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RESERVATION RIGHTS The Missoula Public Art Committee is designated to review, advocate and develop public art projects in the City of Missoula. Since 1985, it has strived to develop a formal structure in which to create, develop and maintain public art as well as further public accessibility to the arts. The City of Missoula Public Art Committee reserves the right at any time to supplement, amend or otherwise modify this solicitation and to request additional or supplemental information or proposals from any or all participating artists. In addition, the City reserves the right to accept or reject, at any time prior to the commissioning of a work, any or all proposals or any part thereof submitted in connection with this solicitation; to waive any defect or technicality; and to advertise for new proposals where the acceptance, rejection waiver, or advertisement would be in the best interests of the City. The City also reserves the right to negotiate unacceptable provisions incorporated within an otherwise acceptable proposal. A proposal which is incomplete, unclear, conditional or which contains irregularities of any kind, may be rejected without evaluation. Failure to comply with proposal requirements described in the prospectus will constitute an invalid application.

INFORMATION/QUESTIONS Questions related to this proposal may be directed to: Linda Richards Tel: (406) 370-4590 Email: Subject: Pineview Park Art Project

Pineview Park A City of Missoula Public Art Project 2015

The City of Missoula Public Art Committee invites you to submit an original completed artwork or a design proposal for a public art piece at Pineview Park, Missoula, Montana.

This is an open invitation to artists throughout Montana. Submit all proposals at

THE CITY OF MISSOULA PUBLIC ART COMMITTTEE Established in 1985 and reaffirmed in 2002, the City of Missoula Public Art Committee endeavors to develop a collection of public art that is of the highest quality, that encompasses a broad aesthetic range reflecting the City and the minds of its citizens, improves the quality of life in the area, accessible to all individuals, and is a source of pride to all residents. The Committee reviews permanent works of art proposed on, in, or over City owned property.

To that end, the Committee is honored to request your participation in this invitation.

Public art serves as a visual landmark within the built environment and, most importantly, an expression of our community. Public art provides inspiration to all Missoulians and visitors as a means to appreciate artwork outside the traditional museum or gallery setting and within the public realm. Missoula’s Percent for Art Projects are site specific, legacy works that engage a variety of media— mosaic, painting, glass, sculpture, and works that integrate landscape, infrastructure, and architecture.

This commission challenges artists to reflect the diversity of the Missoula community, and integrate and enhance the site and public space.


Pineview Park is located in the middle of Missoula’s Rattlesnake neighborhood. Rattlesnake Creek is adjacent to the west and Rattlesnake Elementary School is adjacent to the east. To the north and south are residential developments.

HISTORY Pineview Park was established c. 1972. Since then, it has been a refuge for families and individuals living in the Rattlesnake Valley and throughout Missoula. At the request of neighborhood residents, the Missoula City Council voted to approve a Special Improvement District to fund desired park improvements. Pineview Park’s face-lift began in 2009 and was completed in 2010. The 4.5 acre renovated park now includes a new playground, picnic shelter, irrigation system, tennis courts, ice rink enhancements, trails, and landscaping.


The artwork to be selected will be a vital “neighborhood” public art commission, therefore the City of Missoula Public Art Committee expects that it be of the highest quality in both concept and execution, while recognizing public safety and durability. The Committee encourages proposals that balance the artistic design in the artwork with the setting of the designated area. Additionally, the work should reflect one or more of the following characteristics of Pineview Park: Natural surroundings: native plants and animals found in the Rattlesnake  Recreational activities: ice skating, hiking along the creek, children's play ground, dog play  Historically significant use of the land the park now occupies: Native American use, and previous use such as the Poor Farm and cemetery. 

ARTISTS, please take note: For your own

information, we would like to point you to the following public art document, courtesy of the North Carolina Arts Council, located at: http:// PublicArtistHandbook.pdf. Please note, this commission has no budget for maintenance. Therefore, the work must be sustainable, durable, and able to weather and/or adapt over time.


The Committee will consider two (2) possibilities: 1. A proposal for the purchase of an existing artwork that also fully meets the stated project goals. 2. A detailed proposal for a new work designed by the artist that meets the stated project goals;


Execution: All proposals for new works must include a scaled, detailed, color rendition: drawings, model, digital images, etc. that is clearly indicative of the final artwork. All proposals for existing works must include details of size, weight, materials, installation requirements, and a discussion of appropriateness for the space. Materials: All durable exterior materials (paint, ceramic, metal, etc.) will be considered, however, maintenance free work with precautions against vandalism is preferred. The piece should be structurally sound and designed in concert with advice from a structural engineer to mitigate liability for the City of Missoula, if needed. Award: The total budget for this public art project is $10,000 available for the design, execution and installation of the winning concept. Deadline: Project submission deadline for all materials is FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015. Process: The Selection Committee will make their decision of finalists by FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015. Personal interviews with the Selection Committee will be scheduled for TUESDAY, MAY 5 thru THURSDAY, MAY 7, 2015.. (NOTE: If the artist chooses to travel to Missoula for a presentation, the Missoula Public Art Committee will not assume costs related to such travel.) Finalists must

submit a scale model of their Proposal at the time of interviews to receive the commission.

The winning artist will be chosen on or before FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015. All participants will be notified of the selection. A standard public art contract will be executed thereafter between the artist and the City of Missoula. Preferred deadline for installation is FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2015.


The Selection Committee will include members of The City of Missoula Public Art Committee, the City of Missoula Parks and Recreation Department, and representatives of the Rattlesnake Neighborhood Council. Applications will be evaluated on aesthetic, artistic and technical merit. The Selection Committee will review all materials received by the specified deadline for content, completeness, experience, qualifications, and references. Any changes to the project scope will be noted at the City of Missoula Public Art website: HTTP://WWW.CI.MISSOULA.MT.US/899/PUBLIC-ART-CALLS


To be considered, artists must submit the following information at:

1. Proposal Description / Project Description

explaining concept and design and how artist proposes to approach this project. 2. Artists must submit five (5) images illustrating examples of your best works. Though not required, the Committee prefers applicants with public art experience and the proven ability to complete substantial commissions. Imagery should reflect this ability. If the artist is presenting proposals that include existing artwork, he/she must ALSO furnish images that fully display the work from various angles. Each image must be clearly identified with the title of work, size, and installation location if appropriate. DO NOT provide website addresses or links directing the Selection Committee to examples of your work. It is the responsibility of each artist to select the five (5) works which best illustrate his/her abilities. 3. Current resume detailing your experience as an artist and any past public art projects. 4. Professional References: Please list (2) individuals who can speak to your public art experience and/or commissioned art experience and/or who can speak to your artistic capacities. All qualified artists are welcome to submit.



Site #1 Storage Building #1

#3: Site of Artist’s choosing.

Site #2: Looking west

THE PROJECT: SITE SPECIFICATION This project involves the direct commission of artwork for Pineview Park, Missoula, Montana. There are three opportunities for artwork locations, All are highly visible, outdoor locations (above). Please note: 

Artwork must be located within the designated spaces (areas in noted above). Site #1: Artwork allowed on exterior walls of storage building . Visible area on walls measure approximately 6’ x 9’ and 6’ x 16’. Site #2: Wooded area between the tennis courts and walking path. Site #3: Site of artist’s choosing. Note: Site will need to be approved by City entities involved.

Artists are not expected to design a piece that completely occupies all available space. 

The artwork may be two- or threedimensional, static or kinetic.

Note: The artwork cannot block or impede traffic on the sidewalk or walking paths , interfere with regular maintenance or irrigation systems within the Park.


FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2015 Proposals are to be received by the City of Missoula Public Art Committee no later than 5:00 p.m. Submit proposals at:

FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015 The City of Missoula Public Art Committee will announce finalists.

If you are in search of a quiet, safe, and beautiful spot to spend some time in Missoula, search no farther than Pineview Park. Located in the Rattlesnake area, the park feels far away from the busy Missoula hub. It is surrounded by well-groomed suburban housing, borders Rattlesnake Elementary School, and is adjacent to the Tom Green Natural Park as well as Rattlesnake Creek. The park is a well taken care of fixture in the community and it provides multiple opportunities for those that choose to utilize and enjoy it. Pineview Park offers something for everyone: a playground with slides, swings, and things to climb on, green and grassy fields, a natural ice rink (if weather permits), tennis courts, basketball courts, and a gazebo with picnic tables. There are also paved trails interlinking these different areas within the park. These paths also serve as a popular gateway to other trails in the area for bikers, runners, and walkers. Pineview Park is a popular destination for families not only because of its proximity to the Rattlesnake communities and its popular amenities, but because it is well cared for and in a safe and secure area – users are at ease when recreating at the park. There are no quality or appearance concerns in Pineview Park. The park was recently renovated and as a result it is in pristine condition. Pineview hosts an open boundary that provides unlimited points of entry for users. It also provides numerous aesthetic features (evident landscaping, wooded area, and the adjacent flowing creek). There is unique historical appeal for visitors to Pineview as well – the park was once a burial site in the late nineteenth century and earlier part of the twentieth century, largely known as the Poor Farm. In addition to family users, walkers, joggers, and bikers, many dogs and dog owners frequent the park. The large green fields provide the perfect place for dogs to play.

TUESDAY, MAY 5 - THURSDAY, MAY 7, 2015 The Selection Committee will interview finalists. Finalists must provide scale model for interview.

Experience for yourself what inviting Pineview Park has to offer. It will likely be nothing short of an excellent and enjoyable experience.

FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2015 The City of Missoula Public Art Committee will award the commission.

- Jason Chaffey and Madeline Rubida Courtesy (Posted December 6, 2012)

FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2015 Preferred deadline for installation. The exact date will be scheduled between the artist, the Missoula Public Art Committee Chair and a City of Missoula Representative.

Site #2: Looking north

Art Call - Pineview Park 2015  
Art Call - Pineview Park 2015