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last six months and sales of homes comparable in size and features, a seller can get a good sense of what their home could fetch—and whether that’s enough. By doing the same research, buyers can see where the market has settled and what constitutes a “deal.”

Now is the time

The market doesn’t care what you spent on your major remodel. The people who are buying are looking for deals. The people who are selling are the ones pricing their property


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competitively and smartly.” All of the real estate agents we spoke with mentioned the importance of properly pricing a property. By checking neighborhood home sales within the

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Jake Booher, a Realtor with Prudential Montana, says the current market is well defined for sellers. “It’s easy to make an informed decision at this point,” he says about whether now is the time to list a home. He’s more excited about

the prospects for certain buyers. He references a stable inventory of homes for sale and, more importantly, low interest rates. “When I have someone concerned about buying now, hesitating, I ask them to think about what happens if interest rates jump,” says Booher. “People don’t shop by the topdollar amount on a home. They shop for the monthly mortgage price, and what they can afford. With rates where they are, now is the time.” Booher adds that the shoulder season—the time between winter and when most local houses hit the market in spring and summer—also bodes well for buyers. “You have some leverage,”

Western Montana Homesteader  

Your guide to renting, buying and living green

Western Montana Homesteader  

Your guide to renting, buying and living green