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The talk of Orlando this week is Ms. Toni Blair of Ladies1st entertainment. Started in 2005, with the help of Pat Nix and Rashad Tyler, Ladies 1st has made a major impression on the fashion, modeling and event scene here in O-town. Taking the scene with unique dance/modeling routines meanwhile uplifting women with a “grown and sexy” image has made this organization one to watch…

Toni Blair For those who don’t know, who is Ladies 1st Entertainment?

Ladies 1st is a female promotional and model management company in Orlando. We plan/host theme events throughout the year like Studio 54 Orlando (fashion party last held at Blue Martini Orlando. You can find pictures from Studio 54 on www.StyleToMe. com, and our yearly Halloween Burlesque Lingerie and Costume Party. We produce fashion shows with local designers/boutiques & models, host parties, and dance (known for doing classy choreographed dance routines) at local events like Dragon 1st Tuesday. What is the vision/mission of Ladies 1st? How do you see your organization progressing in 5yrs? Our vision and mission is to expand our services through all aspects of the fashion and entertainment field. We plan events, choreograph innovative routines and shows exceeding the expectations of our clients. We also represent and manage some of Orlando’s most beautiful and exotic women. There are a lot of entertainment/promotion companies in central Florida, What would you say is the secret to the success of your company? We always keep it about the Ladies 1st. Beautiful woman in a room always set the right tone for any atmosphere. We try to stay away from weekly or even monthly events in order to build the right level of anticipation. As a model yourself & manager of models, what would you recommend to an “up & coming model”?

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I recommend they research they’re role models in the industry. Study the paths they took to become that successful model, dancer, or actress. I would caution them to stay away from the T & A (Tits and Ass) type of

modeling. We encourage woman to be sexy with class. Over exposing yourself to get in will only limit the work you get. It will keep you in a very small bracket of a very large business. Show different ranges on resumes and comp cards.

Frontline Promotions told me that if I can stick it out for 5 years then I have the ability to keep in going. I’m excited to be celebrating our 5 yr anniversary year.

What are your proudest achievements as a model? What are some events you would like to be a part of?

I enjoy working with Dwayne Moore on photography projects/events. Pat Nix & JDZ from Frontline Promotions. DJ Chino, DJ Nasty, and Ricky Padilla for allowing us to take over Dragon Room 1st Tuesday with our fashion and dance shows since 2006 & Chris Turner from Hollywood East Entertainment.

My biggest thus far was being the face of the “Sisters take charge of your Health” Campaign. It’s a national women’s health conference that travels the country teaching young women about health, finance, and education. What do you look for in a model, photographer, organization you would like to work with? I look for personality in a model 1st, and then their ability to model and dance. The industry has a vast demand for all shape, sizes, and ethnicities, so we are excited to embrace anyone who is simply good at what they do. When looking for a photographer I seek those who are serious about taking their work to the next level. A good photographer has to see beyond the lens, and capture the figure. He also has to know how to direct the model. I enjoy working with some Orlando’s best including Dwayne Moore, Edz Antoine (currently shooting Ladies 1st Pin-Up Calendar), Claude Studios, and Bryon Price of Orlando Style Magazine. What do you think the Orlando Nightlife scene needs to get recognized more nationally as a “place to be/ party”? We need a big event like Canada has Carabana, or Miami had Carnival. Something people have to come to every year, and love to the point where they come back just to party. Hopefully the new arena and other new downtown venues will help with this. We have this Disney brand labeled on the city to such an extreme that I feel we may never be able to compete with Miami or even Atlanta. We can’t get comfortable with doing the same events expecting new things. This will only stunt the growth of Orlando’s Nightlife when we need to excel. Hopefully the All-Stars in 2012 will help also.

What have been some of your favorite events/ organizations to work with?

What other current or upcoming events does Ladies1st Ent. have in store for the city of Orlando? We are currently shooting for our Pin-Up Calendar. It’s a Vintage Shoot with some of the Ladies 1st Models. We are planning our 5 year Anniversary party in December with some special guest models. Look out for my reggae ventures under A Blair-Rich Project. Any “shout-outs” at this time? I’d like to shout out Christina Clark for giving me a shoulder when I was about to give up & great advice to keep me going. To Mert Smith for always being a big brother & helping push me to the next level. Shelly Flash of Event Junkies bringing Art & Music Culture to life, FootWork Ent bringing life & energy to the dancehall scene & helping with dance choreography. I extend extra love to Miss Porctia Symone who has held Ladies 1st down for 4 yrs. She choreographs routines & produces scenes for our shows, all while working on her own career as a singer/songwriter & professional Mac make-up artist. I don’t know what I would do without her constant dedication & help with the development of our models. To all the Ladies 1st models & dancers I appreciate you 100%. I look forward to our journey into the main stream. Can’t wait to hear Ladies 1st tagged. Join me as I build a brand of Class & sex appeal among beautiful woman in Orlando. & of coarse to!

What advice would you give to someone interested in promotions/marketing? Establish a business savings, rapport with sponsors and investors, and prepare yourself for a few gut punches. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and I’m still learning and finding my perfect niche. Pat Nix of


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Ms. Toni Blair

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