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Roger bushell Roger Bushell was born on November 30TH, 1910, in South Africa. He fought in World War 2, when he was about 30 years old. During the war, he was fighting in his plane and his plane got shot down. Although he managed to land it, he was in enemy territory. The enemy caught him and he was sent to a German Interrogation Center. The Interrogation Center was called Stalag III and people were normally killed there. Flight Lieutenant Roger Bushell was an allied airman in World War II. He flew a Spitfire plan in battle along the French Coastline. On May 23, 1942 he was ordered to patrol the French Coast with members of his squadron of 12 Spitfire planes. Other planes fought him and shot his plan down. He managed to land it, but he landed it right in the enemy territory! The German patrol caught him and sent him straight to the Stalag III Interrogation Center in Germany. While he was at the center, he got tortured. As soon as he got there, he started digging an escape tunnel with a group of prisoners. Bushell decided to dig three long deep tunnels all at the same time. They did this because if one tunnel was discovered, they would be able to continue with the others. His plan was that more than 200 men from the center would escape from Staleg III, all with forged papers and civilian clothes so they could get out of Germany. They code-named the three tunnels Tom, Dick and Harry. They worked mainly on the Tom tunnel to speed up the escape. The tunnel has just about reached the edge of the camp, when German guards discovered it, and blew it up with explosives!

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