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What made you decide to start DJ’s? ESCO: TalkofOrlando as a company has always provided many promotional and marketing services to the City of Orlando. There were many requests from different clients that wanted to know if we knew of any good DJ's for their events and we would refer many DJ's around the city. It just seemed natural that we should have our own set of DJ's for clients to choose from. What makes the TalkofOrlando DJ's different is the individuality of all the DJ's?

By: Oleika Flyer Promo N ow & Talkof Orlando .com presents this week’s Talk of Orlando,

a group of talented gentlemen whose sole purpose is to captivate and put us into a trance on the dance floor. They are young, ambitious DJ’s that are now part of a growing movement here in Orlando. DJ’s are here, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to hear them, get to know them. They will seduce the senses with their blending, their mixes and exclusives.

ESCO: Everyone has their own style and the sky’s the limit to their style of music. This is a business but we are all family first and that is how I treat any member of my team. Family ALWAYS comes first. Where do you see TalkofOrlando in 5 years? ESCO: In the last 2 years we have been blessed to expand our services from just being a website to a full Promotional & Marketing force for Orlando. In 5 years we hope to be household name in the Orlando area, not just in nightlife events but corporate events as well. How did you feel when you were asked to be part of the DJ’s?

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DJ ARSONIST: Honestly, I was honored. For the simple fact that out of all the DJ’s they could have chosen they chose me. What are some of the projects you are working on? Mix tapes, tours, radio, etc…?

Left To Right: DJ Arsonist, DJ BJ, Esco, DJ Brizzy



DJ BJ: Right now I am working on a new mix tape for my iPod "Viagra Mix Tape" series, for those that don't know about the movement visit to download your copy. You can also catch my mixes on UCF Knightcast radio Tuesday evenings at 7pm at DJ ERIC DRAVEN: I put out “The Twitter Mix” ...think I’m on number 17. I have been working on this mix tape titled “KRANK” which is very different than any other project I've done, hopefully I'll have it out soon. Also I have some gigs coming up in Cleveland and Indiana which will be finalized soon and I'll get regular rotation so excited about that. Lastly, I am working on a project with one of the All Pro DJ’s. DJ BRIZZY: Currently released a mix tape called "All Inclusive Vol. 1" a new mix tape series I started to show my diversity. The name says it all and it should be in the streets now.

What are the nights that people can come and check you guys out? DJ BJ: Wed. Club Krave, Friday & Sat Element, First Thurs. Tavern DJ BRIZZY: Mon. Aqua lounge, Tues. Tessa Lounge, First Thurs. Tavern, 2nd & 4th Thurs. Voyage, Sat. Tessa Lounge DJ ARSONIST: Tues. Club Mist, Wed. Club Roxy’s, Thurs. Club Coco’s, Friday. Club Krave, Sat. Club Lux DJ ERIC DRAVEN: Thurs. Ember, Friday Latitudes & Big Belly, Sat. Big Belly things always pop up during the week so I'm around at times As a DJ like any entertainer you have moments that you are most proud of, describe that moment? DJ ARSONIST: I’ve had a lot of moments in my life, as far as the DJ world. To sum it all up I would have to say all my achievements and being recognized for it, whether it’s a new mix CD and/or getting positive feedback about my mixing skills. DJ BJ: Every night I feel proud. My job gives me great gratification and joy knowing that I am the reason people dance. I love when I do blends or play a song people forgot about and you hear that "oh!!!!" screamed from the people as they experience that eargasm on the dance floor. That makes me proud! With the coming age of technology, it is almost as if anyone can be a DJ. What do you feel defines someone as a "DJ"? DJ BRIZZY: Well I actually came into the DJng scene through the new age of technology. But you have to put in time to perfect the skill as being a good DJ. Defining the word "DJ" means someone that blends in the music in smoothly, keeps the energy in the club up and having the crowd remember that night so they will come back to your next event. DJ ERIC DRAVEN: Using your ears and listen to what you doing…Stop looking at the Mac screen lol !!! I always say train your ears so you know what you sound like when you’re spinning. What are some of your aspirations outside of DJing? DJ BRIZZY: Finishing aviation school and being the best dad I can be for my son.

Esco The days that you are not working, do you find yourself critiquing other DJ’s? DJ ARSONIST: Of course it’s always good to get a feel of different styles of other DJ’s, it also helps me become a better DJ by analyzing what they do and how I can do it better. Who would you say is the King or Queen on the 1&2s? DJ BJ: Locally the best DJ I’ve heard in my opinion is DJ Q45. His scratches are lightning fast and he has incredible energy when he picks up the mic. It's clear he's enjoying himself when he plays and that positive energy is contagious. Outside of Orlando I look up to DJ Jazzy Jeff and Kid Capri and a few others. I haven't seen them live but they got some hot YouTube videos! Lol They are pioneers in the game and have made a career and built fortunes with what they love doing. They have definitely motivated me to do the same. If you think that you are the Talk of Orlando, you can submit your information to subject line “I am the Talk of Orlando” Follow the DJ’s: TWITTER:, djbjlive,, dj_eric_draven FACEBOOK:, facebook. com/djbjlive,'dj' eric draven MYSPACE:, arsonist07, eric draven EMAIL & PHONE #: 561-602-7997, 407-924-8858


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