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MAC Staff Spotlight Housekeeping Supervisor


s you place your napkin onto your lap when you sit down for lunch in the Sportsman’s Club or before you lay your head down on your pillow when staying overnight at the MAC, you probably don’t realize the behind-the-scenes work that has gone into making your experience at the Club a positive one. A hardworking team of employees work diligently around the clock to prepare the Club for you. The Housekeeping team, led by Housekeeping Supervisor Victoria Jenkins, handles everything from laundry to cleaning. Victoria has worked at the MAC for 14 years. She started as a room keeper and was eventually promoted to valet attendant and then to housekeeping supervisor. Victoria manages a staff of 12 employees that cover a wide range of jobs throughout the Club. Working under Victoria are the Club’s laundry attendants, housemen, room keepers, washers and valet attendants.

Victoria is responsible for various different areas of the Downtown Clubhouse. Not only does she oversee her employees to ensure they are providing the highest quality service, many times she also pitches in to help. “I enjoy being able to work beside my staff to help them make each member have a positive experience at the Club,” said Victoria. The Housekeeping department is responsible for preparing all of the Club’s linens, cleaning the Clubhouse from top to bottom, providing members with dry cleaning services and cleaning overnight guest rooms. Throughout the day she is constantly making her rounds from floor to floor ensuring everything is clean and ready. “I inspect each of the overnight guest rooms checking that they are ready for guests to check in,” said Victoria. “I also make sure the linens for private events are cleaned and set up in each room.” Victoria also monitors the Club’s linen supplies. When towels or sheets start to become worn, she meets with Food and Beverage Director Joe Dietz to order new linens. Most members do not see the Housekeeping department in action each day, but you come in contact with their work in every aspect of the Club. These men and women work tirelessly to provide you with the best experience when you are at the MAC. Next time

you grab a towel after a workout on the treadmill or put on your freshly pressed shirt, remember the crew of MAC employees who have worked hard to enhance your membership experience.

Victoria Jenkins and Antoine Mayhew in the Valet Shop.

Napkins run through the ironing machine located in the basement.

Willie Shell stacks the towels.

In The Gallery Artist of the Month


his month’s featured artist in the MAC Gallery is James Tuttle. James aims to portray the earth, sky and high water in the world after the flood, the way it was in the days of Noah. According to anthropological studies, the flood legends play a universal theme in cultures around the world. Tuttle’s Rainbow World art series features an ongoing commitment to designer art. He has painted for many years as a trained, tailored and selfimproved artist. If you are interested in purchasing any of Tuttle’s work, contact Linda Van de Riet at 314-539-4448.

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february 2011


February Cherry Diamond  

February issue of the Missouri Athletic Club monthly magazine.

February Cherry Diamond  

February issue of the Missouri Athletic Club monthly magazine.