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MID-MO MOTOR 157 MILES • Hwys 24, 40; Rtes E, 124, 240, 3, 41


THE SHORTCUT: Stay on Route 240 across the Missouri River at Glasgow. At Slater, Route 240 turns south and connects with Route 41. Turn left on 41 to continue your shortened journey. THE SCENIC ROUTE: Take Route 3 off 240, and proceed due north through Armstrong to Roanoke, where you’ll connect with Route [ 36 ] 2016 Missouri Motorcycle Guide

129. Take 129 to Salisbury, turn left onto Highway 24, and enjoy the ride to the Grande River, through Brunswick and DeWitt. At DeWitt, turn south on Route 41. You’ll go over the Missouri River at Miami, Missouri, then straight south about fifteen miles to Marshall. Route 41 turns back east just outside of the Marshall city limits. If you have friends who took the shortcut, you’ll catch them here and ride into the beautiful town of Arrow Rock, where the entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places. If you’ve timed it right, you might be able to catch a play at the Lyceum Theatre, one of Missouri’s oldest professional regional theaters. Turn south onto Santa Fe Road, through Blackwater (don’t miss Bucksnort Trading Company), and on to Boonville, where you can try your luck at the Isle of Capri Casino. The route to Columbia takes you by Warm Springs Ranch, where the Budweiser Clydesdale horses are born and raised. A trip back over the Missouri River on the Boonslick Bridge takes you to Highway 40, through New Franklin, Rocheport, Midway, and a short drive on I-70 back to Columbia.


HERE’S A TRAIL that’s a bit more flex ble than the others. You can take the full 157mile journey through beautiful mid-Missouri scenery, or you can take a shortcut across the Boonslick Loop. Head north out of Columbia on Highway E (the Stadium Boulevard exit off I-70) to the town of Harrisburg. Turn west onto Route 124, and follow it straight on to Route 240 just outside Fayette. Check out Hawgs and Heifers Bar, or go on into Fayette and enjoy the Main Street Bar and Grill, Harmonica Mike’s, and the Brickhouse. Back on Route 124, you’ll have about five miles to decide whether to take the shorter route or lock in the long haul.


Warm Springs Ranch, Boonville

2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide  
2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide