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Federico Cesari Y Felipe Barletta

One day in the house of Willy, pass a thing berry surprise. His dog disappear but were prints on the flour, Willy follow the prints and in a moment start to disappear . The next day, Willy read in the periodic and looked that a dog were flying, he thought that is his dog and he went to looked for. When he get were is his dog and he saw that her dog is rescuing a child.

3 years after all taxes rather. Until get an evil scientist who wanted to take over the earth, Willy was nervous and do not what to do because his dog was on vacations in Australia for 1 month. 1 month later the evil scientist had knapped 600 people. The evil scientist said scientist: give me your powers or you'll never saw all of them. And the dog said: Dog: I give my powers.

When the scientist let out the people, the dog hit the scientist and the cops arrested him.

Willy and his super dog  


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