-level jobs. However, the tendency is changing. Highly skilled workers are now being recruited for vacancies that match their profile, academic and professional background. This flow has helped bridge gaps in booming market sectors in the receiving countries that experience labour shortages at all levels.

When the national labour market is short of talent, the international market can most likely help you out. Furthermore, by attracting talented people from abroad, you can bring diversity to your company and even boost mutual understanding, innovation and productivity.



Find the perfect match

Value for money

Can’t find the right candidate for your vacancy out here? Then why not consider bringing in people from out there? Europe possesses an abundance of talent to satisfy your labour needs. Skill shortages are a thing from the past!

Highly educated, skilled, motivated, loyal, innovative and more…for less. Taking into account the gap between wages throughout the European Union, cross-border workers can make far more money here than they would at home, while at the same time they cost you less than a national worker.



Size does matter

Success today and tomorrow

You need people to make your business grow. But what if the local market is not helping you out? Simply go across borders and trust upon skilled foreign labourers to fill temporary or permanent gaps. Organisational growth is no longer constrained by lack of (qualified) employees!

When you hire new talent with the right education and skills, it still has the potential to evolve. New talent is motivated, eager to learn and to prove what it is capable of. If you opt for new talent today, you are investing in the future. Both yours as well as theirs.



We’re not getting any younger

Increase international competitiveness

Numbers don’t lie. Europe’s workforce is ageing while population rates are falling. International employment can help fill the gaps in our labour market and sustain the retired population.

In a liberal, open and global economy, employers have an unprecedented chance of recruiting employees from abroad. International mobility has a major influence on the development of both industrial countries and those in transition.



Can’t get no satisfaction?

Time to act!

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the national labour market, it’s time to expand your horizon. Start thinking as a European and don’t let yourself be constrained by borders.

We can go on summing up reasons why you should consider investing in European talent, but why not just give it a try? European Talents is an expert in staffing and European labour flexibility. If people make your business, we make it our business to find them.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. Quote by Henry Ford

Get in touch or check out for more information and contact details of our international offices. Belgium +32 3 315 11 15

Denmark +45 97 10 01 10

The Netherlands +31 765 14 45 91

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