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to receive great customer service, and quality products at affordable prices. Who would you say buys more lingerie men or woman? Elegant Lingerie Inc. finds that woman love lingerie and buy often but men buy as often for their woman. Some men buy for a number of reasons and ask more questions. We provided a size chart to help men find what they need and give out tips for men to follow on buying lingerie. What challenges do you face in this business?

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Elegant Lingerie Inc.

Their line of sexy clothing from lingerie to club wear will make you look and feel irresistible. They offer a verity of looks from vinyl, to leather, a touch of lace, a sexy costume or teddy and lingerie for brides to be. Elegant Lingerie Inc has it all and in all sizes. Don’t worry men, they have not forgotten you, they have a range of sexy underwear that is sure to make your special night even hotter. Their products are sexy and affordable. be sure to catch one of their shows and see their ads in Menerva’s Bridal Folders and the Perfect Wedding Guide to name a few..

What made you go in to the lingerie business? We went in to the lingerie business because everyone uses under garments. We love the idea of making woman feel good about themselves when they wear lingerie. What makes you different from other brands? Elegant Lingerie Inc. brings you quality products at affordable prices. Especially, in these had times, we can make it a little easier for our customers to buy our products at their convenience, by going to our on-line store. How are you making through the recession? Like any business you have to make changes to attract new customers, we are not exempt in making changes. Elegant Lingerie Inc. is offering discount coupons and sales on the website. We are always advertising in the wedding industry, doing fashion shows as well as advertising in magazines and bridal folders. Are you running any promotions? Elegant Lingerie Inc. is always running promotions. If you attend any of our shows you will receive discount coupons. For our brides to be we are offering bridal discount coupons on the website. We are also offering our fans on Facebook discount coupons ranging from 15% to 30% off. Describe your current collection for the new season? Our Floral Tapestry and Embroidered mesh baby dolls has come in some amazing colors for this season. Our Caileigh Collection is our sheer fantasy lingerie; we also have our La Elegance Collection which is our char muse heart print in lace and in sheer. As always black is timeless and beautiful you can take a look at our Giselle Collection. What can we expect from Elegant Lingerie Inc. in the next five years? Elegant Lingerie Inc. is a growing business every day. The wedding industry is always growing which we enjoy being a vendor for. Our customers will continue



We understand that the lingerie business is a very competitive, especially in this day and age. Elegant Lingerie Inc. would like to think that we provide quality products that will last. Our feeling is as long as we provide quality at affordable prices we should be able to make it through these hard times. We enjoy doing shows so we can show the public what they are buying. If women feel good in our products they will continue supporting our company. Do you have any words of advice for the upcoming business women? Elegant Lingerie Inc. can say it's hard work to succeed in any business but If you want it you will have to plan, set your goals, keep moving until you get what you want. So you have done a lot of shows, what would you say is your most memorable show? One show in particular was for a competition. Our models enjoyed working as a team from helping each other with hair and makeup to putting together a routine. That unity showed because they won and came in the top three. The models were product of the products and enjoyed to be part of the show. For some woman buying lingerie can be a daunting task, what are some suggestions that you can provide? Well our website offers a sizing chart to help ladies to find there fit. We want ladies to feel comfortable in their lingerie so we suggest to buy material that you like and feel best in. Elegant Lingerie Inc. provides many materials. Sexy to Sheer Lingerie to Lace to Leather and even with Feathers

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