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THE MARK TWAIN ADVENTURE 225 MILES • Hwys 54, 79, 107, 154, 19, 161; Rtes N, T, V, A,W, J, UU, Z, F

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adventure, take Route A back to New London, where you can head back to Hannibal. If you’re hungry for more, turn back down Route J to Perry. This time, head east on Highway 154 to Route 19, then south to rejoin Highway 154 east. On the north side of Bowling Green, take Route UU to Louisiana, Missouri, to complete the second loop. From Louisiana, return to Hannibal on the Great River Road (Highway 79) or finish the last loop in your Mark Twain Adventure. Take Route UU or Highway 54 back to Bowling Green, and turn south onto Highway 161. At Ashley, turn left onto Route Z, and enjoy the easy curves that lead to Elsberry. You’ve done it! You’ve completed your own Mark Twain Adventure. Enjoy the scenic ride back to Hannibal on the Great River Road. Once there, drop into the Visitors Bureau and tour the historic downtown. Nearby, fi ish off with a burger and beer at the Mark Twain Brewing Company.


AT MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED miles, this route can be broken into shorter trips, because you’re going to want to come back to Hannibal over and over again. Take Highway 79 south out of Hannibal. Turn right on Route N at Saverton and continue straight onto Route T. Turn left on Route T, and then turn right onto Route V into New London. Take Route A west out of New London. Catch Route J north, and turn left on Route W on the edge of Monroe City. From Monroe City, take I-24 south to Highway 107. This will take you to Florida, Missouri, birthplace of Mark Twain and the state park named for him. South of Twain’s birthplace museum, take Highway 154 east to Perry. For a better tour of the lake, turn north on Route J at Perry. Sweeping turns will take you to the Clarence Cannon Dam. Continuing on Route J will bring you back to Route A. If you’ve had enough


Mark Twain Boyhood Home Museum

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2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide  

2016 Missouri Life Motorcycle Guide