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Lechon Wilson of Intricate Mindz Photography

by Kris Kinville of ailing from the state of strong, resilient, men made of steel with the philosophy of “brotherly love” is this week’s “Talk of Orlando”, LeChon Williams of IntricateMindz Photography. His eye is unique, uninhibited and crisp. He has the ability to capture the moments in life and show its true beauty with clarity and authenticity. No BS here people, his art is straight forward and in your face with a whole new angle! Orlando show your love to one of the best “breaths of fresh air” this city has seen in a while… For those who don’t know, who is IntricateMindz? & what is its mission? The IM (IntricateMindz) is my idea of taking creative thoughts that I have & making it into a tangible piece of art to represent it. It’s also a network of creative minds. What is the philosophy/goal of your art? “My mission is to forever be remembered as unwavering in an unsure world. My passion is to create stunning photographs that inspire creativity and express emotion. I am a father, a lover, a friend. I am a student of life. I am military trained to be a weapon. I have seen many things and the visions not only give me inspiration but clarity. Vision is everything.” Your logo is clean, sharp and interesting. Much like your photography style. The “T” looks somewhat like a bird/cross. Is there significance? Well I’m from Pittsburg, PA originally and the colors are the same as all the sports teams there. (Black, white & gold) I’m pretty proud of coming from that area. It just seemed right to have those colors represent me. The ‘’T” represents “the” in The IntricateMindz, it was unusual so I chose it. There is really no other significance other than that. How long have you been in photography? How did you get started? I started in 2001. It was an interest that my mom had and I was exposed to as a kid. When I was in the military, I saw a lot of interesting places/things & I found myself wanting to capture those images. Where are some of the places that you have traveled? Any favorites? Or places that “captured” you the most? I’ve traveled Iceland, France, Greece, Portugal, Italy,



England and Mexico. A lot of the places I have traveled were with the Marine Corp for a total of 8yrs. I lived in Spain. I loved Spain. I definitely want to go back there. It was a super carefree lifestyle. Everyone is honed in on how to really enjoy life. From the food, to the music, to the country, to the beautiful women, the beautiful people in general. I even found the bull fighting interesting and beautiful. (Laughing) Where does your inspiration for photos come from? It comes from everywhere. Everything has energy. So I try to catch it in the moment & it becomes a photograph. I take photos of anything. I aim my photos around capturing that specific moment. I try to capture the raw product. I think that’s why people gravitate towards my photography, I’m able to capture. I capture “the story” behind the moment. What is your favorite medium? What has been your favorite subject to shoot? I really don’t have a favorite subject other than life itself. My favorite medium is digital. I like the idea of being able to manipulate an image immediately & not have to wait to “see” what it’s going to look like. I like shooting anything that has involved music, music is my first love. You’ve also have produced music/rap pieces. Is your inspiration for your music the same as your photography? I’m really just an artist. I see photography as a form of art. I see music as form of art. I’m open to all forms of art. I think of it like a martial artist thinks of his style. It’s the style that I’m using at the moment to express myself. How do you feel about the scene in Orlando for the

development of artists? I feel like it’s here for the taking. It’s open to do whatever you want to do. You just have to do it. People have become successful from here. Some feel like they can’t be successful from here. You can’t just sit there & wait for it to happen. There aren’t really too many barriers if you really want something. What advice would you give to a new artist trying to break into the industry? I would tell him just to break in! (Laughing) No one knows what you can & can’t do, no one knows what your words are if you don’t express them. You basically just have to go and do it. There is no logic to it. There is really only one thing that separates those who are successful from those who are not. It’s their thinking. Successful people don’t consider that they can’t. They say to themselves, “how can I do that?” Spend more time in the action of what it is you want to do, and the rest (success) will follow. What can we expect from IM in the future? I think as I do more work with video and production you will see more of that aspect of my art. I recently have been considered a “photographer to the stars”. I will always continue to push the boundaries of my creativity. I plan to do more international traveling soon, so I’m excited to see where that takes me. Any shout- outs? Shout out to Kris of for the opportunity to expose my art. Shout out to all my Street Noise Family, 91.5 FM, DJ M-Squared, DJ Lyvwyr, Marlon Holloway, Tek from Freshvilla and John, John the DON! Really the list is too long…there are a lot

of people that support my art & help me to keep my focus.


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