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GSSD Sam Baker Volume 1, Issue 1

Poom Lim The longest survivor at sea Poon Lim During World War 2, November 23 1942, Poon Lim was working on his ship when he was attacked by a Nazi U-boat and the a torpedo, he threw on a life jacket and said to himself “ It’s time to put your mental and physical skills to work” and then that he set out for a life

time journey… Surviving! Poon Lim was born in china on March 8, 1918 and he died on January 24 1991.Poon survived 133 days at sea and was rescued In the Atlantic Ocean. What poon’s raft looked like was it was wooden, very small; it had four

poles in each corner witch held the canopy, which protected poon from the blazing sun. What poon ate were dried and sometimes raw, bird (seagle) blood and the meat and also biscuits.

Secondary Story Headline What he had for items was a homemade fishing rod, flashlight, and a piece of drift wood. Then on day when he was staring out at the sea he saw a boat he started to wave

his clothes and other things around the boat came to him and told him you’ve

been on the Ocean for 133 days when he got back to his town the was a big festival for his return.

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Poon was now the longest survivor at sea. After this happened he went back to working on his ship then at the age of 72 he passed away from old age. After that the world went back to normal and his history will never leave the earth.

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Poon Lim’s raft on the sea

Poom Lim before he set out on his Journey.

Sam Baker Poom Lim