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weekend in October for the annual Folklife Festival. Hannibal is best known for being the boyhood home of Mark Twain and the inspiration behind such literary creations as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. You’ll take Route 79 all the way on this trip, beginning in Hannibal and ending in Clarksville. About ten miles south of Hannibal, near the dam at Saverston, pause to look to the skies for the bald eagles that migrate to the high bluffs. Pike County is one of the largest winter migration areas for bald eagles. Continue south on 79 to Louisiana, Missouri, home to what the State Department of Natural Resources has called the most intact Victorian streetscape in the state. Downtown Louisiana is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Georgia Street Historical District, noteworthy for its antebellum homes. A walking tour is available for download at Stop near Clarksville at Lookout Point and Sky Lift Hill at Lock and Dam No. 24. This is one of the highest points along the river and offers an unmatched view of the Mississippi and the river valley.


HERE’S A CHANCE to capture a bit of Americana right in your own backyard. The Great River Road National Scenic Byway—2,069 miles running between Minnesota and Louisiana and hugging the Mississippi River all the way—is almost as mythical as its east-to-west cousin, Route 66. It has been called one of the greatest motorcycle routes in North America. This route offers a sampling of the greater road with a forty-three-mile adventure from Hannibal to Clarksville. Settlers from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia who moved to the area following the Louisiana Purchase called it the Little Dixie Region. The Missouri Department of Conversation has recognized the Little Dixie Highway for offering the most outstanding locale for nature tourism in the state. And local residents call the road from Hannibal to Clarksville the Fifty Miles of Art Corridor in recognition of the many fine artists, crafts people, and artisans who call the area home. Historic homes, great family restaurants, a riverboat cruise, museums, and more make Hannibal a good place to spend the night before or after your ride. Visit during the third


Mark Twain Boyhood Home, Hannibal

2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide  
2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide