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Project 3: Researched Gossip: Uncovering the “Truth” Requirements: 2000+ words, MLA/APA format, word count bracketed at the end of the paper Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is two-fold: 1) it provides a space for your to apply/ situate everything you have learned about rhetoric, gossip, and gender through writing 2) it is a formal assignment that explores concepts through a research supported argument, which reinforces knowledge regarding citations and source incorporation. You will also learn how to discern scholarly/ non-scholarly sources, their value, and critical reading skills. The Assignment: This project is the culmination of your experiences, knowledge and exploration of gossip and gender in this class. You will choose an event/a scandal/a policy/etc. Then you will research it, apply some of our “isms” to it, and bring the position of gossip to the forefront. Through a research proposal, you will give a brief overview of what it is you want to research, provide at least 2 scholarly sources you plan to use and a draft of your thesis statement (clearly situating the topic within gossip and gender). Then you will proceed through the research process. In class, we will brainstorm about possible topics and ways to incorporate gossip/gender. Furthermore, you will

be able to show how gossip functions in society through your topics. You are a budding expert in the area of gossip and gender; therefore, your position matters and has a place in the conversation. In order for this paper to be successful, you must include at least 5 scholarly sources plus 2 articles we have read in class to formulate your argument. Starting with source 8, you may include non-scholarly sources to enrich your position. Remember, as we discussed in class, non-scholarly does not your source is not valid; it may be absolutely necessary to the success of your paper. Here are some potential topics: JFK and Marilyn Monroe, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Conspiracy Theories (Watergate?), The Film Industry, Social Media, The Dance World etc. and so on (some of these topics would have to be greatly narrowed to your own interests in that area). Questions/Things to Keep in Mind: 1) What is my understanding of how gossip and gender function for myself as well as for our society/culture? 2) What kind of topic am I genuinely interested in? 3) How does gossip/gender fit into that topic? 4) Is there a pre-existing conversation that I should be aware of in order to be most clearly informed about my topic and to make a solid argument? 5) Have I used a variety of source incorporation techniques? 6) Have I followed the method of citation properly and effectively MLA/APA)?

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