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Video of th posted o e Table Talk will b n the web e site Nov. 15th

Peppercorn Roasted Pasture Raised Duck

The NOV/DE C online magazin is out no e w!

The Timmins Kitchen Table Talk was a great success! Thank you to all who came out and participated in this important talk. The film viewed by all attendants plus the video of the actual Table Talk will be posted on the Taste Of Timmins website on November 15th. The Nov/Dec online magazine has just been published and it’s full of tangible tidbits to titillate your taste buds.

Just what should a well stocked pantry hold? Why is Roasting a time, nutrient, and energy saver? Can a single person cook, eat well, save money, and enjoy food with friends? Would you like to understand what fair trade really means? The issue features a special article from Toronto based food writer and author, Sarah Elton. Canada’s Master of Wild Edibles reminds us that the “wild has an intrinsic value—that it is an ecosystem and a place to find delicious food, not just a great expanse of nothingness”. Whether you are a culinary crackerjack or a beginner baffled by your baren pantry, our Nov/Dec issue features articles that will whet your appetite for sustainable cookery while giving you tips that will act as a springboard for your very own food movement. “The perfectibility of cookery indicates the perfectibility of society. The progress of cookery is the progress of civilization.” F.W. Hackwood, (1911)


A food revolution is happening in Timmins Countless people have eaten in this kitchen and gone on to lead normal lives.


On The Farm Front: • Hawk Feather Farm has organically grown potatoes for sale! 50lb bags for $30 3 Different Varieties~ Contact Lois or John 705-268-2016 • Mattagami Heights Farm has freshly harvested, Government Inspected Limousin grass beef for sale for the month of November. You can also place orders for January beef. $2.75/lb Contact Noella or Danny 705-268-1065 • Dream Acres Farm has Winter Wear For Sale! Just in time for the holidays & the chilly months ahead, buy for yourself or share the wealth. Contact Jo-Anne or Gary 705-273-1656 • Mother Cluckers Egg Farm will continue to have fresh pasture-raised chicken eggs throughout the month. Reserve yours today! Contact Gen 705-360-9036 • The ducks at Naturally Pure Farm are stubbornly declining to lay any eggs as of yet. They will, however, let you know once they do and apologize for the delay~ Ducks will be ducks! •B&G Goats & Bees (a soon-to-be T.O.T Farm Member) has goat milk & beeswax products for sale just in time for holiday gift shopping. Their products are made from scratch the old-fashioned way. Contact: Bay 705-232-2172

November Newsletter  
November Newsletter  

Taste Of Timmins November Newsletter