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A Case for Support


A Message from our Board President Dear Friends: We live in a wonderful place where we can float the Clark Fork, climb Mount Sentinel, ride the Carousel or watch movies under the stars at the Missoula Outdoor Cinema. Soon we will be able to hike, bike or ride a horse from the Rattlesnake to Seeley Lake via the Norman Maclean Trail (see p. 7). Community foundations are as unique as the places they serve. From Tulsa to Tacoma, from Forsyth to the Flathead, we all build assets for our community’s future by: • Encouraging long-term, local philanthropy • Assessing and responding to community needs • Providing flexibility and efficiency for donors with varied interests and giving capacities • Serving as a resource and a catalyst for other organizations As a founding board member, I have devoted quite a bit of “time, talent and treasure” to this growing organization. I invite you to read on so you can discover why investing in the Missoula Community Foundation is an excellent way to ensure the community we all love remains a vibrant place to live. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our operating fund or unrestricted endowment. Your gift, large or small, is critical to building assets that will benefit our community forever. Sincerely, Dale Woolhiser


Missoula Community Foundation Board and Staff Front row: Naomi Lichtenberg, Patsy O’Keefe, Meredith Printz, Tracy Lopez. Back row: Norm Williamson, Nick Jones, Dale Woolhiser. Not pictured: Sally Jo Beck and Mike Bouchee

To provide leadership and promote long-term local philanthropy to ensure the present and future vitality of the Greater Missoula community.


History • Milestones

Community Foundations Build Long-Term Assets “Here is a large sum of money. I want to leave it to be used for the good of the community, but I have no way of knowing what will be the greatest need of the community 50 years from now…Therefore, I place it in your hands… to determine what should be done with this sum to make it most useful for people of each succeeding generation.” Frederick H. Goff, founder of the Cleveland Foundation, the first community foundation. Frederick Goff’s gift created the first community foundation almost 100 years ago. Today there are 735 community foundations nationwide, managing close to $50 billion and distributing $4 billion every year.

Missoula Community Foundation Milestones 2000: The purpose of the Celebrate 2000 project, sponsored by the Missoulian, was to give a gift to Missoula to mark a new millennium. The project participants created the Celebrate Missoula Community Foundation with a $45,100 endowment and $24,500 for small grants.

September 15, 2001: Originally planned as our first fundraiser, this event raised $17,000 that was donated to the New York Community Foundation to help victims of the 9/11 attacks. 2001-2006: The Board operated as a giving club, raising money through a annual drive and distributing it to local nonprofits.

2007: The Board reorganized to concentrate on endowment building, outreach and education. The name is changed to the Missoula Community Foundation.

December, 2009: Grizzly football national championship game broadcast at the Wilma, raising more than $3,600 for unemployed Smurfit-Stone workers.

April, 2010: Merger with Western Montana Community Foundation, adding almost $61,000 to our unrestricted endowment and extending our service area.

April, 2011: Missoula County High School Scholarship Fund is transferred to the Missoula Community Foundation.

September, 2011: Board hired the organization’s first Executive Director. December, 2011: Seeley Lake and Missoula Community Foundations form partnership to establish the Norman Maclean Trail.

CONTACT US 406.552.7347 • P.O. Box 1968 Missoula, MT 59806



Since 2001 we have granted almost $140,000 to worthy local causes in diverse interest areas, with a focus on Missoula’s “community gems” that contribute to our quality of life.

Early Grants

Bridge over Bancroft Pond

Chipper/Shredder for the Northside Community Garden

Covered seating along the Clark Fork

Veteran’s Memorial at Rose Park

2012 Grants • Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC)-Adult Art Classes Our grant funds free classes for adults in bookmaking, papermaking, calligraphy, printing and painting.

• An All-Abilities Playground for Missoula Located in McCormick Park, the new playground will be an inclusive space where people of all ages and abilities can play together. Construction is expected to begin in spring, 2013.


The Missoula Community Foundation offers creative ways to give to the projects and causes that make Missoula unique, including bequests, securities and trusts. Visit our website for the full list.


Fahey Family Trust to Benefit Four Local Nonprofits Forever “Imagine a 5’10” version of Liam Neeson with piercing blue eyes,” invites Jack Fahey’s longtime attorney and friend Doug Harris. Charming and humorous, Jack could find something in common with anyone. He loved dogs, was a proud dual American/Irish citizen and was deeply connected to his community and the land. After graduating from The University of Montana with a business degree, he served in the U.S. Navy Air Corps before embarking on a distinguished 25-year banking career.

Jack Fahey (1930-2012)

Once Jack retired, he looked for a creative way to earn a steady income while minimizing his tax liability. Working with the Missoula Community Foundation, he set up a Charitable Remainder Trust, funded with appreciated stock. The Trust paid a percentage of its value to Jack every year. He also avoided capital gains tax and received a tax deduction because he donated the stock to charity. The gift qualified for the Montana Endowment Tax Credit. Jack designated four local nonprofits to benefit from the Trust at his passing: The UM Irish Studies Program, The Humane Society of Western Montana, the Alliance for the Wild Rockies and the Missoula Community Foundation. Each will receive an unrestricted disbursement from the Trust every year. It was important to Jack that his money remains in the local economy. He wanted to help provide for the long-term financial security of his favorite charities. Jack has left a legacy that will benefit these nonprofits forever. Contact us to find out how planned giving can help you give to the causes you care about.

CONTACT US 406.552.7347 • P.O. Box 1968 Missoula, MT 59806


We incubate innovative ideas and projects through fiscal sponsorships. As a tax-exempt 501c3, we can receive and administer charitable contributions designated for another organization that is applying for nonprofit status.

Our fiscal sponsorships include: • Missoula Butterfly House & Insectarium (MBHI)- 2010-2011 MBHI is developing a tropical butterfly house that will have live insect exhibits of exotic and local species. • Travelers’ Rest State Park Expansion Campaign- 2012 Travelers’ Rest is home to a centuries-old Native American gathering ground and is the only verified campsite of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. This land acquisition project increases public access to Lolo Creek, provides open space and allows for expansion of the local trail system.

• Montana Film Society-2012-Ongoing This group is committed to restoring and reviving the Wilma Theater by transforming it into a vibrant, multi-purpose center for cinematic and educational programming and live events. • Montana Musicians and Artists Coalition (MMAC)-2012-Ongoing The MMAC is dedicated to supporting and promoting the Montana music and art scene. They provide audio and video recording services and sponsor a weekly showcase for local musicians.

Photos by Youa Photography


To provide leadership and promote long-term local philanthropy to ensure the present and future vitality of the Greater Missoula community.



“Connecting Communities Through Nature” The idea began in Seeley Lake in 2011, where local residents swapped stories about A River Runs Through It author Norman Maclean and his brother Paul hiking from Missoula to Seeley Lake in a day. Before long, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation adopted the trail as a leadership project and enlisted the Missoula Community Foundation’s partnership. In the spirit of the route Norman and Paul Maclean and others before and after have walked, the 60-70 mile Norman Maclean Trail will connect the Missoula and Seeley-Swan Valleys. The vision of the trail is to link communities while connecting people with the natural and cultural history of the area. It will help Missoula and Seeley Lake form an urban-rural partnership. It will also honor a great American author and will bring together non-motorized recreation enthusiasts of all stripes in an effort to plan and steward the trail for the enjoyment of all. Trail users will enjoy plants, animals, streams, scenic vistas and fellow adventurers, while learning about those who journeyed before us through a written tour guide and map. It will attract local, regional and national hikers, bikers, skiers and equestrians, stimulating the economy in western Montana while promoting healthy outdoor activities that energize the mind, body and spirit. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved. We have many volunteer opportunities, including route scouting, trail restoration, mapping, photography, research, writing, fundraising and promotion.

CONTACT US 406.552.7347 • P.O. Box 1968 Missoula, MT 59806

PO Box 1968 Missoula, MT 59806


MISSOULA, MT 59801 Permit No. 569


Photos by Youa Photography

I took this picture at the Mineral Peak Lookout last summer while scouting the Norman Maclean Trail. The view was inspirational. I remember how grateful I felt to live in this place, where I can walk out my door and ten minutes later be at the gateway to wilderness. I am lucky to be executive director of an organization that encourages people to give locally and leave a legacy for the future of our community. We believe that after reading this booklet, you will want to invest in Missoula by giving to the Missoula Community Foundation. I would love to meet you and hear your ideas about how we can make Missoula an even better place to live. Please contact me anytime at or (406) 552-7347.

A Case for Support  

The Missoula Community Foundation board and staff invite you to learn more about our history and future vision. We hope that once you read t...