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Explain to the ones that don’t know who you are and what is it that you do or have done in the city of Orlando. My name is Moses CEO of Big Beatz Entertainment. I am a night club promoter that has done numerous events in the Orlando area for over 3 years now. I am also a member & road manager of the Grammy award winning producer team The Nasty Beatmakers. For those that don’t know, what is What is the vision or goal of the website?

By: Tony Vitale F lyer Promo N ow & Talkof Orlando .com presents this week’s Talk of Orlando,,

a group of young moguls determined to change the industry one step at a time.

The entertainment industry in Orlando is similar to a huge ocean. You have many teams that try to rule the ocean but are considered the small fish.


you then have those teams that are considered the big fish because they are able to change the game like none other. is not only

one of the most interactive websites for night life but these guys hold some of

Orlando period. From Nocturnal Monday's at Tessa to Lehaim (Toast to the good life) at Aqua Lounge on Thursdays, this team the most sought out parties in






totally new to the Orlando scene. Please sit back, relax and take notes. is a social network/search engine strictly for nightlife. If you're ever in doubt of where to go or what to do in your city when it comes to nightlife, we've got you covered. We have the latest information on DJ's, nightclubs, and promoters. Our ultimate goal for the website is to cover nightlife worldwide.

Everyone has their own personal lives outside of the entertainment industry. Do you guys ever find it difficult to balance out the two? Most certainly! It's tough, but when you have a goal in mind along with people who care for you, the little bumps in the road always work themselves out. What advice would you give to someone that is interested in promotion or creating a similar website such as First and foremost you have to remain focused. You have to have patience and believe in your product. We've been building our brand since 2006 and that came along with lots of unexpected trials and tribulations, but being focused reminds us about the goal we have in mind.

Most people say you guys are the originators of Monday night clubbing with Nocturnal Monday’s at Tessa. How were you guys able to make that night so successful? (Laughs) There's really no big secret! For the most part we truly rely on the loyalty of our community. The website has allowed us to continuously reach out to the clientele that appreciates what we do every Monday night. Not to mention the fact that we have one of Orlando's hottest DJ's, DJ Prime Time, DJ PointBlanc and the guidance of our good friend Jae Johnson of the Firm. You guys seem so humble in what you do. How are you guys able to remain humble in a business where people “show off”? Humble is the way to be man. We've been taught from a young age that as easy as it was given to you, it can be taken away just as easily. Don't get us wrong, it’s tough to stay grounded at times, but at the end of the day we cherish every bit of what we've earned up until this point.

Besides Monday nights at Tessa, what other current or upcoming events do you guys have in store for the city of Orlando?

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There's always going to be competition, but the key to remaining relevant and successful is to always perform better in your last piece of work, whether it be your website or last event.

Everything we do we try to make a team effort. If there's ever something that one of us misses the other is there to pick it up. We tend to be tough on each other when it comes to our ideas so the end result usually displays that.

Officially we've been at it since June of 2009, which is hard to believe seeing that we've been able to accomplish so much in such a short time.

Our latest endeavor is a new night at Aqua Lounge in Metro West called "Lehaim" "A toast to the good life". Where our bottle specials are 3 for $150!!! That is unheard of. (Laughs) How would you compare the club scene in Orlando to the club scene in Miami? Would there be anything you would change about the scene in Orlando?


Do you guys see any competition in Orlando?

The word on the street is that is real hot as of late. What would you say is the secret to the success of the company?

How long have you guys been in the entertainment industry?


Honestly, there's no comparison! But we stay optimistic with hopes that one day Orlando may at least get close to the Miami scene.

There are a couple of websites in Orlando dedicated to club/night life promotion. What makes your website different than those out there currently? In some ways we're similar to the other sites, but what distinguishes from any other nightlife website is our sophisticated search engine and social networking functionality. For example, if you used our search engine, you can search by drink specials. So if you are a Heineken drinker you can find an event by simply searching for Heineken. What forms of promotion do you guys use to promote your nights? Baby! Explain the Tokyo Tea movement in Orlando? There is major speculation as to what club/bar makes the best Tokyo Tea in Orlando. Care to elaborate? (Laughs) Everyone knows that Nocturnal Mondays at Tessa is the true originator of Tokyo Tea! If anyone needs to verify that, we suggest they come check it out for themselves! Shout out to DJ Infa-Red! If you guys were able to do a party outside of Florida, where would it be and why? It would have to be a tie between New York City and Las Vegas, because the opportunity as far as nightlife goes in those cities are endless!

It seems as though there is some sort of segregation between promotional companies in the city. Would you guys agree with that statement? Yes. We feel as though it has something to do with the fact that, if someone in particular put you on to this nightlife industry, that's who you're prone to run with simply because of nightlife's cut throat approach. Do you guys have any shout outs at this time? First and foremost we want to shout out everyone that firmly supports the movement! Shout out to Jae & The Firm. Shout out to Prime time DJ's DJ PointBlanc and DJ Infa-red. Shout out to Live Squad. Shout out to If you think that you are the Talk of Orlando, you can submit your information to subject line “I am the Talk of Orlando”

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