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THE MOMG THRILL RIDE 136.8 MILES • Hwys 50, 63; Rtes 89, 133, 52, 17, 42, 28, D, P, HH, U

Osage River

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then left—as you head down to Owensville. If you’re ready for a break, Owensville boasts four parks within the city limits. Owensville’s Memorial Park has a new water park. Two other parks, Memorial and Bushman, both have barbecue grills for a perfect picnic. From Owensville, catch Route 42 west through the towns of Canaan and Belle and over the Gasconade River to Vienna. Continue on Route 42 west through the gentle hills of Missouri farmland to Iberia. If you continue on Route 42, you’ll come out at Osage Beach on the Lake of the Ozarks. Turn right on Route 17, and follow it to Tuscumbia. From the bridge going into Tuscumbia, you’ll get a beautiful view of the Osage River. If you want to go right down to the water, turn left at the three-way stop, and follow Route HH. Then head back over the river, this time connecting with Route 52 west, through St. Elizabeth to Meta, where you’ll connect with Route 133. Take Route 133 to Highway 63, and turn right to ride down the gently sloping hill into the beautiful German enclave of Westphalia. Continue south on Highway 63 to Route U. It’s a sharp left, and you’ll want to make sure the vehicles behind you are slowing down. Power through the curves through Rich Fountain and north back to Linn.


THE REWARD at the far western side of this thrilling ride is the most beautiful view of the Osage River you’ll find without riding the river itself. This roller coaster circuit— with twists and turns and hills throughout— takes you through Maries, Osage, Miller, and Gasconade Counties (MOMG), though not necessarily in that order. MOMG just looks so much better than GOMM. You can start this route from any number of towns along the way—Vienna, Iberia, Tuscumbia, Westphalia, Owensville—but for purposes of convenience, we’re starting at twelve o’clock and working our way clockwise. Feel free to improvise. Linn is located about ten miles east of Jefferson City on Highway 50. Home of the State Technical College of Missouri, Linn also boasts a number of eateries and bars to check out as you start or finish your ride. You could just head east on Highway 50 out of Linn, but what fun would that be? Take Route 89 south for a scenic ride and a hairpin turn you won’t want to miss. At Route D, turn left for some more curves and turns along the bank of the Gasconade River. At Mount Sterling, jump back on Highway 50 for a few short miles to the junction of Routes K and P. Take Route P south, and look sharp for two ninety-degree turns—first right,

2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide  
2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide