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by Kris Kinville of

Coming from Yankee territory to influence our warm weather environment is the straight up business mentality of the Big Apple with the heart of a southern gentleman in One Eleven Clothing. This group of men are on a mission to show the fashion scene in Orlando that the best of both worlds can be achieved. Update your 2011 calendar with this launch my fellow Orlando’ins it’s going be an early scorcher… For those who don’t know who/what is One Eleven Clothing? What is your company philosophy? OneElevenClothing was collaboration between me and my other two partners & we started in 2004. It’s myself whom owns/operates Ink City Printing, my partner Eliance Piccard who own/operates Upper Cuts Barber Shop and Esteban Piccard who is our 3rd partner in the clothing line. Our philosophy is “One life, one love, one dream” – We believe one person can do anything at any one time. It’s that one thing that brings you to light & you roll with it. Grab the bull by the horns basically. Dedication, determination, patience and persistence are what have made us successful. How did you 3 come up with this idea? We were looking for something that we loved that could take us to the next level, and to be successful in another, bigger way. We were already successful business owners, we mastered our craft & now it was time to master another, together and be 3 times as strong How long have you been in the industry? We’ve been in the clothing business for about six years now, every year we do an event on 1/11 like a Showcase or a launch to something new. We have mostly done parties and invited clothing stores that we are featured in, our clientele and fans of the line/businesses, models, photographers, other clothing designers, pretty much anybody in “The Business”. What audience/type of consumer that you target? A general audience, Male/female – no kids apparel as of right now, young adult - grown –man/woman type designs , we’re bringing clean back. No tight fitted apparel, no skulls or guns or too much funky colors, that’s not us. We want to establish ourselves as an international brand. We try to move in multiple directions, we don’t want to be contained within just



one direction, because we want to expand beyond that, and we will. Where does your inspiration come from? “We feed off each other, not that there is no inspiration out there but we look to each other for inspiration. And we get it from each other. To be 100% honest it’s hard to get inspiration from people who aren’t driven or a city that moves slowly. Nowadays you’re surrounded by that. There are a lot of full of shyt people out there that are just not doing good business, lames not doing what they say they are going to do. That then it makes everybody look bad. Our businesses, our city, everyone .We pride ourselves not being full of it which is why we do good business.” All 3 of you are originally from New York – (Ravens Wood Projects/Queensbridge) How does that influence your designs? Where we’re from influences our authenticity. Not to say anything about anywhere else but there is no other city like NY. Where you’re from says a lot about whom & what you are. Being from NY gives us a kind of culture, Bright Lights, Big City type of mind frame and it influences our designs. We have been exposed between Orlando, NY, ATL, LA etc. and have been able to bring fashion and culture together. Where can Orlando see/purchase your clothing? will be launched on 1/11/11, also look out for launch events on 1/11/11 including the mix tape release with DJ Point Blank on that date. There will be a free download of the mix on our website. Is the Barber Shop a good place to see the clothing? Absolutely – we just put a section up

in the shop. Where do you see your company in five years? I would really like to see us owning our own chain of stores. But at minimum one location somewhere in the fashion district in NY. We are moving fast now, but definitely want to develop and stick with our online sales. Always doing bigger and better things… Makin sure we’re in the black, a lot of companies out there are in the red, being in the black is always good *laughing* All 3 businesses touch the community – how do you feel the relationship of small business and community work together? A lot of traffic for the clothing line comes from the barber shop. Our business feed each other, without our businesses we wouldn’t be able to reach the community as much as we do. We wouldn’t be in business without the community. We are also huge advocates for childhood Autism. Elias’s son EJ has autism. So we really go in for that charity. We’ve done an annual BBQ @ the shop before the walk every year. Usually in November, a percentage of the proceeds from One Eleven Clothing goes to C.A.N. (Cure Autism Now) All of us & our families participate in the walk also. If you would like to participate go to Any shout outs? In no particular order: CSR promotions, Fl T’s plus, Cousin Dave, My Brother Jerry, Bless Photography, HostDime, Power 95.3 and the Power Playas, Kevin Cossom, Hoovie, Rashad, Mala Reignz, Dj Tonez, Kanta, A special thanks to Carl Campana, none of this would be possible without you fam. Thanks to all the Orlando based artist’s and co.’s that support all of our business, Jae Johnson, Prime Time DJ – Infra Red & Point Blank, Anoop Danni @ Athlete’s Foot, Obviously TalkofOrlando, Cocky Clothing for inspiration, James Frank, our silent 4th partner Kevin E @ Rockcity Baber Shop in Clermont, Mac Mu Chipz

& Gina our models, my NYC team Jah, Brad Greezy, Mac & the “A team”. Rocky from Rocky’s Island Grill for feeding us, FlyerPromoNow, Jaaamz Events & Marketing, DJ Beans, DJ Mr. Marcus, Sonny Chulo, OUR PARENTS FOR THE SUPPORT, ALL THE BARBERS AT UPPERCUTS BARBERSHOP AND THE EMPLOYEES AT INK CITY PRINTING!!, our lovely wives & children, all the promoters, clubs & fans who support us, if anyone was left out it wasn’t on purpose. CONTACT INFO: Twitter - #111_clothing fb - oneelevenco & inkcityprinting myspace -




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